Teen Craft Ideas for a Small Business?

T-shirts then sell them to ur mom, or custom helmets with photos or some painting to the construction workers - think of it this way- you already have the customer in ur mom u just need the T-shirts n ur n business she will be proud to buy them. I once made earrings when i was 11 n my mom was ready to promote them to her workmates

1. Install Craft 3 on Web Server

While Craft 3 is still in beta, the only way to install it is via Composer. If you are unfamiliar with Composer, it's a package manager (like npm) that attempts to make installing and updating PHP libraries easy via terminal commands.Here's an abbreviated form of the steps found in the Craft docs on installing Craft 3:I would recommend checking out the Craft 3 docs and also Ryan Irelan's fantastic videos on Installing Composer and Installing Craft 3. If you have any more questions about the process, do not hesitate to ping me in the comments or post a message in the Craft CMS Slack group.UPDATE: Pixel & Tonic has mentioned they are hoping to include a .zip download (similar to the Craft 2 installation process) when they fully release Craft 3 on April 4th. Till then, Composer is the only way to download & setup Craft 3

2. Bootstrap Craft from another app

Craft's bootstrap file in located at craft/app/index.php. Importing that will get you 99% of the way there.The only problem is, index.php not only loads Craft, it also runs it. In doing so, Craft is going to insist that it completely resolves the request, with a response to the browser.I am thinking we should move most of that code into a new bootstrap.php file, with the only exception being the last line:Then index. php would simply import bootstrap. php and call $app->run() itself. That way you could import bootstrap. php rather than index. php, and do whatever you want with the app, like fetch entries, without losing control over the whole request.In the meantime, you could copy the contents, sans $app->run(), of index.php into your own file and import that instead. You would need to go through it and update all of the paths, too.Another option would be to make Craft think the page should be a 404, and catch the 404 exception:Little hacky, but that may be your cleanest option until we give you a bootstrap.php file to import instead.UPDATEAs of Craft 2.2, Craft now ships with a bootstrap.php file which handles all of the app initialization stuff with the exception of actually calling run(). When you include bootstrap. php(), a new Craft application will be returned

3. Detect device screen size in craft cms

As Alec says, the server does not know details about the users screen, that has to be fetched with javascript client-side. But the information can be exchanged through a cookie so that the server can act according to it. When used in the manner you outline, this is known as Responsive design Server Side Components, or RESS. I've made a plugin (a long time ago) named RESS Toolbox for Craft, which I think will do what you want. Make sure you read the warning regarding caching first, though, there are a lot of caveats when it comes to RESS. :)

4. Craft for a creative teen??????

Have you ever tried origami? You can buy origami paper or just use paper around the house. Wrapping paper is a good choice. Even just notepaper, magazine paper or newspaper works. There are tons of origami patterns and instructions online. Good luck!.

5. craft ideas using recycled materials?

There's seriously like a billion things you could make. Caterpillars out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners Those glitter tornado things out of two clear plastic bottles stuck together All the things with cardboard There's a whole book on things to do with newspaper. You can go from simple things like pirate hats to making sandals (yes, footwear!) out of heaps of glued newspaper tubes. Milk bottle and other plastic lid tops go great for things like big bug eyes and necklaces (if you make a hole for them) Toilet paper roll castles Cereal box cities Bring a bunch of stuff and give the kids scissors, sticky tape, glue, paint, textas etc and they will make things from their own imaginations.

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