Vehicle Speaker Material

Vehicle speaker material               Speaker material refers to the manufacturing material of vehicle speaker sound basin. At present, the materials of the loudspeaker are distinguished by the tweeter unit and the woofer unit.

If the tweeter unit is mainly used for digital sound source, it is mainly made of soft ball top such as silk film with good quality and PV film with low cost. When it is combined with digital sound source, it can reduce the stiffness of high-frequency signal and give people a gentle, smooth and delicate feeling; If the tweeter is mainly used for analog sound source, the material is mainly titanium film ball top.

The bass unit determines the sound characteristics of the vehicle speaker, which is relatively important for selection. The most common are as follows:

The paper basin also includes adhesive paper basin, paper-based wool basin and tight pressing basin. The paper basin has the advantages of natural sound color, low cost, good rigidity, light material and high sensitivity. The disadvantages are poor moisture resistance and difficult to control the consistency during manufacturing. Bulletproof cloth, with wide frequency response and low distortion, is the first choice for those who love strong bass. Its disadvantages are high cost, complex production process, low sensitivity and light music effect. The wool woven basin has a soft texture. It performs very well for soft music and light music, but the bass effect is poor and lacks strength and shock. Polypropylene basin has the characteristics of good consistency and low distortion. At present, it is widely used in high-grade vehicle speakers.     In addition, some high-grade car speakers also use new materials such as PPTA diaphragm and polyetherimide medium range sound basin. The performance of PPTA diaphragm is similar to that of metal material, but there is no sharp harsh sound often seen in metal material, so that the horn can have fine and vivid sound characteristics. Polyetherimine medium range basin (PEI) is a mixture of ether and polyimide. It is used as medium range and high range basin material and has superior physical properties. Pei can make clear sound and has high rigidity, durability, high heat resistance, chemical resistance and wind and rain resistance.

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