What Are the Brands of 5g Mobile Phones

What are the brands of 5g mobile phones

1. Huawei

The first Huawei Matex is Huawei. Huawei Matex is the first folding screen model in domestic mobile phones, and it is also a mobile phone equipped with 5g network. Its multi-mode 5g chip is the first 7-nm process multi-mode 5g chip Baron 5000 mobile phone. Huawei Matex has an 8-inch screen after deployment, which is a veritable tablet. Huawei Matex is currently the most expensive domestic folding screen mobile phone, with a price of tens of thousands. It's not a local tyrant. I really dare not want it.

2. Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S105G version will be equipped with a 6.7-inch screen, a 3ddepth camera, a built-in 4500mAh battery, and the camera module will use the Samsung S10 module. The front dual camera will make the appearance unique. It is understood that Samsung is gradually establishing an ecosystem of 5g services. It has actively cooperated with telecom operators and worked together to provide more perfect 5g solutions. Moreover, from the press conference, the American operator theverizon has established in-depth cooperation with Samsung, and the Verizon users will become the first users to experience the Samsung Galaxy S105G version.

3. Millet

Millet mix35g version. At the MWC conference held in Europe, the Xiaomi mix35g version appeared. In terms of appearance, the 5g version is basically the same as the ordinary version of Xiaomi mix3, except for the 5g logo on the back cover. The sliding body has stronger performance. It is equipped with Xiaolong 855 processor and built-in 3800mah. It is one of the only 5g mobile phones at present.

4. ZTE

ZTE Tianji axon10pro, which is ZTE's first 5g flagship mobile phone, has a 6.47 inch AMOLED water drop screen on the front. At the same time, it is also a curved screen. Its chin width is only 1.8mm. It is equipped with Xiaolong 855 processor, supports fingerprint unlocking under the screen, and has a built-in 4000 MAH battery. The mobile phone also adopts a rear three camera, with a main camera of 48 million pixels 20 million pixels ultra wide-angle lens 8 million pixels telephoto lens. It is officially known that this 5g mobile phone has not been stuck for 20 months. It is one of the only 5g mobile phones at present!


The 5g mobile phone released by oppo is also a Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor with X50 modem. From the prototype equipped with 10x hybrid optical zoom shown by oppo, 10x hybrid optical zoom is composed of three lens modules, including an ultra wide angle lens, an ultra clear main camera and a square telephoto lens. The three camera system completes the image effect of 10x zoom through the "connecting rod" working principle of three cameras: ultra wide angle, ultra clear main camera and telephoto.

What Are the Brands of 5g Mobile Phones 1

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