Scene Jewelry Designs?

bow shaped beads to make a bracelet. bold necklaces with bright colors.

1. What do you do when and ex-husband stole your jewelry and other property over a 10 to 20 year period, died in?

If you allowed it to happen over that period, and are not even sure what is missing, then those items apparently were not that important to you...him stealing them was not okay, nor is his daughter keeping propery it's pretty safe to say she knows is stolen, but anything that had great value to you, you would have missed long ago and know what it was... I would be curious as to why you waited decades to make an issue of it...

2. double helix piercing jewelry?

they are called twisters or sprials. or possibly

3. The Best Jewelry for Girls With Sensitive Skin

When it comes to choosing the perfect jewelry, you want something that will help you look good and feel good. But if you have sensitive skin or a metal allergy, that may be easier said than done. Gemandi is a great go-to for girls with skin sensitivities and allergies (or anyone, really) who still want fashion-forward accessories to complement their unique sense of style - without experiencing discomfort. If you constantly find your skin irritated after wearing rings, earrings and necklaces, and you are *this close* to ditching your jewelry altogether, read on! How to Tell If Your Jewelry Is Irritating Your Skin You might think metal allergies and skin sensitivities would be obvious, but they can appear in many different ways. If you are used to wearing costume or fast-fashion jewelry, you may not even notice the irritation these pieces are causing your skin. If you find a red, itchy rash, dry patches of skin, bumps or red discoloration after you take your jewelry off, that should tip you off that something's up. Those same symptoms - as well as a burning sensation at the site - might also point to a metal allergy. If that happens, you may want to consult your dermatologist to try to identify what might be causing you to react. But do not freak out just yet! There are plenty of options to make accessorizing with skin sensitivities easy and fun. Gemandi is focused on crafting unique jewelry from hypoallergenic materials so anyone can find the perfect pieces and wear them comfortably, time after time. Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Jewelry From ring stacks to statement necklaces, jewelry is a great way to show off your unique sense of style, and skin sensitivities and allergies should not stand in the way of that. So the next time you are shopping for new accessories to perfect your look, keep these three things in mind. If a metal allergy has you itchy and uncomfortable every time you accessorize, nickel may be the culprit. While it's important to see a doctor or dermatologist for an official diagnosis, seeking nickel-free jewelry is a good way to prevent future irritation. What to look for instead? Styles made from skin-safe, hypoallergenic materials - like any of the pieces in our Clementine collection, which (like all of our rings!) feature a high-quality brass base that never includes nickel that took our jewelers years of R&D to develop. 2. You Do not Have to Splurge for Serious Quality Silver and gold are high-quality, reliable materials for those with sensitive skin and metal allergies. And we've got some good news: You do not have to fork over your entire paycheck to experience all the benefits. Our plated pieces, like the Goddess Ring, are dipped 3x in 14-carat gold, resulting in a plating that is 5x thicker than the industry average. 3. Keep It Simple With Pure Metals If you are still discovering what works for your skin and what does not , a good rule of thumb is that purer materials are usually safer. When it comes to hypoallergenic materials, silver and gold are solid staples. With gold jewelry, the higher the karat, the purer the gold. And with silver, be sure what you are buying is sterling or 925 (92.5% pure), like the hypoallergenic rings, necklaces and more in our .925 Collection. We hope these rules can help you find jewelry that works with your skin, but keep in mind individual body chemistry is as unique as style. Everyone's a little different, so you will need to get an understanding of what works for you and what does not . But when it comes to hypoallergenic jewelry, fun and affordable options are kind of our thing - so go find something you love! Alexa Sibberson is a brand copywriter with a passion for retail. From Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria's Secret to small, local businesses, she knows what it takes to connect with customers. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she typically works with her dog by her side.

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