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Well here are some ideas :) new camera tablets (SO many brands lol) comp software (I am quite serious. Is there anything you've always wanted to do on your comp but could not ? video editting, music mixing, 3D graphics and design, etc) Video recorder for gaming (if you want to make videos from your gaming, look at something like the Hauppauge) External Harddrive Wireless mouse Hope this helps!

1. Is this computer good for gaming for the price?

Should have provided a link to it. Unless you did not list it, as is that system does not have a graphics card and will be using the processors' integrated graphics, the Intel HD Graphics 2500 which is not designed for gaming. If it does not have an actual graphics "card", then you will need to install one (Radeon HD 7770/GTX 650 Ti or better) and upgrade the power supply for the card you choose. Otherwise, that system has gaming potential once it has a graphics card in it. Edit It's a good system, but it wo not be a gaming system until you install a graphics card and upgrade the power supply to support the card.

2. how does this laptop look for gaming?

For gaming, it looks excellent. Great graphics card, enough RAM, plenty of storage space. It's set up for it, GO FOR IT.

3. How can I build a budget priced computer from scratch?

The new Intel Core Duo 2 processor looks like it will be the top CPU performance wise in the near future, and projected prices look very good. You will need to switch to DDR2 RAM though. For gaming your graphics card is the most important component. Gaming takes the most "horsepower" of anything you will do on your computer (right up there with video editing and photo editing), If your system can handle cutting edge games it can do anything else you throw at it with ease. The Next generation of CPU's is being introduced in the next couple of months. The Core Duo 2 looks like it will be the performance and price leader. Right now the Athlon64's and X2's are king. Athlon64 X2 3800 (or in the near future the Core Duo 2) Socket AM2 motherboard Geforce 7900GT 1 GB DDR2 667 Newegg is cheap and has a great return (RMA) policy

4. BF3 are BF4 what is best?

Depends on what you want. Battlefield 3 has far superior maps, but the destruction is meh. The visuals (even on console) are pretty damn impressive. The customization options are great, but I thought they were a little limited. Battlefield 4 only has (in my opinion) 2 or 3 maps that are enjoyable. The destruction, however, is closer to that of Bad Company 2 than Battlefield 3, meaning battles change more. The visuals are pretty close to those of 3 on console. The customization is AMAZING. You will rarely find someone using the exact equipment you are. Both games have some of the best audio in gaming, but I felt 4 had an advantage. Overall, I think Battlefield 4 is better, especially once the Second Assault dlc is released.

5. will these computer parts be good enough for a gaming computer? and will it go together?

Your motherboard is for Intel CPU's, you've a AMD CPU. So no... already this would not paintings. And seem for a LGA 1156 socket, no longer a LGA 1155, this has the further effective Intel CPU's, and Intel is extra effective for Gaming. do not get a Blu-ray burner, extreme and expensive. This laptop could fee you a fortune, you may extra then likely get a more less costly gaming laptop with more less costly aspects that paintings in basic terms as strong. in case you need... i might want to per chance construct you one. a listing besides

6. Who has recognised gaming as an addiction on the same level as alcohol or drugs. Is this a step in the right direction to addressing a serious issue or will it hurt the gaming industry?

I do not know who first recognized gaming as an addiction. Will that hurt the gaming industry? Look no further than the crystal meth industry. Or pharmaceutical industry. Or opium industry. Or tobacco. Or beer, wine and liquor. Or smart phones.Nah, I doubt it will slow anything down

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