Top Five Clubs in the History of Football (soccer)?

1. Tottenham Hotspurs 2. Tottenham Hotspurs 3. Tottenham Hotspurs 4. Tottenham Hotspurs 5. Tottenham Hotspurs

1. What is your favorite football (soccer) position?

Left midfield: imma lefty and I like to score but only when I have a shot. I like making awsome passes more

2. How can i further deveop my football (soccer) skills?

you practise hard and watch alot of matches(games)

3. How to play forward in Football(soccer)?

Every position in soccer is the exact same. You have to be able to pass, shoot, dribble, and defend in all positions on the pitch. Some positions have more emphasis on certain categories than others. IMO, you should play defense. It's where your team needs you, and your coach may see something you do not . From the time I was 4 till I was about 15 I played a winger or dropping forward for my teams. At 15 I got a new coach and he suggested I play defense... I ended up being way better at defense than I ever was in an attacking position... and I was pretty good playing winger and forward. Try playing defense for a bit and seeing what happens. If anything playing defense will help you play forward because you will learn what a defender does to stop a forward and be able to counter what they do better. After you've played defense for a while go to your coach and ask if you might be able to play forward every now and then and point out that you really enjoy playing in an attacking position and would really appreciate the chance to play up there again every now and then. Also point out that you will play anywhere to help the team, but you would like to give an attacking position a try.

4. How can I get really good in football ( soccer )?

your best option join your local team and go to a field or grassed area and practise

5. Football/soccer fans: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ignore skater dude, Neymar has to be one of the most overrated players ever, he has not proven anything, I can name 20 players off the top of my head that are way better than him. Now to answer your question, I think Ronaldo is better, he's done it in Manchester and now at Madrid, Plus Messi is a striker with the greatest spanish players ever as his teammates, of course he's gonna score a lot of goals. But Ronaldo is a winger, yet he keeps scoring from 40 yards, free-kicks,penalties,headers even back-heels( like he showed this season).

6. What are the best football(soccer) boots to use if you're maily : Agile , Quick , Fast , Mid-attack?

I think anything from Adidas

7. How many professional football(soccer) clubs does London have?

London Soccer Teams

8. Who are your favorite football (soccer) players..? Mine areThierry Henry, Christano Ronaldo, & Ronaldinho ! =D

Rafa Marquez, Roberto Carlos, Henry, Ronaldinho, Messi, Gerrard and Kahn

9. Is football/soccer not a popular sport in the good old US of A?

We find it foreign and effete

10. What are some good things to eat before a football (soccer) match?

Spice girls seem to work well for Becks Liquiourice is a good energy source as it releases as you need it

11. On which channel and with what TV network can I watch premier league football? ( soccer)?

NBC Sports a cable channel usually HD Carries EPL matches. Today I watched Tottenham vs Swansea in a 1-0 win for the Spurs. NBC sucks big time compared to Fox. Fox would have had both matches but NBC only played one as it showed Formula 1 racing instead.

12. My coach has selected me for A team traning though I play in the B team in football (Soccer)?

Confused? Why? Your coach wants you to practice with the better squad. It's not because he's going to then cut you from the program. It's because he sees something in you. If you prove yourself, then you can get on the A team. If you can not impress, then you are back down to the B team. If you just continue to practice with them but not play in games with them, then he needs more bodies at practice and you are good enough to hang with them.

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