Sick Joins Hands with Universal Robots to Develop Urcap Suite of Vision Guided Cooperative Robot

Sick and cooperative robot manufacturer universal robots jointly developed an entry-level vision guided cooperative robot system urcap suite for object picking and placing, quality detection and measurement. This system integrates the check inspector pim60 2D vision sensor and universal robots UR3, UR5 and ur10 robots to bring a visual guided cooperative robot with strong adaptability, which can be programmed and configured on the robot quickly and easily without special software skills.

According to reports, sick vision expert Neil Sandhu said that the system can be easily added to robot applications. The vision sensor will guide the robot to pick up the randomly located object and check or measure the object before picking up the object.

Because there is no need for programming expertise, this system is the most ideal entry-level visual guidance robot scheme for the production line, and can also be installed on the test equipment for developing new processes. The built-in software of the system lens can guide the user through the setting and calibration process. Even if engineers are new to 2D vision guided robots, it is easy to develop effective solutions. Experienced users can enjoy the directness and simplicity of setting and parameter change procedures.

Daily tasks such as changing jobs and picking points, calibration and alignment can be completed directly from the robot controller. Using sick's SOPAS device configuration tool enables more advanced operations, such as object detection and size measurement before inspection. Additional data fields can accommodate detailed object inspection and measurement results. Pim60 is an easy to configure, compact 2D vision sensor for high-speed positioning, detection and measurement, with flexible optics and built-in lighting. It can perform inspection at high speed and provide tools for various inspection tasks, including object position, pixel count and pattern, edge, circle and angle sensing.

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