What Do You Carry Around in Your School Bag / Hand Bag?!?

Try it in the first week of school. Try carrying your bag for 3 or 4 days, then the other for 3 or 4 days. She what you like better. I think you should carry your bag because everything is in it, you will be ready, and when dismissal comes, you wo not have to go to your locker!

1. Should Cameron Diaz apologize to Americans for her Communist supporting hand bag, as she did to the Peruvians?

She simply was not aware of what the Chinese character meant. I see a lot of people were clothes with Chinese characters on them and have no idea what they truly mean. I simply do not know why this is even news to begin with.

2. What company makes the best hand bag?

Among all those, I like the first and second one... And I like bags from Zara and Benetton the best !!

3. What will happen if I loose my passport during an international trip and I don't have any other official documents in my hand bag?

Make sure you have a copy of your passport. It's always good to have a printed copy somewhere with you when you travel internationally. You can also scan your passport and email it to yourself. I have a photo copy of my passport and Thailand Visa that I carry in my wallet. These were shrunk to wallet-sized and laminated back-to-back. Better to have your information handy and never need it than to try and get things done without a copy. What will happen if I loose my passport during an international trip and I do not have any other official documents in my hand bag?

4. what is a coach hand bag?

Coach is a designer for handbags. They have some great mature bags that are gorgeous and a lot more affordable than the other high profile designers

5. what is 'pu leather' and is it any good for a hand bag?

I am in the Leather bags manufacturing field for the past 35 years & I feel there is a variation in mentioning the PU material as PU Leather & PU synthetic. PU synthetic is Polyurethane based material & where as PU Leather is little proportion of animal skin added while producing & this is the variation.

6. My oldest son bought me a very nice hand bag and ever where I go the ladies are always telling me how nice it?

It's because you named him Richard I mean, can you imagine how hard it is to go through life with the name Richard Wong? That's like being named Mike Hunt

7. What should my girlfriend wear with my new gift hand bag?

Well for me If i have a bag like I would wear a color red dress with matching a black built for it. And a nice black shoes. And that it would fit on the color of the bag. Since it is Christmas the best color to fit is the red. And red is fit to the color black. But is is not also nice if you would be the one who will say what she need to wear. Let her decide for it. You can advice her to wear it but not that she should wear it for this new years eve. Good luck


handbag: wallet sunglass case with sunglasses makeup gum hairties cell phone

9. do you know where to get an over sized hand bag/ tote purse you know the ones that have a long strap?

Pretty much in any big store. If you like labels then you should check out AE, Boathouse, West 49, Hollister, A&F. If not then Winners, Wal Mart, Sears. Pretty much anywhere you just gotta keep your eyes open :]

10. Im trying to get my mom a nice hand bag for her birthday.?

wow that's really nice i like coach i think you should get one in her favorite color

11. can you take a dog on an airplane as a carry on in a dog carrier hand bag?

Call different airlines, they can tell you best

12. Where can I get a leather hand bag dyed?

Take it to a shoe repair shop. They can dye it for you

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