What Do YOU Think Is Better Flipflops,rubber Shoes,Chucks,or....plain Bear Foot?

Crocs!!!!! (or Frocs (fake Crocs)!!!!!)

1. Why are keyed drill chucks still available for modern tools?

Keyed chucks still get a better grip on any bit. I am willing to use keyless on my portable drill -- though mine will take a key too, and there are times when I use it. I would not trust keyless on a drill press.

2. how many chucks could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

a woodchuck would chuck a lot of wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood

3. anybody entering the "punk your chucks" contest?

where can i enter. i would like to do that

4. My hair is falling out in chucks after i dyed my hair twice and the permed it, what should i do?

Get some sun block for your head

5. Heels or chucks for not so graceful bride :)?

Wear whatever makes you feel secure in moving around. Be it heels or converse. You do not want to twist your ankle on your wedding day

6. What goes good with white pants/ white chucks?

Maybe white pants and black chucks? Or black pants and white chucks? Use black for the white pants and white for the back pants. I have no idea


IF I am not in work boots-I am in flip flops!!!!!!!!

8. If I am flat footed would chucks be good shoes to wear?

once you've flat ft and decide to placed on chucks i ought to point putting a supportive insert into the shoe or a minimum of a gel or foam insert. in case you do not pick to attempt this, attempt to in effortless words placed on the shoes for a short era of time because they are not very solid for flat ft

9. Copy large CSV (110 mil rows) to Postgres 10 in chucks, resume on failure

Postgresql copy simply fails on error and aborts the entire import. There's no option to skip malformed lines or invalid column contents.You need to use a program like pgloader that is built on top of COPY and adds the ability to filter out errors. As explained in its manual:To load data to PostgreSQL, pgloader uses the COPY streaming protocol. While this is the faster way to load data, COPY has an important drawback: as soon as PostgreSQL emits an error with any bit of data sent to it, whatever the problem is, the whole data set is rejected by PostgreSQL.To work around that, pgloader cuts the data into batches of 25000 rows each, so that when a problem occurs it's only impacting that many rows of data. Each batch is kept in memory while the COPY streaming happens, in order to be able to handle errors should some happen.When PostgreSQL rejects the whole batch, pgloader logs the error message then isolates the bad row(s) from the accepted ones by retrying the batched rows in smaller batches. To do that, pgloader parses the CONTEXT error message from the failed COPY, as the message contains the line number where the error was found[...]

10. How many chucks would a wood chuck really chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck would chuck all the wood a woodchuck could chuck

11. How could a creature move through space realistically without any additional technology?

Magnetic Sails Work by interacting with the Solar Wind and generate about the same thrust per weight as solar sails. However, they have some abilities that Solar Sails do not.Electric Sails Work by interacting with the Solar Wind too. The E-sail has less research behind it.The book The Black Cloud posited an intelligence formed by a "Black Cloud". The cloud used magnetohydrodynamics to propel chucks of the cloud at sizable fractions of the speed of light as its means of propulsion. Unfortunately, all that was a bit of hand waving.The problem is that space is too empty to sustain any sort of life that we know of. Not enough nutrients and not enough readily available energy sources in between the planets (let alone the stars).

12. Is making a customized pullover/hoodie worth the money at The Ave Venice?

It is most definitely worth going through The Ave for any custom apparel. I am sure you could probably get one done locally as well, but it would not nearly be as quality as from The Ave. I know their process of doing their work and there are not any places that I know of that do it the same way. The color of the clothes will fade (from washing/drying) long before the custom part has anything wrong with it. I've been going to The Ave since day 1 and that is the ONLY source I would use for custom apparel. Hoodies and pullovers are pretty much standard across the board when it comes to sizing. Just order whatever size you normally wear and you will be good. Side note: I would also recommend getting some custom kicks as well. Chucks or slip on Vans and the work done on them is amazing. I have a couple pairs of kicks from them.

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