Preparing for the next Generation of Graphics Cards, Samsung Took the Lead in Mass Production of 16G

As previously predicted, shortly after Samsung began mass production of 8GB DDR4 RAM chips based on the second generation 10nm process, 16GB gddr6 memory chips have arrived. Earlier, the official announced the start of mass production of this part. It is reported that this product, also based on the 10nm process, will "play a vital role in the next generation of graphics cards and display systems that will be launched in advance".

Specifically, its data transmission speed can reach 72 GB / s, almost twice the performance of 8GB gddr5 RAM chip. At the same time, power consumption has decreased by about 35%, and manufacturing productivity has increased by 30%. The production line is expected to produce more chips in the same time. This last point should be the most welcome change for the majority of consumers in the environment where the graphics card is more and more expensive by the bitcoin Frenzy?

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