Start the Blue Sky Defense War in an All-round Way! 9553 Enterprises in Dongguan Were Shut Down and

Last year, Dongguan formulated and implemented the action plan for the protection of the blue sky in Dongguan, and launched the protection of the blue sky in an all-round way. According to statistics, at present, Dongguan has cleaned up 13073 "scattered pollution" enterprises, including 9553 closed and banned and 3520 renovated.

Houjie: from April 11,

712 enterprises involved in "pollution" cut off water and electricity

It is understood that the total number of the second batch of "scattered pollution" enterprises (sites) in Houjie is 1991. After accurate classification, 712 enterprises (closed down and banned) involved in "pollution" and 1279 enterprises involved in remediation.

According to the arrangement, the eliminated enterprises should consciously complete the cleaning and rectification before April 10 this year. The relevant departments will carry out the cleaning up of the eliminated enterprises from April 11 to the end of may (cutting off industrial water and electricity, and removing raw materials, products and production equipment).

Humen: renovate 3725 enterprises this year

On April 3, Humen launched the special action of cross inspection of scattered pollution enterprises in the Mopi River Basin in nanzha community and Ludong community, shutting down 32 "scattered pollution" enterprises in only one day.

It is reported that Humen has basically completed the comprehensive treatment of "dirty" industrial enterprises (places) by the end of March this year, and the comprehensive treatment of "messy" industrial enterprises (places) by the end of September, and 3725 "messy" enterprises will be treated.

Tangxia: the deadline for 2863 enterprises is approaching

On March 20, 2019, Tangxia Branch of Dongguan Ecological Environment Bureau organized and held a comprehensive treatment meeting for "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) in Tangxia town.

There are 3250 "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) in the remediation list of Tangxia town. At present, 387 have been renovated, of which 299 have been closed and banned, 88 have been renovated, and the remaining 2863 need to continue comprehensive remediation. In September 2019, the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) will be fully completed.

Fenggang: rectification of 2594 "scattered pollution" enterprises

On the morning of March 29, Fenggang town held a meeting to promote the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (places). It is understood that there are 2594 "scattered pollution" enterprises in Fenggang town. According to the requirements of the plan, the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (places) shall be basically completed by the end of September 2019.

Dongkeng: 846 enterprises were renovated this year

On March 21, Dongkeng Town held a meeting to promote the remediation of "scattered pollution", summarized the current remediation of "scattered pollution" enterprises, and deployed the next "scattered pollution" enterprise remediation.

It is understood that since 2018, Dongkeng Town has renovated 158 "scattered pollution" enterprises, of which 88 have been banned. In 2019, the remediation task of "scattered pollution" enterprises in Dongkeng Town is 846.

Daojiao: 579 enterprises were renovated this year

The reporter learned yesterday that Daojiao town plans to renovate 579 "scattered pollution" enterprises this year. So far, the town has carried out 12 joint law enforcement and renovated 53 enterprises.

Daojiao town has adopted the method of joint law enforcement by functional departments for the "scattered pollution" enterprises that fail to withdraw as required, and implemented the treatment of water and power outage according to law. In the past three months, it has carried out joint law enforcement 12 times, and cut off water and power for 53 "scattered pollution" enterprises; 73 companies were returned and 5 were rectified.

Qiaotou: 839 enterprises were renovated this year

On the afternoon of March 14, Qiaotou town held a meeting on implementing the feedback of the provincial environmental protection supervision group and promoting the rectification of "scattered pollution". Qiaotou town will basically complete the comprehensive treatment of "pollution" related enterprises (sites) in the town by the end of March 2019 and 839 "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) in the town by the end of September 2019.

Gaopo: 1076 enterprises will be cleaned up and renovated this year

Recently, the reporter learned from the comprehensive renovation promotion meeting of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (places) in Gaopo town that this year, Gaopo town will continue to carry out environmental supervision, clean up and renovate 1076 "scattered pollution" enterprises, and ensure that the comprehensive renovation of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises will be fully completed by the end of September this year.

As of March 29, a total of 537 "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) had been renovated in Gaopo Town, of which 334 had been shut down and banned and 203 had been renovated. At present, the rectification action is still ongoing.

Which are "scattered" enterprises

"Scattered pollution" enterprises refer to enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies and industrial layout planning, have potential safety and fire hazards, do not meet pollutant discharge standards, and have incomplete procedures for Industry and commerce, environmental protection, land, planning, taxation, quality supervision, safety supervision, fire control and electric power (especially enterprises, industrial stalls and small industrial workshops in residential areas).

It mainly includes but is not limited to: non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, rubber production, tanning, chemical industry, ceramic firing, casting, wire mesh processing, steel rolling, refractories, carbon production, lime kiln, brick kiln, cement grinding station, waste plastic processing, small oil refining, glass manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber manufacturing, printing, surface coating, furniture, shoemaking, auto repair, catering Small manufacturing and processing enterprises such as food processing, stone processing, waste recycling and processing, wood-based panel manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, acid pickling and phosphating; It involves the use of small enterprises or processing points such as coatings, paints, inks, adhesives and organic solvents.

So many polluting enterprises have been eliminated and renovated!

In fact, it's not just a few towns and streets

There are also many towns and streets this year

Shut down many "scattered pollution" enterprises

In September this year, the rectification work will be basically completed

Environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict!

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

We should take the initiative to raise awareness of environmental protection

Protect the beautiful home together!

Enterprises should rectify according to the requirements of environmental protection

Or the next enterprise to be shut down

It's likely to fall on your head

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