Tesla Provided Free Charging Service for Hubei, Which Ended on the 31st

[CNMO news] on March 27, Tesla released a microblog saying that with the improvement of the domestic epidemic, Tesla is expected to end the free super charging service at 24:00 on March 31. Subsequently, Tesla also announced that it would continue to provide super charging services for free in Hubei, so that car owners in the region can supplement energy to their cars in time.


Let's review Tesla's contribution during the epidemic. As of 12:00 noon on March 26, a total of 26954 car owners (excluding those who originally enjoyed free overcharge) had charged 147441 times, equivalent to about 26 million kilometers. In addition, Tesla has donated 5 million yuan to fight the epidemic on February 4. In the follow-up, Tesla will continue to pay close attention to and support the anti epidemic work, and is always ready to do its bit.

Tesla announced that it will continue to provide free overcharge for users in Hubei

Tesla's move is very moving. At present, Hubei affects people in real time. With the silent help of everyone, the situation in Hubei is getting better and better. However, the action of helping is still not over. The flowers bloom in spring and the victory is in sight. Tesla has always walked hand in hand.

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