Tencent Is Playing with the Car? Tencent Holds 5% and Becomes a Shareholder of Tesla

On the evening of March 28, Tencent invested US $1.8 billion in Tesla, obtained 5% passive equity and became its fifth largest shareholder. After the news was released, Tesla's shares turned up from down in the pre-market trading the next day, and Tencent's book profit reached $490 million. It is undeniable that Tencent's move has reaped a lot for both sides.

Tencent is not involved in Tesla's operation at present

Stimulated by sales in the first quarter, Tesla's share price rose sharply on Monday, surpassing Ford, one of the three traditional automobile companies in the United States. On Tuesday, Tesla's share price rose again.

At present, Tesla is building a large lithium battery factory in Nevada with an investment of US $5 billion. These batteries will be used for models such as model 3.

According to public information, the top four shareholders of Tesla are: CEO musk holds 21%; Fidelity, a fund giant, holds 14%; Baillie Gifford, an independent asset management company, holds 8.2%; T. Rowe price holds 7.3%.

The news directly stimulated Tesla's share price to reverse the decline before the U.S. stock market and turn to an increase of nearly 3%. It is worth noting that Tencent does not actively hold shares. In other words, Tencent will not actively intervene in Tesla's operation at present.

Can US $1.8 billion hit the strategic value? Although it has the heart to play with cars, it has no power to build cars. This is a fact that Tencent must admit. Even if Tencent has sufficient cash and the ability to implement investment, the investment of US $1.8 billion is not a small number. Investing in Tesla must have a more ambitious strategic plan. However, if Tesla refuses to cooperate with Tencent at a deeper level, the investment behavior is at best a win-win deal, and the strategic value is not large.

Play with the car. We're serious

Tencent has been making frequent efforts in the field of car manufacturing in recent years. First, it invested 1 billion yuan with Foxconn and harmonious automobile to establish a harmonious Futeng joint venture, but soon the business ended without any trouble. Subsequently, we jointly invested with Baidu in Weilai automobile, which will only show its power on ppt. It may also be because of lack of confidence in it, so we chose Tesla, which has made good achievements in the market, as the guide at the critical moment of planning for car building.

Tencent is also lucky to be optimistic about Tesla. Tesla leader musk has become a legendary entrepreneur and is even considered by the media to be "jobs second". In addition to Tesla, musk is also the CEO of SpaceX, which recently realized the first space launch by reusing rockets in human history. This major achievement will greatly reduce the cost of space exploration.

Dumped harmony, accosted Wei Lai, and finally married Tesla, which is Tencent's three sensational relationships in the automotive industry. From the perspective of "family conditions", it is reasonable for anyone to choose to hire a foreign "daughter-in-law" with better comprehensive strength.

But for Tencent, holding this small amount of Tesla shares can not help Tencent open the electric vehicle market. Tencent also did not announce specific plans to establish a joint venture or other projects with Tesla. Tencent only responded. For future cooperation, Tencent and the invested company will evolve some commercial cooperation in addition to the simple equity relationship.

Where consumers' hot spots are, Tencent's focus is where. In this way, we have to think about whether Tencent will implant advertisements in Tesla's central control display after holding Tesla. At the extreme, we can think that we can't start the car without reading the advertisements. If we want to skip the advertisements, we can open members. It's terrible to think about it.

Tencent Is Playing with the Car? Tencent Holds 5% and Becomes a Shareholder of Tesla 1

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Do You Think Tesla Vehicles Will Saturate China, India and Europe the Way They Have the United State
Thanks for requestIMO - NO.At least not in China and India.The latest price in China for the new lower priced model 3 to be available is $61,000 USD, down from around $68,000 USD.Sure itu2019s cheaper than the Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, but too expensive for the broad marketplace. At the same time Porsche, Audi, BMW etc are all introducing electric models. China already sells a lot of EV, with tons of choice. As example there are 48 models electric SUVu2019s.Sales of Tesla in Asia needs to come from the upper end of the market. By closing their stores and switching to online sales to save cash, they are compromising their sales potential.I canu2019t speak for Europe. American cars have never done well in Europe. Yes, electric is the future and every European manufacturer is jumping in with both feet even Ferrari. In 2019, the car manufacturing establishment is not willing to give up a shrinking marketshare to a new comer. Itu2019s game on.Do you think Tesla vehicles will saturate China, India and Europe the way they have the United States once the factories are in place to eliminate the massive transport costs?• Other Related Knowledge oftesla vehicles— — — — — —What are some of the often understated but necessary maintenance of Tesla vehicles, and what needs to be done?There just is not much maintenance to do. I know a repair shop that handles Teslas for a rental car company, they handle the 18 items I mention below.There just are not that many parts in need of service.An EV has about 11,000 parts vs. an ICE with 30,000And on top of that, many of the parts in an ICE are mechanical and a large number of them are also exposed to high temperatures and/or liquids. For mechanics, there is not a lot of job security in working on Teslas or other EVs. Most of the "bread and butter" ICE parts for auto mechanics to work on are simply gone.Darren Charest's answer to Do BEV cars require a lot less maintenance than ICE cars?The complexities of EVs fall into these 3 categories:Drive Units (Electric motors), predicted lifespan 400K miles see:Darren Charest's answer to What is the lifespan of a Tesla electric motor in miles?Batteries (main battery pack and 12V)Darren Charest's answer to What is the Ah of the 12-volt battery of a Tesla car (Model S)?Electronics/sensorsAnd these complex parts are self-contained with long lifespans and little or no user serviceable parts or maintenance to do. So this leaves us with:Windshield wiper fluid (replace) - Every 6 months (based on mild CA weather)Tires (check pressure) - Every 6 months.Tires (rotate) Every 10,000-12,000 milesTires (replace) - Every 10K-28K-ish is what I've been hearing but very much depends on driving habits and road conditions.Wheels (alignment) - When you replace tires or more frequently as needed. Brake calipers (clean and lubricate) Every 1 year or 12,500 miles (if in an area where roads are salted during the Winter).Replace cabin air filter - Every 2 years per scheduled maintenance.Replace windshield wipers (if needed) - Every 2 years. Brake fluid, check and replace (if needed) - Every 2 years per scheduled maintenance.LED headlights - Not hearing of them going out, not in manual but in general LEDs have a 2-5 year lifespan.LED interior lights - Same as above.12V battery (replace) - Every 4 years.Battery coolant (flush and replace) - "does not need to be replaced for the life of your vehicle under most circumstances" per M3 manual, some other models I've heard 4 years. Best left for Tesla to do this service. Optional Key FOB battery (replace) - Every 5 years.Brake pads and rotors - Every 100K to 200K miles because of regenerative braking/one pedal driving. And on the Q3 2019 Earnings Call (10/24/2019), Tesla announced it's further enhancing one pedal driving. A/C desiccant bag (replace) - Every 6 years.Struts for trunk and frunk - As needed.Shocks (and other suspension related parts) - As needed depending on road conditions 100K-150K miles.It's a short list, I added a few things that are stretches too. The household cuss jar may start to run low vs. what you may be accustomed to with your last ICE car:Darren Charest's answer to When does a Tesla owner break even?In the long-term, there will some work on the low-level electronics side, like replacing or repairing circuit boards
Did You Test Drive a Tesla Model Before You Purchased Or Leased Your Car?
Did You Test Drive a Tesla Model Before You Purchased Or Leased Your Car?
Did you test drive a Tesla model before you purchased or leased your car?Definitely. About 3 years ago, I briefly drove a friend's Model S. He told me to come to a full stop, then he said just push the pedal to the floor. Then it blasted off silently but with vast amounts of power. At this point, it was on my in-memory bucket list of cars I hoped to own.Fast forward about 3 years. Keep in mind my kids have become HUGE FANS of Tesla. I'm not exactly sure how that happened because at this time I was not speaking to them about Teslas and I wasn't writing about Tesla(s) on Quora yet either. They liked to play 'spot the Tesla" game while we're driving, watching a movie, or watching YouTube videos. From 50 yards away they could identify it's a Tesla the model.even if they are only able to see a portion of the front or rear of the vehicle or just a door. To this day, they don't show any interest in identifying other cars. I'm having lunch in the food court at Mission Viejo Mall, in you guessed it.Mission Viejo, California. There is a Tesla Showroom, strangely on the 2nd floor, 2nd floor does have a ground level entrance with some wide doors to drive them in. My 5-year old and 8-year-old want to go and sit in the Teslas, so I took them over to the showroom while my wife ordered food. This was December 2018 when 'Tesla emissions testing mode" i. e. It was hard to pull them out of there but I did and we had lunch. After lunch, they kept talking about the Teslas and convinced my wife to go over and visit the showroom. She had a look around and there was another family in there with a toddler. The little guy was roaming around while the parents were browsing. He walked up to the Model X and grabbed a hold of the license plate frame and proceeded to bend it to nearly a 90° angle - we all cringed until his parent's picked him up. All the Tesla employees were very helpful and not pushy at all, let's call it an 'un-dealership" experience. It was also noteworthy that they had an infectious excitement for Teslas and really deep product knowledge. Many of the conversations went like this:Me: Do you have a Tesla?Them: No, I wish I could afford one.Me: Does Tesla give you an employee discount?Them: Elon Musk doesn't even give discounts to his direct relatives. But I'm hoping to save up and buy one some day. The interface and software was amazing. I was especially impressed how the car recognized other vehicles nearby and even their vehicle types (motorcycle, car, van, bus) and at an intersection it even recognized and displayed pedestrians. And the car was absent all the buttons, dials, switch, gauges and other nonsense that I instantly realized was not necessary. In fact, the only buttons on a Model 3 are:1 Hazard Lights4 Dome Lights2 Steering Wheel Scroll Wheels that double as buttons4 Door Handles (outside recessed handles are also 'teeter totters" operated as buttons)7 Window Roll Down/Up (because driver has 4)1 Trunk (to open)5 Seat Belts (to unbuckle)1 Windshield Lever (to spray windshield wiper fluid)1 Shift lever (to put into Park)Even the glovebox doesn't have a mechanical button, you use the touchscreen to open it. At the time there was a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit (now it's $1,875), a $2,500 CVRP, an $850 Electric Vehicle Climate Credit (EVCC), and a $250 EV Charger Incentive. Although these incentives have tapered off, Tesla has lowered their prices even more so today I could purchase the same Model 3 AWD Dual Motor for less.If you plan on using someone's referral code (mine is below), then you'll get some free super charging. It's nice to have, especially while you're waiting on a home charger installation. My point is the Tesla Showroom is a dangerous gateway drug that you should avoid unless you have far more self control than I do, this is what can happen (ours is the white one):And I blame these two:But seriously, it's the best car I've ever owned and I don't regret it for a minute. The kids love it. They actually learned how to play Chess via the Chess game that was added recently via an OTA update. When you touch a piece, it shows you where that piece is allowed to move - it's a very intuitive way for kids to learn. And if that's not enough it is one of the safest cars ever built:Watch how Tesla Model 3 earned its 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP - TechCrunch2018 TESLA MODEL 3 4 DR RWDIf you find yourself acting as a home mechanic, you won't have as many war stories like this one to tell:Darren Charest's answer to When does a Tesla owner break even?-----Take a look at all the other benefits of owning a Tesla by checking out my other Answers here:Darren CharestAnd feel free to use my Tesla Referral Link:Free Supercharger MilesIf you use this link to order a Tesla online or in a showroom, both you and I will receive 2,000 free Super Charger miles (it's usually 1K but it's been as high as 5K).I own a Model 3, I don't own Tesla stock (yet I probably should).
Is a Base Tesla Model 3 for $35,000 a Better Value Than Purchasing a Used 75 KWh Model S for the Sam
Is a Base Tesla Model 3 for $35,000 a Better Value Than Purchasing a Used 75 KWh Model S for the Sam
As a Model 3 owner, I would say it depends upon your needs. My car is both bigger and heavier than any car I have owned and I still have my Volvo 850 station wagon, not a small car.The base Model 3 will not come with "free supercharging" while the used Model S should still be included as it was sold for the life of the car. The Model S at that price will probably have a lot of miles, but it also has a hatchback instead of a trunk. Being lighter, the Model 3 will not be as hard on tires, if that is a concern based on your driving style.The base Model 3 gets somewhat less range with a much smaller battery pack than the Model S, and being even lighter than mine, it could be good for the tire life, too. The Model 3 battery is an improved version, with larger cell size, but fewer cells than the Model S. But that older design has proven itself to be quite good after 100,000 or more miles, where the same numbers have yet to be seen for most Model 3 owners.One thing I do not regret buying is the Autopilot package upgrade. That may not even be available on a used Model S depending upon the year of manufacture. It may not mean as much to you as it does to me, but that 9000 mile trip was much less stressful due to the car following the highway lanes by itself, slowing itself for traffic ahead near major cities, and radar braking when a truck suddenly cut in front before I could noticed on a few occasions when I had become distracted1. Can you surprise your spouse with a Tesla Model X, or will you need something installed in your home in advance for charging?Before you bring an electric car home, you will want to have a place to charge it. However, that does not have to be a custom charger installation, at least right away.There are several options that you could look into for charging:120V outlet in the garage. Any modern garage should have at least this type of outlet. This outlet is good for charging 50-60 miles overnight. This may be sufficient for a long time, depending on your driving needs. If you stick with this long term, you should probably make sure it's a quality, heavy duty outlet.240V outlet in the garage. An RV outlet, dryer outlet, or welder outlet for example. The Tesla comes with adapters for its portable charger for a 120V outlet and a 240V/50A RV outlet. There is also an adapter available for a 240V/30A outlet.Somewhere the car is already parking during the day. That could be chargers at work or even a grocery store. Unless you are pretty sure you can get a charger anytime you want it, I would consider this short term or opportunistic.Supercharger stations. If there is one in the area, this can be a short term solution also. Depending on the car, it might be free, or cost more than charging at home, but it has a hassle factor either way. Much more convenient to charge at home while you are sleeping.If you have any of these options, they will work fine for the few weeks it takes to get a charger installed (if you need one).I do not recommend it long term, but I charged my Tesla for 4 years with the mobile charger on an extension cord to a 240V/30A circuit in my shop (30 feet away). The mobile charger is fine for long term use, but an extension cord is not recommended. I built it carefully with the appropriate size wire and it worked fine. I finally installed a Tesla wall charger after 4 years. Have fun with your new, surprise Tesla. I've never regretted owning mine!.2. Does the Tesla Model 3 really only cost 35k?Yes, it does. It might cost even less depending on where you live, as an incentive of buying an electric car. Elon Musk did this to make the car affordable for the average person. This is an interesting decision however because the majority of people will end up spending way more than that $35,000, because that $35,000 is just the base price. However, this gives people more room to get all the bells and whistles.Does the Tesla Model 3 really only cost 35k?3. Why can third party software upgrade a Tesla Model 3 LR to become better than the Model 3u2019s performance?Yes it can (if it is the LR dual motor and not the long range RWD.)At least that is the claim and the demonstration from Rich, a YouTuber that has an independent Tesla repair and upgrade shop.His YouTube channel is called Rich Rebuilds.
100-mph Tesla Model 3 Crash Sent Hundreds of Scorching Battery Cells Flying, Started a Fire in a Hou
100-mph Tesla Model 3 Crash Sent Hundreds of Scorching Battery Cells Flying, Started a Fire in a Hou
100-mph Tesla Model 3 crash sent hundreds of scorching battery cells flying, started a fire in a house, and took 3 hours to clean up• A crashed on Tuesday in Corvallis, Oregon, flinging hot battery cells far from the crash site. • Two cells broke through nearby windows - one landed in someone's lap, while the other landed on a bed and caught the sheets on fire, the police said. • The Corvallis Police Department said the driver was going over 100 mph and sustained only minor injuries. Tesla has caught heat in the past for its battery packs bursting into flames, but a crash on Tuesday in Corvallis, Oregon, suggests that the might pose a fire hazard not just to themselves but to the surrounding environment. In an incident spotted by The Drive , a speeding Model 3 hit a power pole, shearing the pole at its base and hurling bits of the car far from the crash site, the Corvallis Police Department said in a statement on Facebook . The Model 3 was obliterated, and its battery pack was destroyed, flinging burning-hot battery cells around the neighborhood.Battery cells broke through two windows of two homes - one landed on a person's lap, while the other landed on a bed and caught the sheets on fire, the police said."A tire was ripped from the car during the collision and struck the second story siding of a nearby apartment complex with such force that it ruptured the water pipes within the wall, destroying the bathroom to the apartment and flooding the downstairs portion of the apartment as well," the police said. The police said the driver was going over 100 mph when he lost control of the vehicle, plowing into the power pole, two trees, and a telephone junction box. The driver fled on foot but was found nearby and transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The police charged him with a DUI, hit and run, criminal mischief, reckless driving, and reckless endangering. The police said authorities tried to collect as many of the battery cells as they could, spending roughly three hours investigating and cleaning up. But on Wednesday the department told residents to be on the lookout for "potentially hazardous batteries" that could stay hot for up to 24 hours and emit toxic fumes and chemicals. Batteries overheating is always a problem when it comes to EVs, and it's more likely to occur when the cells leave their protective pack and cooling system. Studies have found that EVs are no more likely to catch fire than combustion-engine cars and that they might actually be statistically safer That the driver sustained only minor injuries may be a testament to the Model 3's passenger safety, but an EV spewing burning batteries into the environment and through windows may not be a good sign for those outside the car. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.— — — — — —Tesla Model S inverter DC bus voltageThe induction motor has fewer turns of heavier wire than normal .The power of the motor is the same .It is just more amps at less volts .Say if you consider higher DC bus voltages like Porshe the induction motor would have more turns of lower diameter wire.If the Bus DC voltage was really high like thousands then insulation issues would kill the concept . If the DC bus volts was really low like say 48 then the motor wire would be very thick and cable copper losses would be high unless you used very heavy copper.Sure you could use a boost converter like you said but at the power ratings needed it would cost some money and add some weight and waste some power— — — — — —Do you think the Standard Range Tesla Model 3 will be first released with Premium interior, hence a $40k starting price?Itu2019s doubtful. Reservation holders have been waiting for a long time for the base model. When I got my Model 3 back in December, I had a choice of getting the only configuration, waiting until approximately the middle of this year to get AWD (Tesla met the deadline) or waiting until the base version comes out. The latter had an approximate time frame of the end of this year. The base model might not come until January, which wonu2019t be far off the mark compared to what was originally promised, but I canu2019t see a good excuse for not offering it by then.It probably wonu2019t slow down production much at all to start making a batch with a different battery pack that connects the same way. There will need to be some effort to retool for the standard interior, but for the most part it will consist of doing less. The seats wonu2019t be heated or powered, so they will probably bolt in the same way but need no wiring. The sound system will need fewer speakers. The side mirrors wonu2019t need motors for folding, and might use cheaper glass. The lamp housing wonu2019t have fog lamps. All of those should simplify the build process a bit.The only part that will require a change will be the lack of a glass roof. It will require robots to attach a steel roof. Thatu2019s among the easier things to do.Do you think the Standard Range Tesla Model 3 will be first released with Premium interior, hence a $40k starting price?.
Tesla Model S Versus Chevy Volt?
Tesla Model S Versus Chevy Volt?
Tesla Model S Versus Chevy Volt?Tesla, because you can not even buy a Volt yet— — — — — —The 2020 Tesla Model Y Proves How Far Behind The Rest Of The Auto Industry Still IsMy opinion of Tesla in recent years has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride. At first, I admired the company's fast, innovative electric cars; then I grew to hate CEO Elon Musk's constant Twitter shenanigans and nuclear takes on journalists and the media. Then I drove a Model S, a Model X and a Model 3; the last one twice, actually, first a Standard Range, followed by a Performance model. I loved each one of them, mostly for what felt like cutting-edge technology, performance and a general sense of feeling different, the way Apple computers must have felt when they competed against the beige-box Windows PCs of the 1990s. Then, finally, I despised Tesla for inflicting owners with an innumerable amount of post-sales issues, including notoriously poor quality control. I do not know what is worse between a paint job that peels off during the first winter, or door handles that refuse to operate properly during a cool Canadian morning; do not even get me started on the infamous panel gaps. This year, Tesla is back with its most important car possibly ever: the Model Y. It's priced to sell in the ultra-important, ultra-popular, ultra-lucrative midsize crossover segment, smaller and cheaper than a Model X and without those problematic Falcon Doors. Unlike wild experiments like the forthcoming Cybertruck-if that even happens as-is-the Model Y is meant to be a major volume-seller, the car that keeps the bills paid. But it also needs to still be a Tesla, meaning fast, high-tech and a cut above all other EVs, long as you check expectations about quality at the normally-opening door. Yet will the 2020 Tesla Model Y being plagued with build quality issues affect its desirability? Perhaps not. Because here's the cold hard truth about Tesla: whether we like it or not, it's still ahead of the curve. Way ahead. And the more I drive Tesla's cars, the sadder I feel about the rest of the auto industry. • Powertrain: Dual electric motor setup mounted on each axle, one permanent-magnet synchronous, one AC induction / 75 kWh battery • Quick Take: Still the most technological EV on sale, the most range in its class, the strangest EV on the market. Build quality remains an issue. The Model Y may share a platform and a lot of related parts with the Model 3, but it's poised to strike hard in a segment that will start boiling anytime between now and next year. As I write this, the Model Y's only rivals are the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron. But come this fall, the Ford Mustang Mach-E could give the Y a run for its money. Nissan then plans on deploying the promising Ariya later in 2021, and finally, Cadillac will join the party with the Lyriq sometime in 2023. But why are not any of these models on the market yet? I am asking the same question, which I will get back to in a bit. To take them all on, the Model Y (across all its trim levels) is powered by a 75-kWh battery pack powering two axle-mounted electric motors. The rear one, which is the car's main source of propulsion, is Tesla's own Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance type, a fancy term to describe permanent magnets that are located within the rotor itself. These are, basically, more efficient than most electric motors currently on the market. The front motor is a more conventional induction-type layout-similar to what you get in a Chevrolet Bolt EV-providing high levels of torque at low speeds, but also more energy-hungry. This is why the Model Y is first and foremost rear-wheel-drive. The front motor kicks in only when you really need it. Total power output from this Dual Motor setup is rated at 286 kilowatts, or the equivalent of 384 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque. Tesla claims the entry-level Long-Range model (the one I tested) will hit zero to 60 mph in just under five seconds and that it will drive up to 310 miles on a single charge. Such specifications pulverize both the Jaguar I-Pace (234 miles) and Audi e-tron (204 miles). Only the upcoming Mach-E with the extended range package has a chance to compete against this Tesla. Perhaps more impressive is the Model Y's 3,500-pound towing rating, which is a first in this category of vehicles. However, you do need to tick off a $1,000 Tow Hitch option to get it. Pricing for a 2020 Tesla Model Y kicks off at $49,990 USD (or $69,990 in Canada) before applicable rebates, and will climb all the way to $59,990 USD for a much faster Performance model. Up here in Québec, where state-subsidized incentives are strong and EVs sell well, the Model Y is sadly not eligible for anything due to its high price tag. And while the Model Y is technically a five-seater, you can add a third row for a seven-seat interior. However, because the option costs $3,000, and that the seats themselves are tiny and eat up a fair amount of cargo space, I do not recommend getting it. Except for what I just mentioned above, there are not many available options for a Model Y. Your choice of interior colors is limited to black or white. Tesla does include the standard Autopilot automated driving assistance technology, with the Full Self-Driving Capability feature remaining an $8,000 option. My tester did not have that one ticked off, which meant it had driver assist technology and not actual, fully autonomous driving. A reminder: no car has that. The FSD option includes some features supposedly coming down the road. It's your call if you have faith in that or not. That the Model Y's large center console is made out of cheap Dollarama-grade plastic is another huge letdown. Cabin noise was also very apparent during my drive, where squeaks and rattles kept disturbing the otherwise peaceful experience-it's all especially more noticeable with no engine to drown it out. The Model Y's interior feels downright cheaply made, especially when you compare it to what the Germans or even the South-Koreans manufacture in this price bracket. Once strapped in, the now expected one-screen-controls-all setup stares at you robotically like HAL in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In its defense, it's a remarkably easy interface to comprehend. Granted, there is a learning curve, but the information is not cluttered like other systems, so it does not take too much time to figure out where everything is. The rear seats are spacious, too, and offer ample head clearance for a big guy like me, but the seatbacks themselves are hard. You also sit upright back there. It is however possible to recline the seats, but they are just never as comfortable as the ones upfront. The Model Y's glass roof-which does not open-gives way to a well-lit, airy cabin. When I say that Tesla is ahead of the competition, I do not mean that it's the first to market a 300-mile electric compact crossover. Or because it pioneered over-the-air software updates, an in-house fast-charging network or its own sales model that other car brands are just beginning to copy. No, Tesla is ahead of the curve due to the way it drives and how utterly efficient its drivetrains are compared to other EVs out there. Releasing that pedal also unleashes Tesla's excellent regenerative braking technology. While competing brands offer the possibility to modulate the recuperation system's resistance, Tesla proves once more that two well-preconfigured settings suffice. About the Tesla Supercharger network: I did not really need to use it given the amount of range the Model Y has at its disposal. But it is handy if your area is not fitted with an established public charging grid. Where I live, there's a public charger on every street corner, so Superchargers are kind of irrelevant. But it will allow you to grab 158 miles of range within only 15 minutes, so there's that. That said, not having to rely on a charger was another realization that hit me hard as I blasted this compact crossover into highway onramps at speeds that would make a Porsche Macan Turbo blush: range anxiety is officially a thing of the past, folks. Battery technology is evolving so rapidly that we will soon get way more range than we actually need from an overnight charge. It's a reality, that's a lot closer than we think. Anyway, back to the driving experience. The Model Y, even in its most basic form, is fast, smooth and efficient. But that's all expected from a Tesla. What I was not ready for was how well it handles. Modern electric cars, generally speaking, all handle well due to the heavy battery pack that's located down beneath their floor. This allows for an ultra-low center of gravity and near-perfect weight distribution. But up until now, the driving dynamics of most EVs, except perhaps the Jaguar I-Pace-an EV I once drove on a track like a bat out of hell-or the Porsche Taycan all feel a bit stale. The Model Y has a playful, tail-happy feel when it's pushed hard to its limits. The Dual Motor setup somehow always prioritizes the rear motor, even though its original purpose was to be efficient and not performance-enhancing. Yet, it's still willing to party. What I mean is that there's actual rotation happening back there, which allows the Model Y to wag its tail if you really commit upon corner exit. Yet, it's all very easy to correct. The steering is as precise as a Playstation controller, the levels of grip are immense, and the front wheels instantly kick in to provide the required amount of grip. It all happens so effortlessly that even an inexperienced driver will find the confidence necessary to throw this thing hard into a corner without fear of understeering into a ditch. But the truth of the matter is that nobody, and I mean nobody, currently sells something that directly competes against a Model Y. And that's a little worrying for the rest of the auto industry. The phrase "Tesla-killer" or "Tesla-fighter" has been common in headlines about legacy automakers and startups alike; still, no one has come at this king yet. Perhaps Ford has a chance with the Mach-E. At least, on paper, it seems like a viable contender. But could it be too little too late? I mean, Tesla sold over 160,000 Model 3s in the US alone last year. Can this oddball Mustang be any sort of a volume-seller the way the Model Y is destined to be? I find that unlikely. But if anything, it's only the start of things to come. When Nissan unveiled the Ariya electric crossover last month, I remember saying "finally, something innovative from Nissan." for the first time in years, but then I was highly disappointed by its release date of late 2021 on our market. And do not get me started on the Cadillac Lyriq. After months of shoving down our throats that its "innovative" Ultium battery would be the Android answer to Tesla's Apple, GM unveiled an odd-looking concept car with unofficial range numbers and no actual specifications. Three years, GM. Really? You see, what the entire auto industry needs to understand with its EV promises and shady concept cars is that Tesla is here now. Tesla is selling. And Tesla is ahead. And the more it waits before releasing its products, the harder it will be for them to take on what was not long ago just a little California startup. Correction: This story has been updated to reflect accurate pricing in both the U.S. and Canada.
Inventory of Three Highlights of Tesla Battery Day
Although the information release of Tesla battery day did not meet expectations, there were still some highlights. Tesla released a new "4680" battery, which uses electrodeless ear battery to simplify the manufacturing process, reduce resistance and improve stability; Silicon is used as anode material, and the cost is reduced by 5%; The use of positive electrode to eliminate cobalt reduces the cost by 12%; Range increased by 16% and power output increased by six times; Battery vehicle integration, cost reduction of 7%. However, the breakthrough of battery cathode material technology and ultra long life battery have not been realized.However, from the perspective of trend, the self-produced battery of vehicle enterprises is also a trend. The gradual stability of battery technology has promoted the cost reduction and industrialization of domestic battery production. In the future, with the emergence of low-cost electric vehicles, the concept of mobile space will promote the popularization of cars. China's auto output of 50 million is not a dream, but can be realized.1. Highlight 1: cylinder square contrastAt the "battery day" activity, musk released a new vehicle battery product - 4680 cell. Compared with the old product, the single energy of this battery increased by 5 times, the output power increased by 6 times, and the endurance increased by 16%.Cylindrical battery has high production efficiency, strong standardization, great advantages in consistency and low cost. Because of the superposition manufacturing method, the soft pack battery has a thinner volume and the highest energy density, which is also in line with the development trend of China's new energy vehicle market.This time, Tesla continues the direction of cylindrical battery, raising the diameter of the cylinder from 21 mm to 46 mm to form a more powerful cylindrical battery. Tesla does not follow the current market mainstream square or soft pack battery design mode.Electrodeless ear battery technology. Large cell is the trend, because the cost can be reduced, but as the large cell becomes larger and larger, heat generation will be a problem. By removing the pole ear through laser technology, the electron circulation distance is shorter, the energy density is higher, and there is no overheating phenomenon.Cylindrical, square, soft package and blade are innovative choices of battery shape, including 18650, 21700, blade, 590 module, VDA square, etc. this innovation follows the design idea of "large cell". With the application of electrodeless battery technology, it also lays the foundation for the competition between cylindrical and square batteries in the future.2. Highlight 2: cost reduction - duel with fuel vehiclesAs a luxury car concept, Tesla's cost pressure is not great, but its efforts to reduce costs are strong. It is of great significance to reduce costs and reduce cell costs through science and technology. In terms of positive and negative electrode production, Tesla has formed a high-strength molecular network by integrating ion conducting polymer compounds to produce more stable negative electrode materials; in terms of positive electrode materials, Tesla is particularly strong Tesla reduced the cost by 15% by reducing the content of cobalt and increasing the utilization rate of nickel. In terms of battery vehicle integration, Tesla adopted the design of de module, which reduced the mass of the battery pack by 10%, increased the overall endurance by 14%, and reduced the excess 370 vehicle and battery components. Through the above R & D achievements, Tesla will be able to reduce the battery cost by 56% The fact that Tesla is located in a luxury car is also the final price choice for cost pressure and profit requirements. It can not compete with mainstream fuel vehicles in the short term. The cost reduction in the next few years will be the basis for the electrification of electric vehicles, and the disadvantage will be gradually eliminated. When Tesla adjusts the price concept from luxury cars to mainstream products, its market airborne will be extremely huge. This also puts great pressure on traditional car enterprises The layout of Tesla's battery plants in Europe is also a great challenge to European car enterprises. Whether they can develop independently is a huge issue for European car enterprises. It is estimated that they are anxious.3. Highlight 3: scale improvement - stronger base iteration capabilityTesla aims to produce 100GWh batteries by 2022, including energy storage. It aims to produce 3000gwh batteries in Berlin by 2030. In the future, the company needs 10twh batteries, 1500gwh for small cars / robotaxi, 3500gwh for compact and mid-range cars, 900gwh for luxury cars and SUVs, 1100gwh for pickups and 3000gwh for trucks. China's current battery demand for new energy vehicles is 60g, and the next two years will be two years It is estimated that 100g is the battery combination demand of nearly 2 million new energy vehicles. The goal of 100g is extremely huge. Tesla's goal is to consider larger-scale development in all its designs. The future cylindrical battery is characterized by super large-scale and ultra-low cost, and square battery is incomparable. Therefore, large-scale core or basic design. Do not pursue In the future, Tesla will launch an entry-level pure electric vehicle with a price of only US $25000 (about 170000 yuan), which is US $13000 (90000 yuan) lower than the subsidized price of the current Tesla entry-level model 3 standard endurance upgrade About. This also makes Tesla's products gradually compete with Passat and Camry's price level products from BMW 3 series. This market pattern will further change.4. Enlightenment 1 - self produced battery of car enterprises is the trendThe engine and power battery are the power core of the vehicle, and the power assembly is the core technical resources that vehicle enterprises must have in the competition in the future. From the perspective of the development stage of the vehicle market, the current layout of mainstream vehicle enterprises is in the primary stage similar to the layout of China's heavy truck market group, and some second-line heavy truck enterprises adopt a similar cooperative layout and multi-track supply to ensure the battery demand.At present, the market scale of new energy passenger vehicles is only 1 million. In addition, there are many participating manufacturers, the number and scale of single vehicle types are relatively small, and the demand for batteries is also small. Moreover, the vehicle enterprises have not fully grasped the battery technology, understood and mastered it, so the current supporting model should be a last resort. This is similar to many small heavy truck enterprises, looking for supporting resources everywhere , cooperation with independent engine enterprises forms the characteristics of alliance.Great wall and BYD's self-produced batteries already have a large scale. The independent and controllable power system is extremely important to the automobile enterprise group. At present, truck enterprises without self-produced engines are difficult to become bigger and stronger. Because engines account for about 20% of the overall cost of automobiles, while batteries currently account for about 30% of passenger cars. At present, the power transformation achievements of the three independent private enterprises are prominent, and BYD's self-reliance is very strong The main battery system is extremely powerful, and the honeycomb power established by the great wall and Geely's new energy battery research have also invested huge resources. At present, it has also achieved initial results.Tesla has begun to extract lithium ore from ore, and its comprehensive cost and resource support capacity have been further strengthened. Our automobile group should also strive for an all-round layout.At present, the development of new energy industry chain is similar to the industrial layout of automobile in the initial stage. In the future, it is bound to gradually form a normal pattern of leading industry chain of vehicle enterprises. The supporting system of self-produced lithium batteries of automobile enterprise groups will still accelerate.5. Enlightenment 2 - popularization of low-cost vehiclesTesla's $25000 electric vehicle plan also poses new challenges to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers. According to the data of the passenger car market information joint meeting, Tesla's wholesale sales in August were about 11800, ranking first, and the sales volume has exceeded the 10000 mark for several consecutive months. At present, the products of our new power car manufacturers are still expensive, which needs to be accelerated by traditional car manufacturers in the future The transformation of new energy and the industrial promotion of substantial cost reduction can realize that Chinese cars go to the world and make Chinese new energy cars have world advantages.Our car sales are less than 30 million units. At present, many people think it is very high, but the current car market downturn is mainly that entry-level consumers can't afford and use cars. In the future, with the emergence of low-cost electric vehicles, the concept of mobile space will promote the popularization of cars. China's car production of 50 million is not a dream, but can be realized.6. Enlightenment 3 - strengthening the construction of charging energy system
Profit Before Safety? Walmart Sues Tesla, Claims Solar Panels Caused Fires at Several Stores
In a lawsuit filed in the New York State Supreme Court, Walmart said that it faced massive losses after the solar panels supplied by Tesla allegedly caught fire at the stores last year. Much of the merchandise was burnt or damaged, the facilities required substantial repairs, and damages totalled millions of dollars, according to Reuters citing the court papers.The suit claims that Tesla failed to hire qualified workers to install the equipment, and its own inadequate inspections could have threatened the safety of Walmart customers and employees."This is a breach of contract action arising from years of gross negligence and a failure to live up to industry standards by Tesla," Walmart said in court filings. It seeks not only compensation for the damages, but also asks the court to force Tesla to remove solar panels from more than 240 of its stores across the US.Walmart uses solar panels made by SolarCity, which was purchased by Tesla in 2016 for $2.6 billion and has been offering energy services through the parent company since then. The energy company, and now Tesla, was required to install, safely maintain and operate the panel systems.In the lawsuit the retailer, which is one of the major clients of SolarCity, accused the company of "an ill-considered business model" as it "haphazardly" installed the panels as quickly as possible for making profit.Tesla's stock dropped around 1.6 percent in after-hours trading as news of the lawsuit emerged.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT's business section
Foreign Media: Tesla Research Team Is About to Develop a New Generation of Batteries with Revolution
According to foreign media reports, Tesla Canada battery research team led by Jeff Dahn is about to develop a new generation of batteries with revolutionary battery density. In a paper, the team proposed how to use electrolyte solution to solve the failure problem of non anode battery.The paper is entitled "diagnosing and correcting the failure of anodised batteries through electrolyte and morphology analysis". The battery team said that compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, some anodised batteries can store more energy per unit volume, which is very important to improve the mileage of electric vehicles. In addition, anodal batteries are lighter than traditional batteries.However, with the increase of energy storage capacity, anodal battery also has disadvantages. One of them is the fast loss of battery capacity and short cycle life. In addition, the anode free battery also has safety problems, and its internal lithium metal will also have safety risks.However, Dahn and his team proposed that when using double salt carbonate electrolyte solution, the problem of battery degradation can be alleviated and the service life of anode free battery can be prolonged.The team said: "Recently, we used double salt carbonate electrolyte to realize long-life anode free battery. We used this liquid electrolyte to characterize the degradation of anode free battery. Scanning electron microscope and X-ray tomography were used to observe the deterioration of original lithium morphology, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and ultrasonic transmission were used to diagnose the causes of electrolyte degradation and depletion. In order to test the safety of lithium We also measured the temperature of the battery in the acupuncture test. "When Dahn's team used double salt carbonate electrolyte solution in the battery, an inactive lithium mixture appeared, which can form a large lithium column in the battery and create an ideal lithium form inside the battery, thus solving the problem of short battery life.Previously, Tesla also applied for a patent for an electrolyte solution, which can prolong the service life of the battery when added to the lithium-ion battery.The optimized electrolyte successfully extended the service life of the anode free battery to 200 charge discharge cycles. Previously, Stanford University conducted an experiment on the anode free battery in June and found that the capacity of the battery decreased to 80% after 100 times of operation.
In 2018, Tesla Will Truly Become a Car Enterprise and Define an Internet Company for Traditional Car
If you stand on the mountain of smart cars and look back, it should not be too much to call 2018 "the year of model 3".At 19:45 us time on July 28, 2017, Tesla's cheapest model 3 was officially delivered. As a result, the world's coolest car company began to "vulgar" rush to the consumer market, and even run around solemnly for new car sales and user share. For this reason, model 3 carries not only the title of "the world's coolest car enterprise", but also to greatly shorten the distance between ordinary consumers and intelligent travel.In short, the industry's expectation for model 3 lies in whether it can "win the first World War" like iPhone 4 in the mobile Internet era, and completely subvert consumers' cognition of "intelligence". Surprisingly, this pure electric model from $35000 educated Tesla and traditional carmakers at the same time in 2018.Let Tesla truly become a car enterpriseLet's start with Tesla itself. At the beginning of launching its first product, this Silicon Valley Enterprise received the strategic investment support of Toyota and Daimler. The subsequent completion of the listing of US stocks has become a de facto "unicorn"... Refreshing the record of the capital market all the way. It can be said that until model 3 officially entered the mass market, Tesla hardly really touched the slightest bit of malice in the world.Tesla, which had been going up at a high speed, suddenly fell into a "cliff" in the second half of 2017. Since only 260 model 3 were produced in the third quarter, Tesla has started a complete set of "life-threatening" operations: pulling suppliers to carry the pot, continuously reducing mass production expectations, substantial layoffs, gritting their teeth and making oral commitments to the industry... Finally, Tesla successfully ushered in the company's most serious quarterly loss.The "ticket skipping" that was laughed off by the industry in the past has now turned Tesla into a big liar in the eyes of investors. The failure of the model 3 climbing plan has led to an unprecedented crisis for the whole company. Even investment banks and capital markets face this "spoiled" unicorn. In March 2018, Moody's, a credit rating company, downgraded Tesla's credit rating from B2 to B3 and said it would continue to downgrade the probability. A month later, Goldman Sachs directly advised customers to sell Tesla shares in its report.There is no doubt that Tesla has topped the popular list of "short objects" due to the swing production capacity of model 3. The company's delay in achieving the expected production situation forced the company's CEO musk to personally go to the front line, sleep in the Fremont factory in California, face to face supervise the production process of model 3, and began to improve the work according to the case. The CEO confirmed on twitter on April 3, 2018 that he had taken over the production department of model 3.As for the direct cause of this unprecedented disaster, musk believes that it is mainly due to the lack of battery capacity and the production line has not been fully automated. Based on this, Tesla adjusted the battery production line of gigafactory, spent a lot of money to introduce a large number of robots and production equipment from Europe, and greatly improved the battery manufacturing speed.At the end of vehicle manufacturing, musk also admitted his mistake: "overemphasizing automation is another fatal injury that hinders the production increase of model 3." it is reported that Max Warburton and Toni sacconaghi, analysts of Bernstein research company, believe that Tesla has ordered too many KUKA robotics industrial robots, which will not only press, paint The welding process is automated and attempts to hand over the final assembly work (i.e. placing parts in the vehicle) to the robot.The blind pursuit of efficiency makes the production of model 3 encounter difficulties in welding, final assembly and automatic assembly of battery pack. At this stage, the assembly of this model needs more or less manual assistance to complete smoothly. Tesla simply suspended the operation of the vehicle production line twice, steadily increased the productivity of model 3 automation to 95%, reduced the computer control process as much as possible, and semi forcibly "encouraged" front-line employees to work overtime for 6 * 12 hours.Day and night, coupled with the temporary establishment of equipment parallel production lines in tents, the production capacity of model 3 improved significantly, and successfully passed the "weekly test" in the last week of June 2018. In the whole process of Tesla climbing out of the "capacity hell", we can intuitively see that throughout 2018, the capacity of model increased exponentially in three weeks, and its level is increasingly close to the small goals previously set by the company.Although in order to preserve Musk's "face and lining", the chart data mostly selects the highest production capacity of the month. Fortunately, the production capacity of model 3 also successfully exceeded 1000 units / day on November 30, that is, 7000 vehicles per week. On the whole, the company's total production capacity in the third quarter of 2018 included about 533900 model 3 models, an increase of 187% compared with 2857800 in the previous quarter (Tesla had not released the fourth quarter data as of press time).Directly reflected at the consumer level is the multiplied delivery data of the product. With this confidence, musk recently generously promised that the company could theoretically deliver all model 3 orders by the end of the year. Even if some customers failed to receive their car as promised, Tesla would make up for their losses at its own expense.Of course, Musk's efforts to preserve model 3 are not only to regain consumer confidence, but also out of the instinct of businessmen. You know, the gross profit and capacity improvement of this model directly increased Tesla's revenue level in the third quarter of this year, making the car company that has lost money for 12 consecutive quarters taste the sweetness of making money again.In three months, the gross profit margin of model 3 soared from 5% to 20%. Meanwhile, Tesla delivered a total of 8377500 electric vehicles to users in the quarter, bringing more than $6 billion in auto revenue. "In terms of sales volume, model 3 ranks fifth in the new car sales list in the United States; in terms of revenue, it ranks first in the United States."Obviously, Tesla pays more attention to production efficiency than the outside world has always focused on the capacity targets repeatedly proposed by the company. This "diversion" approach almost changed the rules of the game in the capital market: analysts habitually believe that Tesla is trying to increase production through capital expenditure, so it continues to maintain a state of loss. But the fact is that Tesla's cash in its pocket increased by another $731 million to $2.9 billion in the third quarter, and plans to repay part of its debt.Although they were slapped in the face by the third quarter financial report data, the investment institutions that had been short Tesla still turned to long.Therefore, with the successful "delivery" of model 3, musk redefined the "automobile production mode" and successfully fulfilled the promise of making profits and turning cash flow into positive in the second half of the year. It is such a new model that Tesla, the "intruder", saw and touched the ultra-high threshold of automobile manufacturing, and even let Silicon Valley iron man bow his head and sigh: "it's really not easy to become a large automobile manufacturer."Defining Internet companies for traditional car factoriesIn principle, the job of model 3 has been completed. But if this alone turns 2018 into a highlight moment, it seems somewhat narrow.In addition to the epoch-making properties of the product, the most perfect analogy between model 3 and smartphone is that the hardware configuration of electric vehicle can only be used as the skeleton of the whole vehicle, and the infinitely updated software system undertakes the unpredictable shape of the vehicle. For the reason that iPhone highly depends on app upgrade, perhaps the urgency of replacing the car one day will be because the vehicle hardware can no longer support the needs of system Ota.This is tantamount to accelerating the traditional automobile production mode in disguise. Since an OTA upgrade in October 2015, Tesla has completely removed the seal of smart cars with its "in the air" push autopilot capability. What's more terrible is that this technology enterprise that closely fits OTA with vehicles can even remotely upgrade the mechanical performance of vehicles and forcibly shorten the braking distance of model 3 by 6 meters. Model 3 really smashed the pride of traditional cars, just as iPhone 4 changed people's cognition of mobile phones.History is always surprisingly similar. 10 years ago, the iPhone has become synonymous with the mobile phone from a toy initially ridiculed by many mobile phone giants. 10 years later, we still don't know whether the word "old driver" will be redefined by Tesla. At least from a product point of view, even the design of model 3 draws on the minimalist style of iPhone. Insiders said that model 3 is the product closest to Tesla's mature car building concept. The car minimizes unnecessary design elements in appearance and integrates the user experience advantages of existing intelligent products.Referring to the impact of model s on BBA's position in the traditional luxury car market, this compact car also beats the backbone of the corresponding luxury brand at the other end, directly targeting super typical products such as BMW 3 series, Mercedes Benz C-class and Audi A4.According to public data, in July 2018, the sales volume of single model 3 has exceeded the sum of the sales volume of small and medium-sized cars of any single luxury brand in the U.S. market. The number of model 3 sold in August this year (17800 vehicles) is almost equal to the sum of the sales of six large and medium-sized luxury cars in the United States that month: BMW 3 Series (3751 vehicles), Mercedes Benz C-class (4071 vehicles), Audi A4 (3768 vehicles), Infiniti Q50 (2551 vehicles), Lexus is (2231 vehicles) and Acura TLX (1971 vehicles).While model 3 has become the absolute overlord of the market segment, Tesla's market value also tends to catch up with and surpass the century old giant. As early as April 2017, when Tesla's sales volume was only one tenth of that of the U.S. auto giant, the company's market value successfully surpassed all its local competitors - when generations of "iPhone killers" lined up to die, the iPhone was still alive and growing like a child.In other words, blindly comparing model 3 with iPhone 4 is not as scientific as it sounds. After all, the technical difficulty is far from an order of magnitude, and cars are unlikely to achieve rapid hardware iteration in the short term like mobile phones. But the real horror of Tesla is that this Silicon Valley technology enterprise has a strong brand power similar to "iPod for MP3, iPhone for Smartphone" in just a few years.This is also an absolute competitive barrier created by Tesla for its products in addition to the most conventional performance and price. Taking the high-end market that ordinary people can't reach as the incision, relying on the top-down playing method, combined with the selling points of hard core technology, including the phenomenal press conference and Musk's Twitter, all of them are trying to "brainwash" consumers: Tesla is a high-end brand, and users buy Tesla, far more than an electric car.This mode of operation is hard but also flattering. By the way, it "biases" the development path of traditional luxury brands - to some extent, other luxury brands need to adjust their product planning according to Tesla's design, tonality and pricing strategy. Even when releasing new electric vehicles, they have to rub the popularity of this Internet company: "benchmarking model 3".
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