Smart Park Can Make the Park More Intelligent and Optimize the Sense of Experience

Current situation of smart park system construction

The smart park takes the Internet of things, big data and cloud platform as the technical core, and uses information technology as the control means to associate and control each equipment in the park, and integrate the scattered equipment into a unified whole, so that managers can control the data or situation of each equipment in the park in real time on the display platform of the smart park, Various intelligent devices controlled by the smart park system will also respond to people's operations, so as to serve people under unmanned operation. The construction of smart park system is urgent. What is the current construction situation?

1. Information sharing cannot be realized in the park. Each department has its own information, and there is no complete information sharing system, forming an information island.

2. The intelligent construction in the park is completed by enterprises themselves. The supporting facilities of intelligent facilities are not perfect. The construction of intelligent system needs to be completed by enterprises themselves, and enterprises only provide infrastructure.

3. At present, the management of the park is limited to access management and traffic security management. For example, the management means of other life services or business handling services are completely backward, and the public security management still uses the way of human patrol, so the equipment failure can not be found in time.

4. Single service object is a common problem in major communities. There will be a series of system constraints or regulations for settled enterprises or residential owners, but the management of foreign personnel is very single.

Ordinary parks have these common problems. Smart parks are the product of the new era, and the Internet era has promoted its development. Its development direction is as follows:

1. Platform management: the park is a platform integrated by various equipment and buildings. The smart park is to integrate these resources into a specific platform for management and control.

2. Optimal management: to maximize the value of a thing in the most reasonable way is optimal management.

3. Collaboration: the contribution of information, the nature of services and equipment management were originally scattered, but now they are integrated by the intelligent park, so that they can cooperate and share information together.

4. People oriented: the system provides management and control for the park, while the park provides services for people. The park provides high-quality services and improves the quality of people's life, so as to better build our society.

5. Energy conservation and emission reduction: the park is intelligently managed, and the smart park system also has perfect monitoring on energy, which can more reasonably monitor and analyze the utilization of energy, so as to achieve the effect of saving energy cost, energy conservation and emission reduction.

The intelligent park can make the park more intelligent, improve people's sense of life experience, make the community managers do not need to spend too much physical strength, reduce labor costs, intelligently optimize energy consumption, improve economic benefits, and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. It is believed that the future regional construction, even the world construction, belongs to the field of smart park.


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