QR Code Access Control Helps the Development of Smart Community and Lays the Foundation for O2o Plat

With the development of the information age, the comprehensive construction of smart community is the general trend. In this situation, community security technology will also pave the way. As the first link in the security system, access control system is directly related to access control and information management, and its importance is naturally given a new height.

In addition, the operation status of the traditional community o2o platform is difficult. On the one hand, it is plagued by the lack of user resources, on the other hand, it is difficult to use it at low frequency by the only user group. This is mainly because the user's app usage habits have been formed. The cost of changing user habits through preferential activities is high, and the user group is also extremely unstable and the loss rate is high. By embedding the mobile phone door opening function, we can improve the user base and frequency of community o2o platform, which can fundamentally solve these two problems. Among them, QR code access control leads the trend of the era of intelligent access control with its advantages of humanization, easy maintenance, high security, wide scalability and cloud authorization. While ensuring the security and stability of the system, it also greatly reduces the cost.

With the large-scale development of smart city, more and more entrance and exit control places choose intelligent access control management system in order to achieve efficient, safe and intelligent access management.

Provide strong guarantee for community management

In the community scene, there are not only owners, merchants and employees, but also many customers and visitors among the people coming and going, which makes the community entrance and exit control and management work show some disadvantages, such as high management dimension, complex management objects, many potential safety hazards and so on. As a result, the high cost of human, material and financial investment has resulted in inefficient control results, resulting in frequent tragedies of community theft. The traditional access control system has gradually been unable to meet the rapid development of community security needs. At the same time, it can not meet the owner's sense of intelligent access experience.

The intelligent access control system is composed of hardware equipment Mobile App cloud platform. It has the functions of mobile phone door opening, NFC / IC card swiping door opening, remote door opening, mobile phone shaking door opening, real-time authority management, log query, etc. users can access by self scanning QR code. The owner's information will be uploaded to the cloud platform in real time, and the management personnel will supervise the access control through the background, It realizes the real-time recording of people in and out, ensures that the property can query the data information of people in and out more quickly and accurately, and promotes the intelligent management and card free access of pedestrian passageways.

QR code access control has become the first choice of many users because of its irreplaceable security and universality.

Internet plus access control is the focus of O2O layout

As the time of Internet users becomes more and more fragmented, and the industry competition becomes more and more saturated, the existing platforms such as shopping, entertainment, service, travel and social networking gradually lose their traffic advantages. Food, clothing, housing and transportation, as the most basic living needs, now there is only "housing" that has not been integrated and transformed by the Internet platform. The community o2o undertakes this mission.

In recent years, the competition of community o2o has become white hot. Real estate giants represented by Vanke, poly and Evergrande aim at business opportunities and launch their own community o2o platform one after another. In the o2o layout of the community, they all adopted intelligent access control equipment; On the one hand, it directly replaces and upgrades the old access control of the original community, solves the worries of community security, brings more convenient and intelligent access experience to the owners, and improves the intelligent living standard of the community.

On the other hand, the comprehensive popularization of QR code access control provides a broad stage for the application and promotion, user stickiness and activity of o2o in the community. From the current situation, the owner's attention and click through rate of mobile door opening wechat public platform and app have indeed improved significantly.


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IBM: Will Open Its Own Watson Artificial Intelligence System to All Cloud Platforms
IBM: Will Open Its Own Watson Artificial Intelligence System to All Cloud Platforms
IBM: will open its own Watson artificial intelligence system to all cloud platformsAccording to techcrunch, an American technology media, IBM announced that it would no longer limit Watson's artificial intelligence services to its own cloud computing services, but would allow other enterprises to use and run the platform in their own data centers. It is difficult for customers to integrate AI into their applications because the data is distributed in multiple places. Luchel, CTO and chief architect of IBM WatsonTherefore, after opening Watson, IBM hopes that these enterprises can apply artificial intelligence to their own data. Puri also stressed that many enterprises have long hoped to improve operation efficiency through artificial intelligence, but they need to run artificial intelligence tools in an environment they can control and feel comfortable.IBM's current open focus is Watson assistant for building dialogue interface and Watson openscale for managing artificial intelligence life cycle. "Our current capabilities are based on our two flagship products, which solves a large part of the use cases we encounter," Puri said, "For the rest of this year, we will introduce other functions into the platform. For example, Watson knowledge studio will also join this team, and Watson's natural language understanding ability currently placed in the public cloud environment will also be introduced."Puri said that through this approach, IBM will provide enterprises with a full range of tools to develop and run artificial intelligence models, whether structured or unstructured data, and can comprehensively detect and manage the life cycle.IBM also announced today that it will launch a new version of Watson machine learning accelerator, introduce high-performance GPU clusters to power system and x86 systems, and promise to accelerate the performance of artificial intelligence by up to 10 times.
The Most Effective Method to Choose a CMS Platform for Creating an Online Business
To enable you to settle on a choice, we will take a gander at the highlights of various mainstream stages that are most prominent in the advancement of online stores. Some of them are paid motors, and some are free (open source). In this article we will take a gander at free CMS.Notwithstanding great costs, item run and various different variables, the nature of the specialized usage of the webpage likewise impacts the accomplishment of the online store, to be specific the accessible usefulness and the capacity to calibrate.A basic factor in the accomplishment of online business is the selection of CMS. On what to stop: the most straightforward answer for begin rapidly, or send a complex and asset requesting stage with a claim to an online grocery store? Or on the other hand perhaps there is some ideal arrangement, the brilliant mean? In this assortment it is anything but difficult to get lost.After the dispatch and at the underlying phases of business advancement in internet exchanging, it appears that the primary concern is to make deals and get the main clients. In any case, after the business stream winds up stable, and the amount of merchandise and participation will start to develop, you may confront various specialized restrictions. At that point comes the understanding that the correct selection of CMS for an online store, actually, is a long way from the last significance for the achievement of the undertaking all in all.On the off chance that you at first picked the wrong content online store, not prepared for scaling and loads, this undertaking will cost the proprietor of the business a ton of cash. In the meantime, now and again, the usage of the set objectives might be totally unworkable. This implies you need to begin everything starting with no outside help.Expanded abilities.Notwithstanding the above focuses, the usefulness of the motor for the online store can incorporate an extensive rundown of prospects. Obviously, not every one of them are fundamentally critical, but rather some specifically influence ease of use, transformation and different factors on which benefit depends. This incorporates the expulsion of related and as of late saw items, deals hits and curiosities, the arrangement of item sets, the administration of requests and client information, a list of things to get, adaptable rebates, and so on.The cost of upkeep.This point for the most part stays unobvious until the point when the entrepreneur is looked with the negative angles that are related with it. Despite whether you are utilizing a paid CMS for an online store or open source, at some point or another you should actualize different extra works. Furthermore, their cost can fluctuate incredibly relying upon the motor. More often than not for a prevalent framework with a great design, it isn’t just simpler to discover a master, however the cost of work will be more moderate, as it is directed by the market.Free stages for the online storeThere are many accessible CMS for the online store. In the meantime, some of them are now obsolete both ethically and as far as advancements, and some are not bolstered even by the designers themselves. In this way, we chose to consider the attributes of the individuals who are in the main three . Visit ·RELATED QUESTIONWhat happens if a Marine loses their rifle or sidearm?When I was stationed at Ft. Drum, in the Army, a pistol was taken from a guard post. Within an hour the base went on lockdown, and our entire company was taken to a giant warehouse where no one could leave.First we were all searched individually, then taken one by one to our vehicles where a thorough search was conducted of each vehicle.Then each persons’ room in the barracks was searched. Still not having found the weapon, they went to the houses of anyone who’d been in contact with the weapon and tossed the house. Literally turning over everything, and opening up anything that could hide something (televisions, computer monitors, etc).We were stuck in that warehouse for a good 18 hours before we were finally released to go home
Smart Park Platform System, Smart Park Integrated Management Platform Solution and Technical Service
In the context of deepening digital transformation, many enterprise parks have begun to introduce technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to build intelligent parks. By sharing basic resources and data, it helps to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Smart Park integrated management platform solution Tel. / wechat: 1382316735.Support the integration of existing information system data resources in the park, cover all fields of park operation and management, and rely on advanced human-computer interaction to realize campus operation monitoring, public security monitoring and whole region data visualization. This function can be widely used in the monitoring and implementation, analysis, judgment, display and report of industrial parks, tourist attractions and intelligent buildings.The whole cycle management system framework of the intelligent park project integrates three platforms of planning, construction and operation and maintenance into one system. The system architecture is realized by five layers: user interface layer, application layer, network layer, platform layer and data layer. Data storage and management at all stages of campus.Through the integration of weak electronic systems, the intelligent park integrated management service platform system can effectively control various events in the building, which not only saves manpower, but also improves the ability of the whole building to deal with emergencies and realizes management. Personnel make decisions quickly to reduce injuries and losses caused by some accidents. The intelligent park integrated management service platform system provides two methods of compiling time response program and event response program, realizes the automatic control of the action process of electromechanical equipment in the building, saves energy consumption and personnel cost, and greatly improves the automation level. Build.The construction of intelligent park is the concrete embodiment of the national implementation of information strategy. Actively building smart parks will have a positive impact on the development of smart industries and the construction of smart cities. With the application and promotion of next-generation information technologies such as Internet of things, Internet, cloud computing and big data, the construction and development of various parks have long deviated from the original infrastructure, such as building houses and roads. Modern new industrial parks are developing in the direction of wisdom.Smart Park integrated management platform solution technology service provider - yuanzhongrui Technology (Tel / wechat: 1382316735 / / QQ: 2670868238)
The Development of Digital Asset Trading System Is a Comprehensive Trading Platform
For the development of digital asset management system and digital asset trading website, there are still some mining, leverage and other modes. Digital asset trading system technology development and blockchain development technology-i35-power-3055-micro-8032 - consultant Li. Blockchain digital system (digital asset trading system) is a comprehensive platform system based on blockchain technology and dedicated to digital asset trading venues.To customize and develop a digital asset exchange, we should maintain our most basic characteristics. For example, it supports high concurrency, powerful statistics and management functions, etc. These are necessary for an exchange. With the continuous warming of bitcoin, more and more people begin to pay attention to the digital asset market, and more people regard digital asset trading as an investment. In the rapidly growing and crazy digital asset market, the exchange is undoubtedly the biggest winner. The transaction fee of the left hand and the currency fee of the right hand projects, no matter how the market trend is, the exchange is almost guaranteed to make no loss.The wealth effect of digital assets constitutes a huge vortex, and the center of the vortex is the digital asset exchange. As a platform for matching buyers and sellers, the exchange is the biggest intersection of blockchain and wealth. People's attention to wealth and the lack of restraint system for the exchange have infinitely amplified its profiteering attribute and become a good business for making money in the eyes of many people. Therefore, investing in digital assets now is a good opportunity to return.Customized development of digital asset trading system high-quality system deduction: 199-300-5616, but no matter what kind of trading system, it should have the simplest security characteristics! In addition, it is also necessary to choose a trusted development technology company.
In the Era of Industrial Internet, the Platform Will Exist in a New Form
When the dividend of flow and capital reaches the top, it is more urgent for the in-depth layout of industrial Internet. Practice has proved that only relying on the drive of capital and harvesting traffic can not bring long-term development. Only being able to return to the industry and entity is the correct way of development in the Post Internet era. The industrial Internet was born under such a background.However, the followers of the industrial Internet still seem to be immersed in the dream of the era of consumer Internet. Although they continue to publicize many differences between the industrial Internet and consumer Internet verbally, in the process of actual landing, their bodies have stepped into the same river as consumer Internet.Because of this, even in the era of industrial Internet, we still see the decisive role played by platform giants. Industrial Internet is not so much a new species as a new concept for platform players. Obviously, this practice of limiting the development mode of industrial Internet to the cage of consumer Internet is very wrong. It not only can not promote the benign development of industrial Internet, but also is not beneficial to the transformation of consumer Internet.Looking for the correct development posture that really belongs to the industrial Internet, rather than just seeing the industrial Internet as the "coat" and "painted skin" of the consumer Internet, is the key to truly ensure the stability and long-term development of the industrial Internet.In the era of industrial Internet, the platform will exist in a new formWhen the outlet of the industrial Internet is opened, we see the first participation of Internet platform giants represented by Alibaba, Tencent and JD. Under the guidance of S2B business model, we see the rise of a new platform model. This new platform model is no longer just a matchmaking and intermediary, but a deep empowerment of technology.Although the focus of players has changed, the underlying logic of this business model is still platform economy, and there are not many real changes. In the final analysis, the industrial Internet development model focusing on providing technology and service empowerment is still a platform model, but the transformation object has changed from C-end to b-end.Obviously, this development mode with platform economy as the underlying logic can not perfectly interpret the industrial Internet itself. The real industrial Internet should be a de platform existence. In other words, in the era of industrial Internet, the classical platform we know will no longer exist, but will become a part of the industry. From this point of view, it is obviously outdated to view and practice the industrial Internet only by using the logic of the consumer Internet. Only by truly eliminating the impact of the platform and making the players (platforms) of the industrial Internet truly become part of the industry, can the development of the industrial Internet really jump out of the strange circle of the consumer Internet and truly enter a new era.In the era of industrial Internet, profit is no longer a single point, but the whole processIn the era of consumer Internet, the profit models of many Internet species we see are single point, that is, they are based on single transaction and single docking. This is true for all Internet species represented by e-commerce. Therefore, players have to rack their brains to make a deal between buyers and sellers in order to make profits. All kinds of shopping carnivals we see were born under this background.This single profit model in the era of consumer Internet needs to continuously gather traffic and increase the probability of matching in order to ensure the sustainability of profits. It is precisely because of this that we have seen many consumer Internet players always regard the acquisition and transformation of traffic as the lifeline. This is true of Ali, JD, didi and meituan.When the era of industrial Internet comes, we see a new traffic battle dominated by the development mode of copy consumption Internet, but the object of this traffic battle has been transferred from end C to end B. Obviously, this development model dominated by traffic competition has deviated from the general direction of the development of industrial Internet. When the b-end traffic is plundered, those players with traffic as the ultimate goal will begin to face new difficulties and challenges.In fact, in the era of industrial Internet, the profit model has changed from a single point and short-term model to a full process and full link development model. How to find profit points in different stages and links of industry development is the key to ensure the sustainable development of industrial Internet players.This test is whether the players of the industrial Internet have a deep understanding of the industry and whether the industry is rooted enough. Only when they can really deeply participate in every process and link of industry development and truly understand the real needs of every process and link of industry development can they really find the correct development direction. When the players of the industrial internet no longer simply rely on a single harvest to make profits, but really understand every process and link of the industry and can really find the profit point of each process and link, they can really become the players of the industrial Internet.In the era of industrial Internet, traffic and capital are no longer the winning points, but retention and technology are the decisive placesThe underlying business model of consumer Internet determines its natural dependence on traffic and capital. Because the profit of consumer Internet is based on the matching and intermediary of traffic. In this case, if players want to make a profit, they must constantly obtain traffic, and then match and intermediary the obtained traffic to make a profit. In the process of matching and intermediary, capital plays a decisive role. This is reflected in the fields involved in many Internet models such as e-commerce, travel and finance. This shows that traffic and capital are the key forces determining the development of consumer Internet.When the era of industrial Internet comes, only traffic and capital are not enough. First of all, capital transfusion has been difficult to achieve substantive results. Compared with wool collection, users pay more attention to obtaining good products and services. At this time, if we simply use subsidies to achieve development, it will not work, but will take the lead in bringing our own development into a difficult situation.Secondly, the demand at the traffic end has undergone profound changes, and consumption upgrading has become the mainstream of industry development. In this context, if we simply use the old supply side to meet the needs of users, it is obviously outdated. Only by truly transforming the supply side can we obtain new development dividends.At this time, retention and technology began to play an increasingly critical role. Compared with the single and unsustainable flow, retention itself is more recognized and has a more sense of belonging. Therefore, the development model dominated by retention is more in line with the profit model of the whole process and whole link in the era of industrial Internet. Compared with the rapid attack of capital, the technology driven development model pays more attention to "moistening things silently". Although it is not as powerful as the capital driven development model, the development model with technology as the main driving force can bring more subversive development to the development of industrial Internet.In the era of industrial Internet, the factors of production will change fundamentallyAt present, what we see is the maturity and perfection of a new economic development model dominated by digital economy. Unlike the Internet model, which is based on traditional factors of production for matching and intermediary, in the era of industrial Internet, factors of production are undergoing a profound and subversive change. Digital technology and digital elements are becoming an important part of the digital economy. It can be said that the industrial Internet era is an era of fundamental changes in production factors.For industrial Internet players, if they are only complacent about how large-scale traffic they have obtained and do not think about how to deeply and thoroughly transform these traffic, even if they have a large amount of traffic, these traffic is also worthless to them. When we face up to the fact that the factors of production in the industrial Internet era have fundamentally changed, and find a new development breakthrough based on this in-depth change, it is the key to truly enter the industrial Internet era.Looking at the industrial Internet from the perspective of new production factors, rather than just seeing the industrial Internet as a simple process of transformation of objects, is the key to ensure the sustainable development of the industrial Internet. The author believes that the players who really determine the future of the industrial Internet in the future will no longer be those who have a large amount of traffic and can match the traffic, but those who can make in-depth changes and changes to the large amount of traffic. When the factors of production in the industrial Internet era have fundamentally changed, the mission and tasks of players can be truly completed.epilogueWhen the development outlet of the industrial Internet era is opened, we see that more and more players begin to participate in it. However, in this new trend, we see that more and more players begin to equate the industrial Internet with the consumer Internet, and do not really realize the similarities and differences between them. Obviously, this simple understanding of the industrial Internet is not a good thing. The key to opening up new development is to deeply understand the profound connotation of the industrial Internet and find a development path that is really suitable for the industrial Internet.
China Mobile 10086 Customer Service System Adopts the Container Cloud Platform Solution Based on Kun
According to Huawei officials, 10086 is the world's largest customer service system, which is built by China Mobile Online Service Co., Ltd. (China Mobile Online), a subsidiary of China Mobile Group, to provide technical support and services. In this huge customer service system, part of the architecture is based on the "container k8s Kunpeng" cloud native technology stack.China Mobile Online container cloud platform carries China Mobile's 10086 integrated customer service system throughout the network, including core systems such as voice customer service, Internet customer service, intelligent customer service and live video customer service, involving more than 350 business system modules, more than 1800 applications and more than 7500 services. It has realized the cloud prototype of the world's largest customer service system within one year.Compared with traditional local applications, cloud native will bring a series of advantages. For example, the micro service mode can reduce the system failure rate and improve the efficiency of software operation and maintenance. Better enjoy the distributed deployment and elastic computing features brought by cloud computing, and realize continuous delivery and containerization.Through self-development and expansion, the remote dual active deployment architecture of container cloud platform is realized. Relying on the advantages of cloud native rapid elastic expansion and resource scheduling, it has the ability to support all kinds of sudden business scenarios and quickly schedule resources. The application operation and maintenance efficiency is improved by more than 35%, ensuring the high reliability of "99.995%" of 10086 customer service system. The digital operation capability of real-time monitoring and scheduling of customer service business is realized, so that hotline customer service, Internet customer service and outbound marketing can use equipment resources on demand, improve system flexibility and reduce resource consumption.In order to achieve the goal of high-performance and diversified computing, China Mobile Online cooperates with Huawei to build a container cloud platform solution based on Kunpeng computing platform, so as to provide a diversified computing power foundation for the cloud prototype of 10086 customer service system. With the blessing of Kunpeng computing power, China Mobile Online container cloud platform can quickly expand the number of computing cluster instances at any time, and adjust the nginx load strategy to obtain better disaster recovery switching capability. Such computing power comes from Taishan server based on Kunpeng processor - the computing power characteristics of high-performance and green computing, so as to help customers realize that under virtualization scenarios such as container cloud, the virtual density of the same configuration is 20% higher than the industry average.At present, this platform has entered the commercial stage, and the compatibility and availability of Kunpeng computing platform have been verified. Based on Kunpeng computing platform, China Mobile Online container cloud platform has upgraded the end-to-end computing infrastructure and software ecological adaptation capabilities from the underlying infrastructure, OS, container cloud to the business application layer.
Safety Solution for Industrial Control System of Offshore Oil Production Platform
Offshore oil and gas exploitation is relatively difficult compared with onshore exploitation. Due to environmental constraints, it is different from onshore single wells, metering rooms, combined stations and treatment plants. It mainly carries out exploitation operations through offshore oil platforms. These platforms often have the functions of drilling, oil production, processing, storage, transportation, office and life. Therefore, they are also called mobile castles. It mainly includes wellhead platform, central platform, FPSO, etc. it is connected with land production center through submarine pipeline and optical cable. Network communication is mainly optical fiber and microwave.1 Composition of offshore platform systemOffshore oil platform is mainly composed of process control system (PCS), emergency shutdown system (ESD) and fire & gas system (F & G). The process control system is generally equipped with multiple remote I / O cabinets. ESD and F & G are two relatively independent systems, which can reach the level of sil3.PCs, ESD and F & G are transmitted to corresponding PCs, ESD and F & G systems of CEP central control system through independent photoelectric converters and submarine optical fiber core wires. The central control room of the onshore terminal is equipped with a set of offshore production monitoring system PCS independent of the onshore terminal control system, which is used to monitor and remotely shut down the platform in case of typhoon and the evacuation of offshore operators from the platform. Redundant I / O cards are set to communicate with the sea through satellite and with the regional central control station through onshore optical fiber.The process control system mostly adopts Emerson's Delta V system, Honeywell system, abb system, Siemens system, etc. ESD system is mainly composed of kangjisen, abb, hima, etc.2 key business challengesWith the deep integration of informatization and industrialization and the continuous construction of digital CNOOC, interconnected CNOOC and smart CNOOC, the industrial control system of offshore oil field introduces technologies such as information, network and Internet of things, breaking the isolated state, and information interaction with systems inside and outside the industrial control network is becoming more and more frequent. Due to the lack of protection means, the industrial control system is bound to face great risks.3 network security protection suggestions1) Basic principles:The safety construction of industrial control system should be based on facts and targeted construction according to the field evaluation results.2) Technical strategy:The construction shall be carried out according to the principle of "safety zoning, in-depth protection and unified monitoring"."Safety zoning": according to the production process, the production related supporting industrial control system is divided vertically and horizontally, the network architecture is standardized, and the behavior of private building and disorderly construction is eliminated."In depth protection": in combination with the division results of security zone and security domain, while formulating protection measures for zone and domain boundaries, it is also necessary to deploy abnormal behavior, malicious code detection and protection measures for key network nodes and key equipment within the security zone and security domain, so as to truly achieve the whole domain protection from vertical to bottom and from horizontal to edge."Unified monitoring": establish a unified and hierarchical monitoring system for the protective measures, detection and audit measures of each security zone and security domain to uniformly monitor the security status of the control system. Display the safety risks in a centralized way, give the safety risk levels of different industrial control systems in the form of risk levels, and fully understand and master the system safety dynamics. Understand the overall situation, make overall management, and truly realize the global perception of industrial control security.3) Core technology:The network security protection of offshore platform industrial control system should be combined with the characteristics of relatively stable and solidified operation environment of industrial control system and low system update frequency. The security "white environment" solution of industrial control system based on the "white list" mechanism is adopted to collect and analyze the operation status of industrial control network, data and software, and establish the baseline and model of security status under the normal working environment of industrial control system through all-round monitoring and protection of industrial control network boundary, key network node traffic and operation terminal behavior, According to the guideline of "one center, triple protection" of classified protection, integrate the white list technical solution to ensure:â—‡ only trusted equipment can access the industrial control networkâ—‡ only trusted messages can be transmitted on the industrial control networkâ—‡ only trusted software can be executedâ—‡ only one central platform can be controlledThe "white environment" solution can ensure the safe and stable operation of the industrial control system, the security construction content meets the requirements of relevant standards, and can successfully pass the evaluation of the level protection evaluation organization and the information security inspection of relevant departments.3.1. Secure communication network solution1) Network architectureIn terms of network architecture design, the following design is recommended:â‘ In order to ensure the network communication capacity, the bandwidth shall meet the needs of business peak and leave a certain margin;â‘¡ If possible, the offshore platform shall adopt two redundant forms of optical fiber and wireless communication (such as microwave). In order to ensure emergency communication, it is recommended to add Beidou emergency communication system;â‘¢ Industrial control system and land terminal (wellhead platform, etc.) or other systems shall be divided into two areas, and one-way technical isolation means shall be adopted between areas;â‘£ The internal of offshore industrial control system shall be divided into different security domains according to business characteristics, and technical isolation means shall be adopted between security domains;2) Communication transmissionAfter the emergency evacuation of offshore platform personnel, it is necessary to conduct remote shutdown door operation. In order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data in the process of wireless communication, it is recommended to deploy industrial firewall at the data sending end and receiving end, enable VPN function and establish special communication link.3) Trusted verificationUse the self-learning white list technology of industrial control safety monitoring and audit to model the network communication behavior and record the key configuration parameters of communication equipment; Thus, the system boot program, system program, important configuration parameters and communication application program of the communication equipment are verified, the credibility is detected to be damaged, the alarm is given, and the results are sent to the full security management center (i.e. unified security management platform).3.2 boundary solution of safety area1) Area boundary protection:In view of the security risks faced by the industrial control system of the control network, industrial firewalls are deployed between the offshore central platform and the wellhead platform, and between the offshore central platform and the regional center to achieve border protection and prevent illegal access and attacks between the center and the production platform network. It is mainly deployed at the regional exit for boundary isolation (not between the upper computer and the controller). Therefore, it has no impact on the stable operation of the control system itself and has no compatibility with the system. It mainly focuses on the protection of inter regional industrial communication protocols. If the control system is upgraded or replaced in the future, just adjust its strategy.2) Intrusion detection:The industrial control intrusion detection system adopts the bypass deployment mode, which can detect thousands of network attacks in real time, effectively provide a panoramic network security attack perception ability for the network boundary, and make it master the security situation in the industrial network in detail.3) Safety audit:Deploy industrial control security audit products in the control network to realize the three audit and detection functions of the network, namely network communication behavior audit, network operation behavior audit and no traffic monitoring, which can provide traceability for network security events. Deploy the industrial control safety monitoring and audit system, collect network communication data by means of switch bypass, and establish a white list of network communication behaviors, so as to find violations of the white list strategy.Deploy the industrial control safety monitoring and audit system on the control network switch, mirror all the data of the control network flowing through the switch, report the audit data to the unified security management platform for centralized management, collect the network logs, and analyze the current network security status through modeling, so as to provide the administrator with visual operation behavior, abnormal fluctuation and alarm information, Monitor in advance and trace the cause afterwards.3.3. Solutions for secure computing environment:1) Host protectionThe industrial control host guard is deployed to protect the host in the system. The host guard adopts the "white list" management technology. Through data collection and analysis, its built-in intelligent learning module will automatically generate a white list of the normal behavior of industrial control software, which can be compared, matched and judged with the real-time transmission data in the current network. If it is found that the behavior of its user node does not conform to the behavior characteristics in the white list, its host security protection system will block or alarm this behavior, so as to avoid the host network from being threatened by unknown vulnerabilities.If the control system is upgraded or replaced in the future, just adjust its strategy.2) Identity authentication and auditDue to the relatively strict management of the production network host on the offshore platform, but for the whole oilfield group, operation area companies and regional branches, due to the large number and scattered distribution, it is impossible to absolutely isolate the key parts such as the engineer station. Most of the key equipment on the platform, such as the compressor remote diagnosis system, adopt the remote operation and maintenance mode. Deploy the operation and maintenance management platform in the land terminal or regional central network to realize the safe operation and maintenance and authority management of the production network host.Deployment diagram of land terminal operation and maintenance management platform (indicated by red arrow)The host computer, engineer station, operator station, data server and security equipment of the production network have remote management and monitoring requirements. In the face of such a large number of scattered and distributed equipment, how to carry out unified management efficiently and safely is a problem. Poor management of equipment assets will also bring certain hidden dangers of industrial control security, especially when using remote maintenance VPN channel, No o & M operation audit will bring great hidden dangers to the production network security. In order to ensure that the O & M management of the production network meets the relevant requirements of identity authentication, access control and security audit of hierarchical protection, it is necessary to deploy an O & M management platform in the bypass of the production network to meet the relevant requirements of hierarchical protection.
Smart Home Platform now "Three Kingdoms Kill" Domestic Giants to Keep Up with the Trend
During the endless debate between smart products and smart home system, the smart home platform suddenly created a blood path and became a resounding smart home development model in China in 2014. JD, Tencent and Baidu are typical representatives of building smart home platforms.At the end of June this year, JD, Alibaba's main competitor, released a super app product "JD" cloud service. At the end of October, JD officially released its first intelligent hardware management platform "super app". JD smart cloud super app includes four parts: smart home, healthy life, automobile service and cloud space. Whether it is home devices, on-board devices or wearable devices, unified management can be realized through super app. Of course, JD's move also requires the cooperation of a third party to join JD's intelligent cloud platform. Haier, Hisense, TCL, Huawei, Lenovo and other manufacturers are important partners. In fact, the identity of JD e-commerce is the main advantage of attracting third-party cooperation because it can help third parties promote and market intelligent hardware.On the same day that JD officially released the intelligent hardware management platform, Tencent launched the QQ IOT social intelligent hardware open platform. Unlike jd.com, which mainly relies on e-commerce platforms to integrate hardware, Tencent's great advantage lies in its excellent social applications. "Cooperate with all hardware manufacturers to quickly cover 800 million QQ active users and 400 million wechat users, including application treasure with a daily distribution of 100 million", so as to distribute software products and help third-party hardware manufacturers market hardware in this way, The third parties include Intel, NXP, Qualcomm, Konka and other well-known hardware manufacturers at home and abroad.Recently, baidu smart home, an open platform for Baidu intelligent Internet, has also been launched in a low-key manner. Baidu Zhijia first launched the "router open platform". Through "small routing", baidu hopes to realize the interconnection of smart home devices in addition to providing users with download, storage, remote communication and user authentication. Of course, baidu Zhijia's open platform is not limited to routers. According to Baidu Zhijia's plan, open agreements for smart sockets, scales, air conditioners and other household devices will be launched one after another. Similarly, baidu also has partners. Lenovo, Leike, Haier, iqiyi, Foxconn and Guanlin have joined Baidu's intelligent Internet open platform.Strictly speaking, the three smart home platforms are not the same, and the "roots" they rely on are very different. JD relies on e-commerce platform, Tencent relies on social platform and Baidu relies on search platform. However, the common ground of this smart home platform is also obvious, mainly in the following four aspects: first, although the specific business is different, the main body is Internet technology companies; Second, it is to build a smart home platform and layout the smart home field; Third, they are not fighting alone and have their own collaborators; Fourth, we should take ourselves as the leading factor, but we should be able to drive the marketing of partner hardware through our own influence.Is it pure coincidence that there are so many present points? I'm afraid not. People who pay attention to the smart home industry can easily find that these smart home platforms have something in common. Yes, home furnishing platform Homekit as like as two peas is almost exactly the same layout.In early June this year, Apple launched its own smart home platform homekit at WWDC (Apple global developer conference), announcing its official entry into the field of smart home. As an application suite, homekit is part of Apple's new system ios8. It integrates Siri voice function and allows users to control and manage smart door locks, lighting devices, thermostats, smoke detectors, smart appliances and other devices at home through Apple hardware devices, so as to make users' intelligent life easier. The key problem is that Apple itself does not have smart home hardware. The hardware is also provided by a third party, including idevices, iHome, Cree, August, marvel, Philips, Withings, Broadcom, etc.Internet technology companies, layout in the field of smart home and have their own partners. How does Apple bring "benefits" to its partners? In fact, this is not difficult to understand. For third-party collaborators, being mentioned by apple and establishing cooperative relations with them is a kind of promotion, of course, and more than that. Take the smart door lock August. The brand's smart door lock has long been famous, but it has not been sold. When it officially entered the store this year, there was an apple retail store in addition to its official website. I'm afraid this is also an important reason why Apple can reach cooperation with August.To build a smart home platform, apple is not the first person to "eat crabs", but the development model of the smart home platform is popular because of it. At least before and after the news of Apple building a smart home platform, no enterprise can compete with apple for the headlines of smart home. The strong popularity can even be compared with Google's $3.2 billion purchase of nest at the beginning of the year. Apple may not consider "covering the white wolf with empty hands", but mutual cooperation and resource exchange must be an important strategy for its rapid development of smart home.It is difficult for us to say that the building mode of domestic smart home platform is to follow the trend, but it is also difficult to be convinced that they are original models. However, it should be acceptable to say that "innovation" combined with its own reality should be based on Apple's model of building a smart home platform. The situation is similar to QQ to ICQ and Baidu to Google. Although the smart home platform helps Internet technology companies to enter the smart home field, it has to be admitted that at present, smart home enterprises such as IOT sensor are still doing better.
A Quick Understanding of Platform Testing Is the Best Choice to Meet the Challenges of the next Gene
The 12th China PXI Technology and Application Forum (i.e. PXI TAC) Guangzhou station hosted by National Instruments Co., Ltd. (Ni) was held at Xintian Hilton Hotel on June 4. At this year's PXI TAC conference, Ni set up a special discussion on RF applications with PXI platform as the core, introducing the cutting-edge technologies and latest applications in the field of wireless RF. At the same time, hands-on courses are also offered. Participants can personally participate in the construction of a complete automatic test system based on PXI Technology, complete custom measurement tasks, and personally experience the advantages and convenience of PXI Technology in practice.During the meeting. Yao yuan introduced in detail the challenges and Countermeasures Faced by wireless testing, the technical advantages of the new wireless testing system (WTS), and shared the 5g point of view.With the increasing complexity of wireless testing, testing efficiency will become the key to enterprise profitabilityAccording to authoritative forecasts, by 2020, 50 billion embedded devices will be connected to the mobile Internet, and the demand for wireless networks will grow explosively. This is a great business opportunity and challenge for both embedded manufacturers and wireless equipment testing manufacturers.Yao Yuan pointed out that according to Moore's law, as more transistors are integrated per unit area of the chip, the chip volume will be reduced, the processing speed will be improved, and the cost will be reduced. At the same time, the test complexity is also increasing. The demand for high-speed multimedia data transmission of end users under mobile Internet has become more diversified and complex, which puts forward higher requirements for production and testing instruments. The test items and test time have doubled, which means that the production cost is greatly increased. In order to maintain future profitability, enterprises need to rethink wireless testing methods and actively adapt to the new model. Rapidly improving the production and testing efficiency and reducing the testing cost have become the key to the profitability of chip and terminal manufacturers.The new wireless test system (WTS) is designed for high measurement speed and parallel testingNi recently launched a new wireless test system (WTS), which is a non signaling test system designed for high measurement speed and parallel testing based on PXI hardware, LabVIEW and TestStand software. WTS can support various wireless standards such as LTE advanced, 802.11ac and low-power Bluetooth. It is designed for the manufacturing and testing of mobile phones, tablets and other multi standard devices including cellular, wireless connection and navigation standards.Yao Yuan said that with WTS, enterprises can successfully significantly reduce the cost of mass wireless manufacturing and testing and improve the productivity of the workshop several times. He further introduced the technical advantages of WTS:1. WTS inherits the advantages of PXI platform recognized by the industry and obtains the technical advantages accumulated by Ni for wireless communication test market over the years. The modularity of PXI can help us integrate more latest technologies and ensure the fastest test processing speed with the help of the fastest CPU and FPGA.2. WTS realizes automated software definition testing through three programming options, which greatly improves the flexibility of testing and development. Enterprises can choose: â‘ use Ni's test management software (Ni's WTS, LabVIEW and TestStand software) to complete the programming of the test program; â‘¡ You can also use the test procedures of chip manufacturers. Ni is fully compatible with the test procedures of chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Broadcom and MTK; â‘¢ The manufacturer's own test execution sequence can also be used. Ni can not only be compatible with the manufacturer's test sequence, but also provide very good support for DUT control to help the manufacturer complete the establishment of the whole test system.3. WTS has the characteristics of platform. For the emerging new standards and protocols, WTS can be more quickly compatible with new standards and protocols through software upgrade. Looking forward to the future, with the help of Ni's experience in 5g prototyping, once 5g is standardized and commercialized, Ni can launch 5g test scheme more quickly.Platform based solutions will lead the transformation of testingIn recent years, the speed and application scale of wireless communication technology innovation far exceed people's prediction. The design of traditional instruments is complex and expensive. At the same time, due to the inability to take advantage of integration, they often lag behind the renewal speed of the equipment to be tested. The birth of PXI Technology has changed this situation. The modular instrument system based on PXI platform has lighter volume, lower cost and higher performance, and has the characteristics of high flexibility, easy upgrade and user customization.Yao Yuan said that a platform based solution is the best choice to meet the challenges of the next generation of wireless and RF. With the help of the industry-leading automatic test platform composed of efficient LabVIEW system design software and modular PXI hardware, it can meet the changing wireless and RF test requirements in the future. Engineers can select various signal analyzers, signal generators, digital modules, power modules and switch modules, and then use software to configure the instrument to finally complete specific measurement tasks.Yao yuan added that Ni's long-term investment in PXI hardware platform and software platforms such as LabVIEW and TestStand can better provide an efficient platform and tools for Chinese engineers and scientists. Whether in the field of production testing or scientific research, it can help users realize the return of production efficiency and encourage more independent innovation.Mobile Internet and Internet of things drive 5g developmentYao yuan believes that mobile Internet and Internet of things services will become the main driving force for 5g or future mobile communication development. 2G, 3G and 4G solve people's most urgent demand for mobile data. At 5g, we began to subdivide key technologies according to different application scenarios, and the Internet of things is one of them. 5g will solve the challenges brought by differentiated performance indicators in diversified application scenarios of the Internet of things. He pointed out that 5g is a truly breakthrough technology for the Internet of things.Yao Yuan said that in the past two years, Ni has achieved a leading position in the field of 5g communication. In the 5g R & D process, prototype verification is a very important link. The platform defined by Ni software can greatly accelerate the process of System Prototyping in 5g R & D in Colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, and solve the design challenges in 5g R & D.Because of this unique advantage, Ni has established close cooperation with operators, equipment manufacturers, universities and scientific research institutions, including Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Southeast University, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, and jointly built the first 5g laboratory in China with Shanghai wireless communication research center. Yao yuan added.In addition, Ni has increased its market investment in 5g. In March this year, Ni acquired beecube, a technology innovator and leading supplier in the field of high-performance FPGA prototype development and deployment products. With the gradual realization of 5g commercialization, the merger of the two companies will help strengthen Ni's leadership.
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