Tongmao Electronics Launches a New Voice Coil Motor Module

Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a R & D manufacturer committed to providing linear and swing motion solutions. Its main finished products are linear motor, voice coil motor and linear motor module and voice coil motor module based on linear motor and voice coil motor derivatives.

Among them, the voice coil motor module firmly occupies the "C" position among all products, with strong market performance and high praise from new and old customers.

Tongmao voice coil motor module generally moves the mover and the stator does not move. When the primary current is connected, the traveling wave magnetic field is generated in the air gap between the primary stages, and the driving force is generated under the action of the traveling wave magnetic field and the secondary permanent magnet, and then the mover begins to move in a straight line along the stator.

The new voice coil motor module is different from the standard voice coil motor module. When the current is applied, the mover of the voice coil motor module does not move, and the stator moves in a straight line along the mover. The module is very suitable for products with load sensitive to temperature.

Now, let's unveil the true features of this new voice coil motor module:

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