The Stock Market Has Been Falling at the Same Rate Since Oct 2008, How Did Obama's Presidency Go Bac

The stock market has been falling at the same rate since Oct 2008, how did Obama's Presidency go back in time?

The Stock Market Has Been Falling at the Same Rate Since Oct 2008, How Did Obama's Presidency Go Bac 1

well, the democrats loved blaming the 01 recession on Bush, even though it was triggered by the dot com collapse under Clinton 6 months before Bush. The fact is, government can do little to make the economy good, but can do MUCH to screw it up. The American people will fix the economy, not the president.

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Why did the war on drugs hurt black people the most if blacks and whites do drugs at around the same rate?

Because although black people and white people do drugs at the same rate - actually whites slightly more I do believe - black people are more likely to be stopped, searched, and charged than white people. And of course once you are in the system it is harder to get a job and you are more likely to turn to crime - selling drugs

The Stock Market Has Been Falling at the Same Rate Since Oct 2008, How Did Obama's Presidency Go Bac 2

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so TNA gets about the same ratings as WWE's B show SMackdown?

No TNA is lucky to get around a 1.3 while smackdown on average does a 1.7 which is a far bigger difference in viewers than it seems. Secondly Smackdown is in the far more difficult timeslot

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In the beginning of 2074 vs the population of a city was 500000 it was 665500 at the end of 2076 Bs. what will be the population of the city at the end of 2078 BS at the same rate of growth of population?

I am not sure what your "vs", "Bs" and "BS" refer to but this is looking like one of those mini-quizzes which pop up on one's Facebook feed to generate ads. Are you testing us to see if we can work it out? Do you not have access to a calculator? Please do not waste my time and that of other Quora persons asking questions which you can answer yourself using a hand calculator

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What causes yearly inflation in the US, and why canu2019t wages increase at the same rate?

It's a hot bed of competing interests and goes to the more powerful players in the market. Compared to a wealthy owner he's going to sway the powersthat be to holdback on wage rises. And if you resign, another posting might be hard. Whereas he may easily employ another person on the same low wage. Dog eat dog world

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"If humans killed each other at the same rate that we kill animals, we'd be extinct in 17 daysu201d, do you agree with this statement?

We kill enough animals by factory farming plants that we would be dead in minutes if we were to kill humans at the same rate...Probably in a single lightly agricultural county.The devastation to animal life in the production of plants is staggering. Most people do not even think about it. In the meantime people focus on large animals that feed many people with a single life.We humans tend to over complicate things to avoid the truth

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can someone tell me any really random fact off the top of their head?

Sure- did you know that cats purr at the same rate as an idling diesel engine?

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do body , mind & soul age together by the same rate ???

No they do not... Which is often the reason for stress and mental or emotional illness. To have everything become balanced and copacetic should be the goal of a human being. Most people skip that or never learn a need for it it to begin with and retain the age of each, all through their lives and are therefore always imbalanced in one way or another. Moving through life at improper intervals... Soul most certainly does age... Just not to the understanding of the human process of aging. Hence the term "An old soul." There is intelligence in each field of understanding both individually and all together.

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How come two weights held together fall at the same rate as one weight?

because all objects fall at the same rate of 9.8 meters per second.. that is the same for all objects 9except for fethers, paper, etc.) so if you drop a marble and a bowling ball from the same height, they will hit the grounf at the same time. Its' science!.

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