STM32 Driver AD9854 Sharing_ AD9854 Constitutes a Signal Generator Circuit

AD9854 overview

AD9854 digital synthesizer is a highly integrated device. It adopts advanced DDS technology and integrates two high-speed and high-performance orthogonal D / A converters. It can output I and Q synthetic signals through digital programming. Driven by the high stability clock, AD9854 will generate a highly stable sine and cosine signal with programmable frequency, phase and amplitude, which can be used as local oscillator for communication, radar and so on. The DDS core of AD9854 has 48 bit frequency resolution (the frequency resolution can reach 1uhz under 300m system clock). The output 17 bit phase truncation ensures a good spurious free dynamic range index. The AD9854 allows the output signal frequency to be up to 150MHz, while the digital modulation output frequency can be up to 100MHz. Sine wave is converted into square wave output through internal high-speed comparator, which can be used as a convenient clock generator.

Advantages and characteristics of AD9854

00mhz internal clock rate

FSK, BPSK, PSK, LFM, am operation

Two integrated 12 bit analog-to-digital converters (DACS)

Ultra high speed comparator, RMS jitter: 3ps

Excellent dynamic performance: 80dbsfdr (100MHz ± 1mhzout)

four × To 20 × Programmable reference clock multiplier

Two 48 bit programmable frequency registers

Two 14 bit programmable phase offset registers

12 bit programmable amplitude modulation and switch output form keying function

Single pin FSK and BPSK data interface

PSK function is provided through input / output interface

Linear or Nonlinear FM linear frequency modulation function, with single pin frequency holding function

Signal generator circuit composed of AD9854

The keyboard is equipped with 16 keys, which is composed of four row lines P1.0 p1.3 and four column lines P1.4 P1.7. It includes number keys, unit keys and function keys, which are used to control the frequency, amplitude and function of the required signal. Finally, the output signal frequency, amplitude and other information are displayed through the LCD. The display part adopts gxm1602nsl LCD module of Guoxian company, and its core is HD44780. The data transmission with W78E58 adopts 8-bit parallel transmission, which can display two lines of 32 dot matrix characters in total. HD44780 supports user-defined characters, so it can display Chinese and digital information such as frequency, amplitude and waveform through programming. The communication interface (RS232) is also used to connect with PC. the control command of PC can interact with W78E58 through TXD (pin10) and RXD (pin11) to control the output of signal source.

STM32 driver AD9854 sharing

#include <stm32f10x_ lib.h》

#include “sys.h”

#include “delay.h”

#define AD9854_ DATA GPIOC-》ODR

#define AD9854_ ADDR GPIOC-》ODR

#define ad9854_ reset PBout(12)

#define ad9854_ rd PBout(13)

#define ad9854_ wr PBout(14)

#define ad9854_ updata PBout(15)

unsigned char ControlRegister[]=0x14,0x4f,0x00,0x60; // AD9852 initial value of control register, mode 0

unsigned char FTW[]=0x00,0x00,0x37,0xec; // Frequency tuning word 1 outputs the FTW value corresponding to the frequency after frequency doubling 300MHz

unsigned char PAR[]=0x00,0x00; // Phase Adjust Register 1

unsigned char OSK[]=0x0a,0xff; // Output shaped keying multiplier, 650mv

voidsingle_ wave(unsigned long intfre);

void Init_ AD9854(void);

void AD9854_ Set_ Mode0(void);

void AD9852_ Send(unsigned char addr,unsigned char data);

voidchange_ frequency(unsigned long intfre_temp); voidInit_ Port(void);

int main( void )

Stm32_clock_init (9); / / 9 octave

Delay_init (72); / / 72m crystal oscillator time delay






voidInit_ Port(void)

RCC-》APB2ENR |= 1<<3 ;

GPIOB-》CRH &= 0x0000ffff ;

GPIOB-》CRH |= 0x33330000 ;

GPIOB-》ODR |= 0xf000 ;

RCC-》APB2ENR |= 1<<4 ;

GPIOC-》CRL &= 0x00000000 ;

GPIOC-》CRL |= 0x33333333 ;

GPIOC-》CRH &= 0x00000000 ;

GPIOC-》CRH |= 0x33333333 ;

GPIOC-》ODR |= 0xffff ;

void AD9852_ Send (unsigned char addr, unsigned char data) / / according to the parallel input timing

ad9854_wr = 1; // AD9854_WR_SET;

AD9854_ADDR &= 0x00ff|addr<<8;

AD9854_ADDR |= 0xff00&addr<<8;

ad9854_wr = 1; // AD9854_WR_SET;

AD9854_DATA &= 0xff00|data;

AD9854_DATA |= 0x00ff&data;

ad9854_wr = 0; // AD9854_WR_CLR; ad9854_wr = 1; // AD9854_WR_SET; ad9854_updata = 1; //


ad9854_updata = 0; //


void Init_ AD9854(void)

unsigned char addr;

unsigned char i;

ad9854_reset = 0 ; // AD9854_RESET_CLR;

ad9854_wr = 1 ; // AD9854_WR_SET; ad9854_rd = 0 ; // AD9854_RD_CLR; ad9854_updata = 0 ; // AD9854_UPDATA_CLR;

addr = 0x1d;




void AD9854_ Set_ Mode0 (void) / / mode 0 setting

unsigned char addr;

unsigned char counter;

For (addr = 0x00, counter = 2; counter --) / / set phase adjust register 1



For (addr = 0x04, counter = 4; counter --) / / set frequency tuning word 1



For (addr = 0x21, counter = 2; counter --) / / set output shaped keying multiplier



voidsingle_ wave(unsigned long intfre)

unsigned char addr,i;

unsigned long intff;

unsigned char *p;

ff=(unsigned long int)(4294967296*fre/300000000); p=(unsigned char*)&ff;

For (addr = 0x04, I = 0; I

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