What Happens If France Was Defeated During World War 1?

What happens if France was defeated during World War 1?

What Happens If France Was Defeated During World War 1? 1

This is not easy to answer as there would be many unknown consequences which would trigger yet other consequences, but I am going to give you some points to ponder.We would still have the Kaiser of Deutschland and the Kaiser of sterreich und Ungarn as well as probably the Tsar of Russia and the Sultan of the Ottoman empire. No telling what stupid notions these guys would develop in the years following such a victory. Maybe they even would attack England, who knows. We probably would have had some other war constellations coming up. The freedom we have in Europe would not be there. We would have a society much more obedient to and depending on the whims of the nobility. Colonies would probably still exist.I do not think it would be such a better place to live now. However, if the guys in power did not take really bad decisions, much suffering would have been avoided and the world would be much more populated. I hope this helps.

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What would Russia look like without World War 1?

Even without WW1 it would still undergo serious reforms in the very system of governing the state, because long before the revolution of 1917 there had been turmoils and unrest among the population (Serfdom Abolition in 1861, Assassination of Alexander II in 1881, Revolution of 1905, just to name a few). Might be it would shift to some kind of "Constitutional Monarchy", keeping both "the Tzar" and "Democracy" in the same boat. Industry- and finances-wise, it would be quite a superpower, without being crippled by: WW1, Civil War 1918-1922, post civil war famine, ruin, and poverty, Stalinist totalitarian rule, famine of 1930s, repressions on peasantry in 1920s and 1930s, WW2 with a huge number of deaths and losses, and on and on.

What Happens If France Was Defeated During World War 1? 2

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what effect did weapons have in world war 1?

A lot. The machine gun can bring a charge. Tanks kill thousands

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how did the shooting of archduke start world war 1?

Austria-Hungary were allies with Germany. Meaning that when they declared war on Serbia (which was technically a Civil War of sorts), Germany had to back them due to agreements made between the countries in the post-Napoeon era. Germany used the Schleiffen (that might be mis-spelled) Plan thinking that it would enable them to win the war quickly. The plan called for them to invade France and Russia to support Austria-Hungary. Needless to say, the Schleiffen Plan backfired. This eventually caused many battles throughout Europe. 2 years later, the US entered the war after the Zimmerman Telegram.

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weapons used during world war 1 and how they impacted the war?

Barbed wire, Gas warfare, and Machine guns with Old school tactics and trenches. Battle of Flanders was so bloody, 15,000 people died in a matter of 30 min.

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Who was a person in World War 1 who influenced the outcome of the war?

General Pershing is a good answer, but for historical accuracy, America has never made anyone a 6-star General. Edit: My choice is American-born Briton Sir Hiram Maxim. He invented the Maxim machine gun, prior to WW1, the Maxim was redesigned and became the Vickers machine gun used by the British. The Germans used the Maxim machine gun during the war. It accounted for 90% of the British casualties (57,000) occurred during the opening day of the Battle of the Somme. Both were used to devastating effect during the war and were responsible for more dead and wounded than any other weapon of the war. Those weapons were also the reason why WW1 became a " trench war."

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What are some good novels about World War 1 and 2?

number the stars is a great one life of a jewish young girl when the Natez come and search her house and she has to pretend shes German. hides her star of david necklace and everything. she has many excounters with the Natez [not-seez] srry i dont know how to spell that but yah,,,, its a pretty good novel and takes place with Hitler. hope this helps. i almost forgot Number the Stars is by Lois Lowry who also wrote The Giver another great book- not about war, :] :] :]

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