What Biological Advantage Does a Beard Offer to a Modern Man, Given That Evolution Hasn't Caused It

What biological advantage does a beard offer to a modern man, given that evolution hasn't caused it to recede?

What Biological Advantage Does a Beard Offer to a Modern Man, Given That Evolution Hasn't Caused It  1

It is incorrect to assume that every trait of an organism must offer an evolutionary advantage. Some traits are vestigial, and some are simply accidents of evolution.It is generally assumed that humans lost a lot of their fur/body hair when they moved from the forests to the plains of East Africa due to climate change or other reasons. Natural selection favored less body hair because being hairless enabled humans to run for extremely long distances without overheating like other mammals. Unlike other mammals, modern humans can literally run for days without stopping because their body can keep cool by sweating. This obviously offered advantages in terms of hunting and escaping from predators. For example, a well-known wildlife documentary shows an African bushman chasing an antelope until it collapses.Evolution involves not only natural selection but also sexual selection. Over time, sexual selection can result in the most bizarre and beautiful colors and shapes. It is easy to imagine how sexual selection could have removed beards from women if men were more attracted to women without beards.Itu2019s also important to remember that men have hair not only on their face, but also often on their chest and sometimes on their back. Furthermore, an estimated 40% of women have facial hair, and many women also have body hair.

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Would modern humans have gotten along better with Denisovens or Neanderthals?

A difficult question to answer. Since we do not know much about either of the two species. Even though they looked similar to us, despite the differences in size and build, we have no definite information about their mental make-up.The rest of my answer is mere speculation. But it is possible that the members of the two species might not have been smarter (or barely smarter) than any other primate such as monkeys or chimpanzees. That, however, poses a difficult problem in itself. Since humans have been afraid of people that are different from them throughout most of history. This fear has often lead to large scale massacres and genocides.How do you think they will treat creatures who look similar to us but are not at the same mental level. They might be treated as slaves, pets or used as dummies for biological experiments, assuming that we decided not to kill them all. Conclusion, life before the 21st century: terrible at some places, worse at others.However in the present world, we have shown great rigour at conserving animals, so things might become better for them.But if they had intelligence comparable to ours, then that world would probably have been similar to ours. Assuming that our genetic divide is not large enough for us to see them as a total different species. Since then we would not have the scientific prowess to determine whether we belong to same species or not.As they look fairly similar to us, we might have treated them the same way, the blacks and white treated one another or the Indians treated the Europeans, or the Aztecs treated the Spanish. It is entirely possible that some humans living in the same regions as them might have felt closer links to them than to actual Homo sapiens living, say in China or India due to similar physical features.And at a later day or age, we might learn that they are officially different from us. And that could lead to a new class of racism. Leaders might use this divide to sow seeds of xenophobia and fear. People might protest against or in favour of equal treatment for all members of the genus Homo.Another interesting thing that might happen is that the whole definition of the term species might be broadened to include the denisovans and neanderthals. Since interbreeding is one of the main features of a species.But if we do perceive them as a different species as we do with a dog or a cat, then we are officially looking at a being that is in every sense of the word, our rival. Humans and the denisovans and neanderthals, alike might have waged against one another in a struggle for resources and land. And if either of them achieved a technological superiority against the other, the situation could turn horrendous. Religions might have also become more convoluted along with many other things.Would modern humans have gotten along better with Denisovens or Neanderthals?.

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