Practical Application of Wireless Sensor in Agriculture

As an important part of agricultural informatization, wireless network has been gradually applied to many fields of agricultural production and management in recent years. It has become an effective measure to integrate various agricultural resources, transform traditional agriculture and improve labor production efficiency. Accelerating the development of sensor equipment based on wireless network will help to solve the current problems of low agricultural production efficiency and agricultural product safety, and improve the quality and efficiency of China's agricultural development.

The opinions on accelerating the transformation of agricultural development mode issued by the general office of the State Council in 2015 pointed out that China's economic development has entered a new normal, and agricultural development is facing new challenges such as the "ceiling" of agricultural product prices, the "floor" of production costs and the intensification of "hard constraints" on resources and environment. It is urgent to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode.

1、 What is wireless sensor?

Wireless sensor network technology is the integration of modern sensor technology, microelectronics technology, communication technology, embedded computing technology and distributed information processing technology. With the introduction of wireless sensor network technology into greenhouse production, agriculture will gradually change from human centered and dependent on isolated production mode to information and software centered production mode. So as to realize greenhouse information collection, automatic deployment, self-organized transmission and intelligent control, greatly improve the labor productivity and resource output rate per unit area, improve the working environment and working conditions of greenhouse and other facilities, improve work efficiency, protect farmers' health and improve farmers' quality of life, which will help to solve the problems of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", It is of great significance to realize the sustainable development of greenhouse crop production.

2、 Practical application of wireless sensor in agriculture

In the process of agricultural practical application, by using wireless network to obtain the overall environmental information in the application area, we can not only summarize and sort out the data, but also collect and analyze the environmental information. In addition, the application of wireless sensors can not only monitor the overall environmental information, but also sense the environmental data information of agriculture and production in the whole area through a single node, so as to comprehensively improve the accuracy of the monitoring system itself. Five practical applications of wireless sensors in agriculture:

1. Applied to outdoor field

The wireless sensor can collect the agricultural environmental information such as air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, soil pH value and light intensity in the target monitoring area in real time, which provides an effective solution for precision agricultural environmental monitoring and helps the agricultural department to formulate more effective methods to improve crop yield.

2. Applied to greenhouse

Different wireless sensors can be used to collect crop growth parameters such as soil temperature, humidity, pH value, precipitation, air humidity and air pressure, light intensity and CO2 concentration. Managers can access the cloud platform to observe various data of greenhouse in real time and adjust the greenhouse environment automatically and manually in time, so as to provide scientific basis for accurate regulation of greenhouse.

3. Applied to livestock breeding

Various wireless sensors can be used to collect the information of livestock and poultry breeding environment, animal behavior characteristics and health status. By analyzing and processing the information collected by wireless sensors, the livestock breeding system can realize automatic temperature control, automatic ventilation, automatic data transmission and automatic alarm in the process of sow breeding.

4. It is used for fruit, vegetable and grain storage

Wireless temperature sensor plays a great role in fruit and vegetable grain storage. The refrigerator implements automatic control and maintains the relative stability of the temperature according to the real-time parameter value of the temperature sensor in the cold storage. Reduce the temperature and maintain the humidity in the storage room, and maintain a reasonable proportion of relative humidity (RH), O2 concentration and CO2 concentration through gas regulation. The wireless temperature sensor, wireless humidity sensor, wireless O2 concentration sensor and wireless CO2 concentration sensor in the storage room can collect data in real time, so as to ensure a suitable storage and fresh-keeping environment and achieve the fresh-keeping effect.

5. Application in aquaculture

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