Please Could You Give Your Opinion About This Pic?

Please could you give your opinion about this pic?

Please Could You Give Your Opinion About This Pic? 1

If you could brighten the photo a bit and bring out more background. Also, the subject matter seems a bit vague. Is it the girl, the book or the guitar? The girl is attractive, but while in a natural pose, the composition of the picture does not evoke any feeling or thought for me.

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What is the worst book you've read as far as the subject matter and gruesomeness or goriness?

I would have to say "Haunted" by Chuck Phalinuk. Its a collection of short stories, tied together by a main storyline. A group of writers sign up to go to a retreat, where they are told they will be isolated from the outside world so they can produce their great novel. They end up getting locked up in an abandoned warehouse by a sick man, and the main storyline involves them all engaging in more and more morbid activities as they start to go crazy. In addition, each of the characters produces their own short story, each of which tries to be as gruesome and disturbing as possible in their own way. When this book came out, there was a rumor going out that people would sometimes pass out when attending a public reading of the book from the author.

Please Could You Give Your Opinion About This Pic? 2

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What is a good word for a lack of knowledge on a particular subject matter?

The correct English word is ignorant, which means to have a lack of knowledge about something. Unfortunately many people believe the word means 'stupid' (it does not ) and so take offence if described that way. If you do not think the person described will have a problem with it, that's the word to use.

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How to cope with 9/11?

the answer is going to be very different for different people. some reasons why the answer varies so greatly is because some people were more affected than others (lost a loved one, lived in nyc, etc.) & people deal with stress in very different ways. i included some sources if you want to read more on the subject of 9/11 & coping with stress. here's a quick explanation of each: #1: the best source that i could find on the subject matter from mental america. it explains the different way people react to stress & ways to cope with it. #2: a brief look at tips to deal with stress from a survivor of 9/11

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I need some mature opinions on this subject matter...?

I am a classroom teacher in a high school. When my students use these or any other words in the wrong way, i explain the actual meaning of the word...retard actually is a verb meaning "to slow down". ..and then ask why they use it to mean stupid. Words like the six-lettered "F-word" that kids like to call each other and other people who do not fit their norm is a hate word and I treat it as such. No difference from the racially derogatory words some really dense people like to use.

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How did the Protestant Reformation affect the subject matter of Dutch painting ?

SD is the only here who makes sense. Luther was protesting the selling of indulgences *in Germany*.. It was NOT widespread, and it was NOT condoned by the Pope. And Luther did NOT start out to leave the Catholic Church -- he wanted reform. As for theological change, that evolved *over centuries*. Luther 's thinking was *very Catholic*. What has probably caused the MOST strife between Catholics and Protestants was Luther's independently moving seven books -- yes, 7 -- from the Bible. Centuries of Bible scholars and theologians had no problem with those books, yet he considered himself 'qualified' to remove them. The result was Protestants working with an incomplete Bible and making accusations against Catholics -- and Orthodox Christians -- using the complete Bible as agreed upon while the Bible was being compiled. As for abuse in the Catholic Church, I always find it amazing that people look at the past with a modern lens. For centuries, the system in Europe was that the first son was the heir, the second became a soldier, and the third a priest --- whether or NOT they had any desire to. Did that result in some priests behaving badly? Of course, but not the majority, and it was a *societal* problem, not a religious one

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