Repair Tear/hole on EVA Sole

White polyurethane (PU) sealant is a good candidate and should yield a nearly invisible repair. It's not foam but of a similar softness and flexibility as foam so there is little danger of mechanical separation during use.Instructions:Clean the hole thoroughly inside to de-grease it. I usually use ethanol. In your case a cotton bud would make a good cleaning tool.Push in the tip of a sealant gun into the hole and fill it with PU sealant. It's fine if some comes out the hole, at least you'll know it's full Use a plastic scraper to remove excess material and create a smooth exterior. An old credit card works well.

Let it cure for a few days. PU sealant hardens by reaction with air humidity at a rate of 1-3 mm/day.Disadvantage: If you don't have it around, most likely you'll have to buy a full 300 ml cartridge of PU sealant. It's universally useful and lasts ca. 6 months once the cartridge is open, so not a big deal.

Variation: Note that there are also PU based construction glues. These are a higher strength material but also become harder than sealants, so I think that a sealant mimics the mechanical properties of the foam better in this case. Anyway, both would do.Source: Educated guess from experience. I glued maybe 8 shoe soles back in place over the years, some with a foam backing. And PU sealant / glue worked best.

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Benefits of Banana Leaves: For Meals The wrapped banana leaves that form the plant's stem contain starch, which is extracted through a fermentation or cooking process. People in some parts of the world use the resulting flour for baking. The starch is also cooked into glue. For Healing As a home remedy, banana-leaf poultices help to heal burns and other skin irritations, according to Purdue University, which adds that individuals suffering from, ulcers, diarrhea or dysentery may ingest the leaf ashes as a treatment for their condition. Check with your doctor before trying this approach. For Cooking According to an article on the website ReadersDigestVersion, banana leaves tenderize meat during the cooking process. The practice, common in Asian countries, is to wrap the food in the banana leaf and tie it with string before grilling, baking or steaming the dish. In some countries, people use banana leaves for lining cooking pits and for wrapping food, according to Purdue University. The banana foliage also becomes makeshift plates and placemats. For Protection People in South America and other areas of the world use banana leaves to block the rain and to provide protection from the hot sun, according to Purdue University For the Garden and Beyond Chopped up banana leaves, including the plant's stem, serve as mulching material. Whole leaves protect other crops from the hot sun. People fold banana leaves into planters, use it as heavy-duty paper or use the fiber to make rope, string and baskets. Ecuadorians uses the leaves for seat cushions; West Africans makes fishing lines with the fiber. In the Philippines, people weave banana leaves into clothing; in Ceylon, they use the leaves to make the soles of shoes. .....


Can getting in and out of a vehicle at a gas station cause combustion?

First of all, gasoline is used because it is very good at being ignited by a spark, and it contains a lot of chemical energy. So on the face of it, a spark could ignite gasoline vapours in the air, and a vehicle with sufficient static charge could produce a spark if suddenly grounded.It is possible, and extremely rare. Two things need to happen before the gas will ignite. Typically, 1. will not be an issue unless there is a spill on the ground that was not properly cleaned. 2 is certainly possible, particularly in dry conditions.This article summarizes several sources. Of interest is this interesting breakdown of fueling accidents:50% happen when the person returns to the vehicle during refueling and leaves the vehicle door open29% happen when the person unscrews the gas cap21% happen for unknown reasons - theories include new chemical used in tires, more electronics in cars, seat fabrics, and more volatile fuels78% are women who return to the car to put a credit card into their purse, get money, write a check, get warm, check on the kids, write down odometer reading, apply lipstick, or use cell phoneThe first three bullets add to 100%, so I'm not sure what the 4th stat is all about.

I don't know why the vehicle door being open is a factor, but returning to the vehicle is a common factor in fueling accidents. (Apparently being female is a factor as well.)The above article also states that there are about 100 fueling accidents a year out of 11-12 billion fuelings in the US. So it is rare.


How do you know if you have a latex allergy?

Latex exposure is associated with 3 clinical syndromes. The first syndrome is irritant dermatitis. It is a result of mechanical disruption of the skin due to the rubbing of gloves and accounts for the majority of latex-induced local skin rashes. It is not immune mediated, is not associated with allergic complications, and is not the subject of this article. It may be confused with Type IV hypersensitivity. Any chronic hand dermatitis in HCWs raises the risk of nosocomial infections, including blood-borne pathogens. The second syndrome is a delayed (type IV) hypersensitivity reaction, resulting in a typical contact dermatitis. Symptoms usually develop within 24-48 hours of cutaneous or mucous membrane exposure to latex in a sensitized person. The primary allergens are residual accelerators and antioxidants left from the original manufacturing process. Langerhans cells process the antigens and present them to cutaneous T cells. Multiple objects can cause sensitization, but the most common sources in this country are probably examination gloves for adults and shoe soles for children. Type IV hypersensitivity is more common in atopic individuals. The dermatitis may predispose patients to further sensitizations or infections. The third, most serious, and least common syndrome is immediate (type I) hypersensitivity. It is mediated by an immunoglobulin E (IgE) response specific for latex proteins. As noted, latex proteins are highly allergenic, and they are variable between lots from different plantations, factories, and manufacturers. Cross-linking of IgE molecules on mast cell and basophil cell membranes by latex protein allergens triggers the release of histamine and other mediators of the systemic allergic cascade in sensitized individuals. Powdered latex examination gloves have been the most frequent source of sensitization in adults, causing cutaneous and inhalational exposures. (Fortunately, their use is decreasing as many hospitals move toward powder-free, "low-allergen," or nonlatex glove products.) Rash Erythema, edema, papules, and vesicles in areas of direct contact (type IV) Erythema, thickening, and pigment changes with chronic exposure (type IV) Urticaria, localized or generalized (type I)


The adidas ClimaCool 15 Running Shoes?

adidas ClimaCool 15 Running Shoes: The Well-known sports brand adidas company launched new adidas ClimaCool Ride breeze running shoes in 2011. Recently, fresh and colorful adidas breeze running shoes glaring debut, the main feature of new adidas ClimaCool Ride running shoes are light, flexible, breathable primarily, Blended in more technical elements of the surface of the space mesh upper to ensure the durability of running shoes and permeability, especially for the invasion of sand played a very good filtering effect. In charge of lateral support by adding three blocks, used to stabilize the charge of performance, coupled with the extreme freedom sole system, either from the upper material, internal structure, all aspects of shoe design, and so a full range of upgrades, so has the fashion modeling,, bright colors, cool and breathable, comfortable to wear. ClimaCool running shoes are bound to inject a breath of fresh vitality this summer.AdiPRENE cushioning gel technology with the hues of summer, the feeling has even brought the end of the series in the past. This is the latest adidas Climacool Ride series of running shoes in the spring and summer 2011, the colors mix together male and female models available for sale, to bring you refreshing summer fun.The brand now began to arm themselves with the latest technology to the protection of shoes, the newest adidas Climacool Ride is such a series of new products, lightweight breathable mesh upper body, signs and take the body of the shoe lines are thin paste in the shoe body, the body weight of the shoe is made to control the place, with the new adiWEAR designed outsole, designed in to the foot of ventilation space for Climacool technology, but also increase the durability of the soles.


How to stop my feet from sweating?

Many people are now turning to natural remedies as a first step towards treating excessive sweating caused by overactive sweat glands. There are a number of natural ingredients that can help reduce sweating and treat some of the underlying causes. Nat mur. helps to reduce excessive sweating and clamminess. Lupulus as well as Castoreum and Argentum Nitricum help to address sweating, especially when related to nervousness, panic, anxiety, or obsessive thoughts. Lastly the ingredient Syphilinum helps to control fluid levels in the body, while also helping to control body odor which commonly accompanies excessive sweating. Dry your feet thoroughly after you bathe - Microorganisms thrive in the damp spaces between your toes. Use over-the-counter foot powders to help absorb sweat. If your feet sweat profusely, immerse the feet first in hot water and then in cold water. Rub the feet together and then wipe them with a towel. Continue with the treatment for a week. It will be beneficial. Choose shoes and socks made of natural materials - Shoes made of natural materials, such as leather, can help prevent sweaty feet by allowing your feet to breathe. Rotate your shoes - Shoes won't completely dry overnight, so try not to wear the same pair two days in a row if you have trouble with sweaty feet. Wear the right socks - Cotton and wool socks help keep your feet dry because they absorb moisture. When you're active, moisture-wicking athletic socks are a good choice. Whenever possible, try walking barefoot or open shoes. This helps cool the entire body, and prevents sweating from the feet. Change your socks often - Change socks or hose once or twice a day, drying your feet thoroughly each time. Women may prefer pantyhose with cotton soles. You may get additional details on these remedies over here


How to track down a ground failure

The taller blade is neutral. Ground should be bonded to neutral at the main panel so a measurement from hot to ground should be near 120V... and a measurement from neutral to ground should be near 0v. I agree a hot-ground reading of nil indicates no proper ground. To find that, you have to go chase the wires. Follow the wires back to the panel, find the last place ground is good, and open up that box and each subsequent box and see what is amiss. It super helps to know what normal looks like, so hit the books. As for detecting a ground fault in the tool, try plugging it into a properly grounded** GFCI receptacle, get an insulated wire with bared ends, attach one end to a solid ground, and the other against metal parts of the saw. Sometimes you can clear a tool ground fault by cleaning it well, or by disassembling it and cleaning it. You really do want GFCI protection in garage and workshop space, though. If you don't have a ground, you may be better off getting a GFCI than a ground. GFCIs do not require ground. Learn how to use the LOAD terminals on a GFCI and you will only need one per circuit. ** GFCIs do not require ground, and grounding a GFCI is nice but it doesn't massively improve its safety. In this case I want you to use a grounded GFCI as a diagnostic aid, because it will help detect ground faults in a grounded tool

Repair Tear/hole on EVA Sole 1

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