What Is the Difference in Silkn SensEpil and BellaLite?

If they are the same product essentially, are the cartridges interchangeable? The reason I ask is because the pricing for the bellalite cartridges are significantly more expensive than the sensEpil on the silk'n website

1. How do you wash silk?

As long as you use cold water and a special detergent like Woolite or Victoria's Secret Silk Wash (or whatever it's called) and protect the pj's in a net bag or pillowcase, I think you would be safe using the delicate setting on your washing machine. But what is the big deal about washing them by hand? Whichever you choose to do, dry them by hanging them up out of direct sunlight to preserve the color.

2. Question for the Muslim sisters about wearing silk dresses & veils?

Personally I do not like silk. It does not suit my body and it does not make me feel comfortable. No, I do not think there's anything wrong with silk fabric. As long as it's modest, it's fine =)

3. Windsock- Why was it devolped? Who developed it? Where was it developed?

The windsock design or use is not notably recorded prior to the late 1800's. We believe the sock was adapted from the "Wind-Sail" a wide tube or funnel of canvas used to convey a stream of air into thje lower apartments of a ship (Noah Webster Dictionary 1828). The windsock's final fundamental use and design was later developed for use with small aircraft. Another piece of interesting trivia about the windsock..... Centuries ago, windsocks were invented by the Japanese. They flew them on "Boys Day" to celebrate a family's male offspring. One windsock per son - flowing in the wind from the top of a bamboo pole. And more trivia...Evidence shows that, back as far as 105 A.D., the Romans used a windsock as a military banner. Windsocks, as we know them, have their origins in China and Japan where they were made of paper and, for those families with the means, of silk. Often the windsock resembled a fish. I hope this helps you. Regards, Warren

4. If your husbands name got pulled out of a hat to dress as a saloon girl & help serve at your clubs charity?

For charity, yes!!! I would help him pick out a dress that shows his skin. He's full-blood Native and his skin looks like silk and I am jealous!!! He's a brick-layer so his hands are rough, we would have to wear gloves I guess!!!

5. What is the best and most productive shampoo for a black guy and is axe shampoo good for blacks?

Hey Igbo Naija Kwenu (I.N.K)! c: Like the user above said, our hair tends to be very fragile. It's important to get a sulfate-free shampoo! And it's a bonus if it's paraben-free and silicone-free. Try using Alaffia's African Black Soap. It's all natural, comes in a pump, and has Peppermint, Lavender, Citrus and Unscented to choose from! Here's a little list! Shea Mositure's African Black Soap Shampoo. Nature's Gate (Any type...Hemp, Jojoba, Biotin seem to be the less flowery ones) Giovanni Smooth as Silk or 50/50 Balancing Shampoo/Conditioner. Tressume Naturals Aubrey Organics Any decently priced drug-store band that caters to men that does not have terrible chemicals. Or if you are kinda broke/do not wanna spend too much...You can get a bottle/gallon of Apple Cider vinegar! That can clarify your hair and you should use it no more than twice a week. Make sure to dilute it with at least 2x's the amount of vinegar you put.

6. Can silk soy milk be heated?

it can be heated and frothed . i do not know if it can be boiled

7. Why is silk so expensive?

Because its soft and lovely

8. Weighing down silk curtains?

There is a chain of weights that you can buy that you can thread thru. It comes very long and covered with a gauze type fabric so it does not show thru the hem. You cut it with a pliers so you have a full length to fit the hem. At the very edge you can even stitch say 2" extra together. It looks like little balls connected together. Penney's used to have them and some stores, maybe Joann Fabric's or other fabric stores. For the wrinkles, after you get the weights in, spray the curtains with a fine mist of water. Very little. The wrinkles should fall out overnight. I have made many custom!

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Silk  Screening?
Silk Screening?
Silk screening?Silk screening is a commerce that would desire to be discovered hands on in each ingredient. You consistently learn. maximum folk understand the basics to printing yet while issues do not artwork completely then adventure shows. the undertaking with your question is which you do not state what you desire to print. reveal printing is the main versatile form of printing and each and each substrate comes with its own rules. image emulsion is amazingly undertaking-free to apply. It takes a while to determine your exposing cases yet as with maximum issues in this business enterprise you are able to desire to comprehend what type on emulsion you like on your form of printing.c. a product on your initiatives. continuously handle greater desirable than one source and submit to in strategies that suggestion is merely that, suggestion. And my suggestion with image emulsion is: use a vacuum unit while burning, exposing, to maintain the effective or damaging next to the reveal this would supply greater effective pictures. stable success.— — — — — —Other silk typesSilk proteins present in other spider silk types are also occasionally referred to as spidroin. These include tubuliform slik protein (TuSP), flagelliform silk protein (Flag; O44358-Q9NHW4-O44359), minor ampullate silk proteins (MiSp; K4MTL7), aciniform silk protein (AcSP), pyriform silk protein (PySp) and aggregate silk glue (ASG2/AgSp). These different silk proteins along with MaSP show some level of homology to each other, in protein domains, repeats, and in promoters, but also have their own unique features and variations on these parts to furfill their different functions. These commonalities point at a common origin of proteins found in all these different types of silks.— — — — — —The Silk RoadThe Silk Road is a 3 episode BBC TV documentary about the Silk Road, made in 2016 and shown on BBC4. It was presented by historian Sam Willis.— — — — — —International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT)The International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT) was founded in 2015 to promote and develop the study of textiles around the world, in particular textiles of the Silk Road. Presidency of IASSRT changes annually, with the incumbent director responsible for organising the next annual conference— — — — — —Southern Silk Road: Through KhotanThe concept of the Silk Road has fascinated Europeans for more than a century, symbolizing the exchange between the West and the East since Antiquity. However, the issue of what route was followed by it was not an easy one to resolve. The first person to explore this in detail was Aurel Stein, coming from the west through Kashgar and entering the Taklamakan desert in September 1900, before heading south to Khotan on his first expedition to Serindia. Stein was to come back several times, extending his research area to increase the known sites along the Silk Road in this region. It was during those expeditions that Stein suggested that the Silk Road had several routes, with two of them going through the Taklamakan, one to the north and one to the south, and that these may have operated at different times.— — — — — —Silk Wedding flowers taboo or not?No, it's not taboo. It is whatever you can afford. I considered silk flowers when I got married. I went with real flowers but I was not able to get a lot due to cost. I think that silk flowers is a great idea because you can get so much more for your money. If I had it to do again I would have used silk flowers. Real flowers are such a waste. They do not last long. If she gets a silk flower bouquet she will be able to save it forever. You can not say that for a real flower bouquet.— — — — — —Is it possible to print gradients on silk screens?Yes, very possible. If properly bitmapped, gradients can be produced by the gradual reduction in size of the bitmapped dots of one color pass and the gradual increase in size of dots in the other color. In fact, it's the same control of bitmapped dots that make full color printing, whether on a printer or screen, possible with just the CMYK gamut.— — — — — —Silk vs. Aluminum Tweeters?aluminum. helps create better sound. thing of it like this. does your voice sound good talking loud at a piece of metal (where it bounces around and can actually amplify), or does it sound better taking a cloth and putting it over your face (absorbing the sound). definitely the metal (aluminum) ones.
Best Way to Get a Ballpoint Ink Mark Out of a Silk Blouse W/o Dry Cleaning?
Best Way to Get a Ballpoint Ink Mark Out of a Silk Blouse W/o Dry Cleaning?
"Blot, Soak, and Press The first thing to do is to blot the spot to stop the ink from spreading into the fabric. Blotting paper works best, but if you do not have that grab an absorbent paper towel. As soon as possible, take off the garment and soak it in cold water for a few minutes. Lay out a layer of absorbent paper towels onto a countertop or table and then spread the garment onto the towels. Set more paper towels directly on the stain and cover them with a heavy object. Leave it set for at least two or three minutes. The paper towels should absorb most of the ink. If necessary, repeat this process. Hairspray If you still have a stubborn stain, you can try the hairspray trick. Apply it the stain while the fabric is still wet. This should dislodge the remaining ink. Again use paper towels and a heavy object to absorb the hairspray along with the remaining ink. Follow by washing with a gentle detergent in lukewarm water."1. What are the basic practices for recovering from ADHD for a 7-year-old boy?You want something physical going on. Positive rewarding is the main focus. Not something competitive at all, but just a way for them to run around and vent out all of their frustrations. For example: have them play charades, only not the typical game. Have them act out whatever happened that day that upset them, and you have to guess what went wrong. Doing this helps you to understand their day and maybe even explain it to them so they will understand.n nThings that they can be creative with are good, such as leggo's but not with a defined item to build. If there are more kids around than just the one, you can do more physical things - just remember not to be competitive. Just because some of these kids are hyper, does not mean they are going to be the next Peyton Manning. Roller skating is good, interactive games (with other people) are good. Not a board game or a card game as they do not have the patience for that. Let them build a fort out of a blanket and table. You can even make some chores be an activity and reward them for completing something. You should probably do this part anyway.On behalf of Home2. Question about cleanliness of resturants?You can watch to see how they clean the tables. I tend to see them just wipe it clean with a wet wash cloth, that hey bring from table to table. It does not seem that clean to me. What I do, is if my daughter is going to be eating off the tables in the restaurant I bring anti-bacteral wipes with me. That way I can clean the are she is eating of of. Just make sure you bring the ones with only alcohol in them. They are safer. Also when she was younger, I would bring one of her bowls and plates with me. I would put them in a plastic bag, so I could just pop them back into the bag and clean them when I got home.3. SURVEY #2 :) ?1. ...Bagels! (I've never really had one, but I hate pretzels, lol) 2. I like to think so. :D I love acting, I need to do more stuff. 3. Crap, um, neither? depends on how much room there is?.. I would piss myself either way. 4. Uh, one or two. I try to cut my own hair, so that way I do not get mad. 5. Window seat! 6. chuck any junk i have on the lounge or table and chill out on the lounge or get a drink? 7. Like, 5? 6? 8. Oooh, I would paint things on the walls and floors! Lots of things! I would probably paint myself too, like my clothes, and make patterns. And finger paint! ^_^4. How are the dining in restaurants doing in Myrtle Beach right now?Restaurants are offering take out, curbside service and most are now open for limited amount of diners. Tables are further apart or they are seating people at every other booth or table. It's great to be able to eat out again!How are the dining in restaurants doing in Myrtle Beach right now?.
The Silk Scarf Factory - ShenzhenIn the Winter You Can't Go Out Wearing a [the More Twips
The Silk Scarf Factory - ShenzhenIn the Winter You Can't Go Out Wearing a [the More Twips
Buying bedding online is like buying anything over the web: there are a ton of options at varying qualities and prices and most people just do not know what the best option is for them. When buying silk bedding online, it can become even more difficult. Most people want to touch and feel the texture of the silk to ensure it is of the highest quality before they buy it. Manito silk is here to help. With the following tips, you will be able to make a more educated decision that will guide you in buying the perfect silk bed set online in the US and Canada.The most important thing to consider when you are looking for silk sheets, duvets or pillowcases online is the quality of the silk. The retailer should provide you with a detailed description of the silk bedding products. Make sure to read this thoroughly before you purchase. One key indicator of quality in silk bedding is the momme count. The momme count is the standard measurement for the weight of silk fabric. For the most comfortable silk, you will want to look for a momme count of 19 or 22. Manito Silk has a 22 momme count, which we feel is the best option for sheets: it is not too light nor too hot. A second indicator of quality is the type of silk used. 100% long-strand Mulberry silk is the royalty of silk fabrics. It is known that the silk worms who eat the leaves of the mulberry trees produce the most luxurious, strong & shimmery silk threads. All of Manito's products are made of 100% long-strand Mulberry silk. The weave is also something to take into consideration. The most luxurious is "charmeuse", which uses a weaving technique that produces a fabulous touch and drape that is not too slippery. Ask the online retailer to send you a swatch sample and see how they respond. Manito is happy to send out swatch samples in any color of your choosing, absolutely free, so you can see and feel the quality of our fabric for yourself.2. Measurements It is very important when buying silk bedding online that you carefully measure the dimensions of your bed to ensure that the bedding will fit seamlessly without being too tight or lose. Review the measurements online and look for sheets that are best suited for your bed frame and mattress before buying. Manito Silk bedding is constructed to fit western Queen, King, and California King beds.3. Additional Fees Whether you are buying bedding online within the USA or Canada, there may be additional fees associated with your order. To ensure you get the bedding you desire at the price that fits your budget, always make sure to read the fine print and invoice before ordering. Luckily, Manito Silk offers free shipping on all orders!4. Return Policy Make sure the retailer you choose provides a detailed return and warranty policy. This way, if you are unsatisfied with your order you will have the opportunity to replace or return the bedding for something more suitable that meets your criteria. Look for a silk bedding company with a money back guarantee so that you can feel completely confident in your silk purchase. Manito Silk stands by our products with a 30 money back guarantee.5. Location of Online Retailer There are many online sites originating from other parts of the world. Often these companies source their products from multiple factories. These companies may have a North American phone number but are very difficult to contact directly. Returning merchandise can be very difficult and may result in import duties or other surprise fees. Manito is located in North America, and so is our inventory. Rarely will we not have the product you want in the size and color you want. You will not face additional fees, it is easy and inexpensive to reach us, and returns if necessary are easy and quick. You can deal with Manito with absolute confidence.If you have any questions about buying bedding online in the USA or Canada, contact Manito Silk today. Our team will help make your ordering process easy and make sure your bedding is the right fit for you. We want to assist you in making the best choice for your home so you can have the most amazing sleep possible.Can you thin plastisol ink with water, when doing silk-screening?You cannot thin plastisol with water, curable reducer is the answer. If you stir the ink with an electric drill and a paint stirring attachment prior to using , you will need less of the reducer
Are Silk Flowers Okay for a Wedding.?
I had a winter wedding and debated doing candles instead of flowers (we also did floating candles as centerpieces). But I ended up having the bridesmaids do a single rose, with matching ribbon tied in a bow around it. It looked really nice and it was really inexpensive.1. What is the effect of bleaching a white silk shirt?White Silk Shirts2. Do you think a 14 year old girl should be able to burn incense in her bedroom?i think that it should be fine. as long as your not putting something over it like silk or something, or fooling around with the incense candle. i think that is so cool that you study the wicca stuff cause i have a book on it and i've never really tried it but i just got inspired!!3. What's a good thread count for the softest sheets?The general rule is ... the higher the thread-count, the softer the sheets. It all depends what you like. Lots of people like the feel of very soft sheets. I am in the minority ... I prefer the feel of very crisp, cool sheets, so I like the lower thread-counts. That's just me! Satin or silk? Well, I've had satin sheets and all I can say about them is ... they are slippery. Also, they snag easily. If you have a rough edge on a toenail, or even a dry patch of skin ... those satin sheets will grab (uncomfortably!). I've never had silk sheets, so I can not say. You just have to learn what you like. I thought I would love the higher-count sheets because they are softer ... but I found out I do not . There's no way to recommend a specific thread-count to you without knowing your preferences. There's just no way to really know what you like or love until you experience it for yourself!4. My Washing Machine cold cycle doesn't work.?My boyfriend's slightly a sparkling freak too, I had to prohibit him doing any washing, he used to stick each thing in mutually on 60 levels, I used to get shrinkage and dyed clothing, a lot of those that have been ruined occurred to be mine, prevalent! in fact, cool washing is inspired because of the fact the water does not could be heated plenty and a cycle does not take so long, so it saves electrical energy and its greater effective for the ambience. atmosphere aside issues do sparkling completely nicely at 30 levels. besides the shown fact that, in case you have infants or your fiancee happens to pass over his mouth whilst ingesting dinner or performs rugby or soccer etc then that is nicely worth cranking the temperature up somewhat. you do not truly have a desire of having truly grimy products sparkling or getting stains out at 30 levels. it is likewise stated to bathe bedding on a minimum of 60 levels to kill airborne dirt and mud mites and different nasties, stunning i understand! to evade shrinking something (in undemanding terms woolens, silk, cashmere etc antything dry sparkling in undemanding terms or hand wash could be a difficulty) and wash it on a chilly wash seperately. desire this helps!5. Silk Duvet Covers at Best Price in IndiaNone Silk fabric not only very breathable, but also retains warmth. Silk's natural protein fibers protect your skin and hair, preventing mites, wrinkles and split ends. We are one of the leading Manufacturer of Silk Duvet Covers and Poly Silk Duvet Covers. Style ID: Laurel Silk Duvet Cover read more... None Silk Duvet Covers offered by us are light quilts with washable covers. These are flawlessly crafted using finest silk that help in enhancing its overall look and feel. The rich colors as well as patterns of these covers also help in lending the bedrooms a sense of luxury that is unmatched among other duvet covers available in the markets. read more... None Duvet is a light quilt with a washable cover. It can be used as a bedspread and top sheet . For proper care to your duvet, we provide duvet covers in a very elegant and sophisticated manner. These duvet covers are prepared from different kind of materials like silk, cotton and other linen. These duvet covers helps to preserve read more... None Our clients can avail from us, fine quality PC Bedsheets that are designed using fine fabric. Printed with contemporary and traditional patterns, these are liked by our clients spread across the globe. Dariya Ganj, New Delhi No. 7/8, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002, Delhi None - Item Code: DT04 The products we offer to our customer are manufactured using high quality of silk that gives these products a soft and silky hand touch. These products are fancy in looks and hence are capable of enhancing the beauty of living rooms' area. These products are available in the market at cost effective prices. read more... More Manufacturers and Suppliers of Silk Duvet Covers
Design of Online Monitoring System for Silk Thread Tension Based on Virtual Instrument Graphical Dev
introductionYarn tension is an important parameter affecting product quality and processing efficiency in spinning, false twisting and other processing processes. Among them, the greater the fluctuation of silk thread tension, the worse the product quality, and will affect the appearance and comfort of subsequent processed products. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and control the silk thread tension in the production process in order to reduce the fluctuation of silk thread tension. At present, the monitoring of silk thread tension in China is still in the stage of random sampling, which has low accuracy and efficiency; Some foreign monitoring equipment can realize real-time monitoring of silk thread tension, but the price is expensive and the technology is confidential. Therefore, it is urgent to independently research and design a set of online monitoring system for silk thread tension.1. Overall operation mechanism of the systemThe spinning online tension monitoring system based on LabVIEW and C8051F350 single chip microcomputer adopts the special tension sensor independently developed by China, takes the embedded mixed signal microprocessor 8051F350 single chip microcomputer as the lower computer, and uses the virtual instrument graphical development platform LabVIEW as the upper computer to build a simple, practical, accurate and reliable spinning tension monitoring system.Figure 1 is the overall structure of the system, and the overall operation mechanism is as follows:(1) The tension sensor obtains the silk thread tension signal in the process of spinning and false twisting, and the output signal enters the signal conditioning circuit for processing.(2) After the signal conditioning, it is input into the controller, processed by the single chip microcomputer, the output signal completes the closed-loop control, and the information is transmitted to the upper computer through the serial port.(3) The upper computer is realized by powerful LabVIEW graphical programming to complete parameter setting and tension online monitoring and display. Among them, the display contents include the set tension value, the measured tension value, the operation status of the tension controller (manual, automatic and parameter setting status), etc.2 system hardware design2.1 processor selectionAccording to the tension control principle, this paper uses the weighing method to realize the tension detection and control. It needs two sensor input signals and one constant current output control signal, and converts its signals to a / D and D / A. Therefore, the embedded mixed signal microprocessor chip with a / D and D / a functions should be selected for the system controller to avoid the use of off chip a / D and D / A converters, so as to simplify the circuit and reduce the cost. According to the above needs, C8051F350 MPU is selected as the embedded processor, which contains a fully differential 24 bit sigma delta A / D, with analog multiplexer, two 8-bit current output DACs, on-chip calibration and decimation filter, internal voltage reference and 8 kinds of gain settings. Among them, D / a uses the programmable counting array (PCA) pulse width modulation (PWM) function of C8051F350, which has 16 bit conversion accuracy and is convenient for photoelectric isolation. The hardware implementation parameters include SPI, SMBus / IIC and a UART serial interface, 8KB flash memory programmable in the system, 768b (512 256) on-chip RAM, on-chip watchdog timer, a comparator, VDD monitor and temperature sensor, 17 I / O ports, industrial temperature range of - 40 85 ℃, and working voltage of 2.7 3.6 v.2.2 design of tension sensor and signal conditioning circuitSensor selection is mainly based on the analysis of the principle and type of silk thread tension sensor, and the resistance strain tension sensor is selected. Fk6 tension sensor can replace the imported tension sensor, which has the advantages of superior and stable index, calibration free, accurate measurement and low price. For the ammunition application environment, it has the characteristics of targeted anti-interference ability, strong anti-destruction ability, maintenance free and long service life. Its performance indexes are as follows:Fk6 tension measurement range cn0-80 / 0-120 / 0-180; Comprehensive error% fs1.2; Long term zero drift% fs1.2; One year long-term gain drift% fs1.2; One year zero drift% fs1.2 ≥ 48 h (ibid.); Temperature drift% FS / 10 ℃ 0.325 70 ℃; Nonlinear% fs1.2. The output of fk6 sensor is DC 4 20 mA standard instrument signal (or voltage signal DC 0 10 V / 0 5 V), and the interface circuit form is relatively simple. Here, the circuit of strain gauge sensor using weighing method is mainly described, and Fig. 2 is its interface circuit diagram.The bridge composed of strain gauge includes constant voltage power supply and constant current power supply. The design adopts the form of constant current power supply, and the circuit adopts the form of OP07 operational amplifier. The circuit forms a constant current power supply. The main reason is that the operational amplifier is connected with a 2V voltage stabilizing tube in phase, and the voltage added to the resistor R2 (68 Ω) at the inverting end of the operational amplifier U1 is also 2V. Therefore, the current flowing through resistor R2 does not change due to load changes. In addition, in the process of winding in and out, the bridge circuit imbalance caused by tension change will output a voltage signal, which is amplified by instrument amplifier AD623 and transmitted to the A / D of MPUconverter. W1 is the gain adjustment potentiometer; W0 is the zero level adjustment potentiometer. The control circuit and communication interface are mainly controlled by constant current signal output. The single chip microcomputer communicates with the upper computer through Max 232 serial interface.3 system software design3.1 control program designThe tension controller software adopts PID control method to complete the control of each functional module and realize the functions of parameter calibration, setting, tension measurement, constant current signal output and so on. After the software completes the initialization setting, the data acquisition and processing of tension signal, constant current control output, etc. According to the actual working conditions, the tension signal data acquisition needs filtering processing, and the filtering algorithm based on lifting frame is used for simulation test. Experimental results show that the algorithm can effectively eliminate all kinds of noise, and has some advanced properties compared with the related technologies of foreign products.The integral separation PID control is adopted in the control algorithm to prevent the integral accumulation of PID operation in case of large deviation and to avoid the control quantity exceeding the maximum action range of the brake. When the deviation between the control quantity and the set value is large, the integral function is cancelled; When the control value is close to the set value, the integral action is added to eliminate the static error and improve the control accuracy. In the actual operation, the adjustment function of differential can also be cancelled according to the actual needs. Fig. 3 is the program flow chart.3.2 communication module designThe upper computer adopts PC, and the communication between the controller and the upper computer adopts RS 232 serial port communication. The data collected by the controller is sent to the host computer through serial communication to realize automatic data upload. The dual channel multiple conversion is adopted, and the two channels are sampled for multiple times to take the average value. The time interval of data acquisition is completed by timer, and the sending and receiving data are realized by interrupt.3.3 upper computer software platform LabVIEW and software designThe upper computer software platform adopts LabVIEW of Ni company. LabVIEW adopts data flow programming. The data flow between nodes in the program block diagram determines the execution order of the program. Labvi-ew uses icons to represent functions and wires to represent data flow. It provides many controls similar to traditional instruments, which can easily create user interfaces. The user interface is called the front panel in LabVIEW. Figure 4 shows the front panel of the spinning tension monitoring system. The figure shows the monitoring 1 status interface, and the monitoring 2 interface includes a table to display multi-channel tension signal data.The system design uses the form file to store and record the data, and has a powerful file I / O function. The collected data can be stored in the file in a certain format to meet the different file operation needs of users. The form file can convert the data array into ASCII code and store it in the spreadsheet file. The design will take the measurement date as the name of the file, and the measured data of each day will be stored in a table. You can enter the date in the front panel interface to view the historical data, and you can also view it through third-party software such as excel. Other interface selection cards can display spinning drum drop records, track commissioning and system information, track commissioning interface design parameters and modify the interface. When the barrel is dropped or the wire is broken, the system generates a barrel dropping record, and the recorded information includes product related production information, tension information, etc. At the same time, the cylinder falling records and abnormal point data are uploaded to the network database, and then the above original collected information is used as the basis of statistical analysis through the network analysis system to provide different analysis reports and charts according to the current manufacturer's analysis requirements for output and quality.4 Conclusion(1) Using the full differential 24 bit sigma delta A / D converter and decimation filter of C8051F350, the influence of various interference factors can be effectively suppressed, and the tension signal acquisition and constant current control output can be carried out stably;(2) The upper computer control software is developed by using LabVIEW graphical development platform, which can easily and quickly realize the design of control system and man-machine interface;(3) The test and actual operation of the tension control system show that the system has simple structure and reasonable design, and meets the required tension control.
I Want to Have Some Type of Persian Silk Tree/Pink Siris/Mimosa Arrangement at My Reception?
I want to have some type of Persian Silk Tree/Pink Siris/Mimosa arrangement at my reception?The Mimosa that I have used does not look like what you are describing.The one I am familiar with has blossoms shaped like mini oranges on a branch like stem and has a very limited season for availability. I usually get mine from my floral wholesaler. Go to a local florist and see if they can acquire it for you.— — — — — —Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-20132) Demount the tire from the wheel following tire changer manufacturer's instructions while paying special attention to the following to avoid damaging the pressure sensor: • When breaking the tire bead loose from the wheel rim, avoid using the bead breaker in the area of the sensor. That includes both front and rear beads of the tire (see Figure 3). • When preparing to demount the tire from the wheel, carefully insert the mounting/demounting tool at the valve stem /- 10 degrees, then proceed to demount the tire from the wheel. Use this process on both the upper and lower tire beads.— — — — — —Stem cell controversyThe stem cell controversy is the consideration of the ethics of research involving the development and use of human embryos. Most commonly, this controversy focuses on embryonic stem cells. Not all stem cell research involves human embryos. For example, adult stem cells, amniotic stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells do not involve creating, using, or destroying human embryos, and thus are minimally, if at all, controversial. Many less controversial sources of acquiring stem cells include using cells from the umbilical cord, breast milk, and bone marrow, which are not pluripotent— — — — — —Do aluminum valve stems work?Do not waste your money. Aluminum will corrode in the Winter if you get salt spread on your roads. Then they snap off before the cap comes off— — — — — —Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative MedicineInstitute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) is an autonomous research institute in Bangalore, dedicated to the study of stem cell science and regenerative medicine research. inStem is funded by Department of Biotechnology and well-supported, with access to facilities at both National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) and Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP). Together these three institutions serve as part of the Bangalore Bio-Cluster. The institute is also the umbrella organization for three initiatives: inStem itself, the Center for Stem Cell Research (CSCR) located at CMC Vellore, and an Extramural Program in Stem Cell Research (EPiSTEM), a funding initiative for support of stem cell research nationwide.— — — — — —Stem Cells and DevelopmentStem Cells and Development is a biweekly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering cell biology, with a specific focus on biomedical applications of stem cells. It was established in 1992 as the Journal of Hematotherapy, and was renamed the Journal of Hematotherapy & Stem Cell Research in 1999. The journal obtained its current name in 2004. It is published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. and the editor-in-chief is Graham C. Parker (Wayne State University School of Medicine). According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2018 impact factor of 3. 147. .— — — — — —Current status of girls and women in STEM educationOverall trends in STEM educationGender differences in STEM education participation are already visible in early childhood care and education in science- and math-related play, and become more pronounced at higher levels of education. Girls appear to lose interest in STEM subjects with age, particularly between early and late adolescence. This decreased interest affects participation in advanced studies at the secondary level and in higher education. Female students represent 35% of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields of study at this level globally. Differences are also observed by disciplines, with female enrollment lowest in engineering, manufacturing and construction, natural science, mathematics and statistics and ICT fields. Significant regional and country differences in female representation in STEM studies can be observed, though, suggesting the presence of contextual factors affecting girls' and women's engagement in these fields. Women leave STEM disciplines in disproportionate numbers during their higher education studies, in their transition to the world of work and even in their career cycle. Learning achievement in STEM educationData on gender differences in learning achievement present a complex picture, depending on what is measured (subject, knowledge acquisition against knowledge application), the level of education/age of students, and geographic location. Overall, women's participation has been increasing, but significant regional variations exist. For example, where data are available in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the gender gap is largely in favour of boys in mathematics achievement in secondary education. In contrast, in the Arab States, girls perform better than boys in both subjects in primary and secondary education. As with the data on participation, national and regional variations in data on learning achievement suggest the presence of contextual factors affecting girls' and women's engagement in these fields. Girls' achievement seems to be stronger in science than mathematics and where girls do better than boys, the score differential is up to three times higher than where boys do better. Girls tend to outperform boys in certain sub-topics such as biology and chemistry but do less well in physics and earth science. The gender gap has fallen significantly in science in secondary education among TIMSS trend countries: 14 out of 17 participating countries had no gender gap in science in 2015, compared to only one in 1995. However, the data is less well known outside of these 17 countries. The gender gap in boys' favour is slightly bigger in mathematics but improvements over time in girls' favour are also observed in certain countries, despite the important regional variations. Gender differences are observed within mathematic sub-topics with girls outperforming boys in topics such as algebra and geometry but doing less well in "number". Girls' performance is stronger in assessments that measure knowledge acquisition than those measuring knowledge application. Country coverage in terms of data availability is quite limited while data is collected at a different frequency and against different variables in the existing studies. There are large gaps in our knowledge of the situation in low- and middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and South and West Asia, particularly at the secondary level.
Where Can I Get a Decent Affordable Womens Silk Dressing Gown/robe?
Hi there! Try online shops, they usually have the largest and wildest range of clothes and accessories. If your prefer shopping in person, try looking at your local malls or designer shops. Your girlfriend is expecting something nice and non relatively cheap, she claims she does not care (but so do all women, we are women after all) try impressing her. The color all depends on her skin tone and hair color eye color. For blondes try something pale or in the brown tones, for brunettes try something dark blue, crazy red or dark green. Silk gowns are amazing (floor length), if not try something with a puffy skirt (knee length).1. Why does my toy chihuahua prefer my robe to her blanket?You can always try replacing your robe with something else. The above answers are correct, she likes the robe because it smells like you. However, if you want the robe back you must assert your dominance and take it. Replace it with something else of yours that you will not mind losing like and old blanket, or t-shirt that you do not use much. Wear the shirt or sleep with the blanket a few days and then let the dog have it2. What do the Catholic Nun's Robe Colors Symbolize?I was raised catholic, and I was taught by the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in elementary school. I do not recall any reference to this subject, but I suspect that it's a somewhat different explanation for each order. No, they are not allowed to choose whatever they feel like wearing that day. They all have a prescribed "uniform" from which they are not allowed to vary. Nuns are people. They can speak. The next time you see a flock of them out in public, ask one of them what the colors mean. I suspect that they would probably be happy to explain it all to you, especially if you are a young woman who has the look of a potential recruit.3. Would a bra be an acceptable alternative for a robe?No body sleeps with an uncomfortable bra. Get her a robe for Christmas or something. That way if guests stay over or if she needs to cover up, the robe will be available4. Is it appropriate for an 18 year old girl to wear a small short nightgown around the house without a robe?I am 18 too, but I am one of those girls that just wears boxer shorts and a loose t-shirt to sleep to I am not in your same position. I myself would not wear a small, revealing nightgown in front of my parents (mainly because I do not see the point). But I guess if it was not an issue when you were 16 I do not see why it would be an issue now.5. Do I have to dress up for graduation other than wearing my robe?well...if a breeze hits, and you are not wearing anything underneith...you definitely wo not be forgotten6. Which robe do you like better for my husband'sI hope this present comes with your Vagina involved. #1 looks better7. Where can I find a black robe/large table cloth for a costume?Go to WalMart and buy a set of black sheets8. Can I wear my Hogwarts uniform (tie, robe) to Universal Studios, or is it against their policy?You can wear your Hogwarts Uniform. many people do and it can be a great way to really get into the experience. Be sure to grab one of the wands while you are there9. Trying to make a Draco Malfoy costume, where can I get a robe cheap?Most thrift stores (Goodwill, Deseret Industries, St. Vincent de Paul, etc) will have a big selection of "graduation" robes ... THAT'S where you hook up a cheap robe. The wig? Dunno.10. Where to buy Slytherin robe?NOO!!! GRYFFINDOORR!11. whats the point of snuggies if its like a robe?Why is everyone obsessed with Snuggies?12. How do you wear a buddhist monk robe?Arms through the sleeves then on over the head13. What all should I put in my hospital bag?labor upplies- camera chap stick ( your going to be glad you have it.) slippers and robe (for when they make you walk) extra pillows Over night supplies- toothbrush and tooth paste weather appropriate clothes for you and your baby. outfit for baby to wear for pictures. and extra blankets.. gets kinda cold.
Andy Warhol Posters
More than 20 years after his death, Andy Warhol posters are still very popular in the contemporary art market. Art lovers from all walks in life continue to display his Pop Art in galleries and museums. Even the major art auctions in New York City will regularly list and sell Andy Warhol art for millions of dollars each. Major corporate art collections have also included his art in their headquarters but you can easily find lots of cubicles and everyday offices with Andy Warhol posters as part of the decor because of the style and colors have an almost universal appeal and, well, posters are cheap to buy, fitting into almost any budget.If Elvis is the King of Rock, than Andy Warhol is the Prince of Pop Art. From his early career as a commercial artist in Manhattan to his success selling silk screen posters of Campbell's soup cans, he changed modern art and what the public accepted as artistic achievement. The volume of his art was enormous, partly because he purposely made it so easily reproducible and partly because he was a creative genius. His famous portrait paintings of celebrities would be recognized instantly no matter where you go around the world.The Andy Warhol posters that are readily available at popular web sites on the Internet show how he could turn everyday objects like a banana or a Brillo box into art. He let everyone know he loved money so he painted pictures of dollar signs. The irony is that everybody easily writes a dollar sign or has several in their wallet, but that is what's so great about Warhol's art. He just tossed old, standard ideas about art aside with notions about what can and cannot, or should and should not artistic right out the window. Instead he wants you to just appreciate what is in front of you.Often considered the most famous Andy Warhol art of all is the silkscreen series he created. In these images he replicated multiple views of the same object, character or person. The different images had different colors and tones, all showcasing a different vibe or viewpoint. Together they combine into a very intriguing piece of art. The most famous portrait of these is Marilyn Monroe; however there were many different well known subjects in politics and Hollywood used as well.He also had many pieces of art where he replicated in almost a motion style several images of the same person or object. Once again he highlighted the different copies in different colors to make them stand out. Some of those Andy Warhol posters include Elvis, guns, a monkey and various other animals and objects. The bright, almost neon color highlighting in his art, the usage of seemingly random and commonplace objects and their repetition throughout a piece are all hallmarks of Andy Warhol art.There are also many Andy Warhol posters that are self portraits from photographs that feature some of his famous quotes. Warhol was of course much more than just a painter; he enjoyed his celebrity status as a social and cultural icon. Some of his quotes are very famous like "everybody is famous for 15 minutes", and they all convey his unique approach to love, humanity and everything that surrounds us.Anyone interested in Andy Warhol art certainly won't be lacking for options. There are hundreds of different paintings and other pieces of artwork that you can get that started as his creations. Decades after his death, Andy Warhol posters continue to carry on the powerful legacy of this fascinating artist, person and icon.
Knowledge About Chinese Silk - CMR Surgical of Chinese Silk
CMR Surgical of chinese silkCMR Surgical is a British medical technology company based in Cambridge. It produces a robotic surgery system called Versius. It was incorporated in 2014 and in 2018 employs over 400 people. It was called Cambridge Medical Robotics but changed its name in March 2018.The company raised $100 million in June 2018, said to be Europes largest ever deal for a medical devices company, from investments by Cambridge Innovation Capital, the Zhejiang Silk Road Fund, Escala Capital Investments, LGT Group, and Watrium. This was hailed as the 'Venture financing deal of the year' at the Medtech Insight Awards. The Chinese investment was seen as particularly significant.The company plans to have its robots operating in more than six NHS hospitals over the next six months. It is a rival of the established Da Vinci Surgical System and claims to be more flexible and versatile, having independent modular arms which are "quick and easy to set up". Some of the key patents for the da Vinci system have recently expired.------Publications of chinese silkThe Short Line War (1899) with Henry Kitchell WebsterCalumet "K" (1901) with Henry Kitchell WebsterThe Road to Frontenac: A Romance of Early Canada (1901)The Whip Hand (1903)The Merry Anne (1904)The Road Builders (1905)Comrade John (1907) with Henry Kitchell WebsterDrugging a Nation. (1908)The Citadel: A Romance of Unrest (1912)Anthony the Absolute (1914)The Charmed Life of Miss Austin (1914)The Honey Bee: A Story of a Woman in Revolt (1915)The Trufflers (1916)Temperamental Henry: An Episodic History of the Early Life and the Young Loves of Henry Calverly, 3rd (1917)Henry Is Twenty: A Further Episodic History of Henry Calverly, 3rd (1918)The Passionate Pilgrim: Being the Narrative of an Oddly Dramatic Year in the Life of Henry Calverly, 3rd (1919)Hills of Han: A Romantic Incident (1919)In Red and Gold (1921)Goldie Green (1922)Hattie of Hollywood (serialized in Photoplay, July-December 1922)Silk: A Legend as Narrated in the Journals and Correspondence of Jan Po (1923)The Moment of Beauty (1925)The Entertaining Angel (1926)"Old Concord, Seen through Western Spectacles" (1926)Anabel at Sea (1927)Lady Can Do (1929)Bad Penny (1933)Rise and Fight Againe: The Story of a Life-Long Friend (1935)------Jos Frches of chinese silkJos Frches (born 25 June 1950, in Dax, Landes) is a French historical novelist with novels set in China.His first trilogy The Jade Disk is a story, set during the Warring States period in disunited China. It tells the story of the character of the rich merchant and eventual prime-minister L Buwei - real father of the first emperor of China Qin Shi Huang. It portrays the struggles between the other kingdoms and Kingdom of Qin, destined to unite China.His second trilogy The Empress of Silk is set in Medieval China during the Tang Dynasty. It depicts the story of Emperor Gaozong, the third emperor of Tang and his prominent and ambitious wife Wu Zetian, who after his death, virtually became the ruler of the country and the first female emperor in the history of China.His latest series The Empire of Tears is set in mid-19th Century China, at the time of the First and Second Opium Wars, when the Qing dynasty is struggling and slowly decaying.------Education and early business career of chinese silkDeNoma graduated with a BA from the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University in 1977. He earned an MBA in finance from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in 1981.DeNoma began his career with Procter & Gamble in 1982 as a brand manager based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He moved to PepsiCo Inc. in 1985, where he served as an international director of marketing, overseeing operations in 65 countries across Southern Europe and Africa. He was later promoted to vice president and general manager in the PepsiCo Restaurant Group. In 1989 DeNoma relocated to Singapore as senior vice president for Citigroup, with responsibility for marketing and consumer banking across Asia and the Middle East. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Hutchison Whampoa in 1991, increasing growth over the companys core sectors in retail, media and consumer packaged goods. In 1993 DeNoma established Asia Foods Limited, expanding the business across China while serving as the companys chief executive and board chairman until its sale in 1999.------Edited works of chinese silkSpecial numbers of The Studio were edited by Holme for separate publication as books.Corot and Millet; with critical essays by Gustave Geffroy & Arsne Alexandre, 1902Daumier and Gavarni by Henri Frantz and Octave Uzanne, 1904Peasant art in Italy by S. J. A. Churchill, V. Balzano and Elisa Ricci, 1905The gardens of England in the southern & western counties, 1907Art in England during the Elizabethan and Stuart periods by Aymer Vallance, 1908Old English mezzotints by Malcolm Salaman, 1910Peasant art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland by Sten Granlund and Jarno Jessen (pseud.), 1910Peasant art in Austria and Hungary by A. S. Levetus, Dr. Haberlandt and Aladr Krsfi-Kriesch, 1911Peasant art in Russia, 1912Old houses in Holland by Sydney R. Jones, 1913The great painter-etchers from Rembrandt to Whistler by Malcolm Salaman, 1914The art of the book; a review of some recent European and American work in typography, page decoration & binding, 1914Shakespeare in pictorial art by Malcolm Salaman, 1916The development of British landscape painting in water-colours by Alexander Joseph Finberg and E. A. Taylor, 1918.------Elias David Sassoon of chinese silkElias David Sassoon (27 March 1820 21 March 1880), an Indian merchant and banker born in Baghdad, was the second son of David Sassoon, an Iraqi-Indian philanthropist Jewish businessman involved in trade in India and the Far East, with branches at Calcutta, Shanghai, Canton, and Hong Kong; and his business, which included a monopoly of the opium-trade, extended as far as Yokohama, Nagasaki, and other cities in Japan.He was the first of his siblings to assist the family business' expansion into China when he opened a branch of the business there in 1844. He was also involved in his father's business in Bombay, India. In 1867, Elias established his own business called "E.D. Sassoon & Co.", starting to trade in dried fruits, nankeen, metals, tea, silk, spices and camphor from modest offices in Bombay and Shanghai.Elias died in Colombo in 1880. He had married Leah Gubbay and was father to Jacob Elias Sassoon and Edward Elias Sassoon, amongst others. His daughter Hannah married Sassoon David.------Rise through the ranks of chinese silkFollowing his full ordination, Somdet Nyanasamvara rose quickly through the ranks of the Thai Sangha. As Thai ecclesiastic titles often take the form of additions or alterations to monastic names, this necessitated a variety of changes of name and title during the next several years. In 1956, at the age of 43 and under the titular name Phra Dhammavarabhorn, he was appointed guardian and advisor to King Rama IX (Bhumibol Adulyadej) during his royal ordination (by tradition, all Thai monarchs serve as Buddhist monks prior to gaining the throne). Five years later, Somdet Nyanasamvara was named abbot of Wat Bovoranives.In 1972, he was given the title Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the same basic title that he bears today. This was a special monastic title that had not been granted to a Thai bhikkhu in over 150 years. The granting of this title placed Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara in the top tier of the Thai monastic establishment, and set the stage for his being named Supreme Buddhist Patriarch of Thailand (Sangharaja, or "Lord of the Sangha") in 1989 by the king of Thailand.------Abdul Hamid (surveyor) of chinese silkAbdul Hamid, also known as Mohamed-i-Hameed, was an Indian surveyor from the Punjab. He was employed by Thomas George Montgomerie, as part of the Kashmir Survey project of the Survey of India, to explore and survey areas of Central Asia beyond the Indian frontier to which the British were not allowed access.Abdul Hamid was the first of the clandestine surveyors sent by Montgomerie into Central Asia. In 1863 he was sent to survey the road to Yarkand in East ("Chinese") Turkestan (now Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China). After reaching Yarkand, the capital of an ancient Buddhist kingdom on the southern arm of the Silk Road trading route, he lived there for six months making observations on the area. After he fell ill and died returning through the Karakoram mountains, William Johnson, another employee of the Survey, recovered his survey notes and sent them on to Montgomerie.Montgomerie subsequently presented a paper to the Royal Geographical Society about Abdul Hamid's expedition, "On the Geographical Position of Yarkund and Other Places in Central Asia".------Yungtn Dorjepel of chinese silkYungtn Dorjepel (Wylie: g.yung ston rdo rje dpa) was born at Gorma (or Gurmo) near Shalu Monastery in the province of Tsang in 1284 CE into the family of a tantric priest of the Len clan.:98, 103During his youth he went to China on the command of the Emperor where he caused rain to fall after a long drought. He gained a deep understanding of the Kalachakra under Putn Rinpoche. He cultivated the esoteric instructions, particularly Dzogchen, due to the great inspiration of Rangjung Dorje, 3rd Karmapa Lama.He resided and taught in various places such as Paro in Bhutan, Phungpo Riwoche, and Ratam Trak. He died in 1365 CE.In the lineage of the Tibetan Panchen Lamas there were considered to be four Indian and three Tibetan incarnations of Amitbha before Khedrup Gelek Pelzang, 1st Panchen Lama. The lineage starts with Subhuti, one of the original disciples of Gautama Buddha. Yungtn Dorjepel is considered to be the final Tibetan incarnation of Amitbha before the Panchen Lamas.:82------Life of chinese silkCernuschi was born of wealthy parents at Milan, and was destined for the legal profession. During his studies he became involved in the revolutionary movement. He played a conspicuous part in the insurrection at Milan in 1848, and also in the Roman Republic (1849), where he had a seat in the Assembly. On the collapse of the revolutionary government he was arrested (1850), but managed to escape to France, where he engaged in commerce and banking, became naturalized, and acquired a large fortune. He took a prominent part in opposing the Socialist movement, and in April 1870, having subscribed a large sum to the funds of a committee formed to combat the Napoleonic plebiscite, had to leave the country.In September the formation of the Third Republic enabled Cernuschi to return, but he soon left Paris to travel in the Far East. He returned with a fine art collection that he would constantly expand upon for the remainder of his life.Cernuschi died at Menton in May 1896, and was interred at Pre Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.------Chilas of chinese silkChilas (Urdu: ) is a historical city of Diamer District located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, on the Indus River. It is part of the Silk Road connected by the Karakoram Highway and N-90 National Highway, which link it to Islamabad and Peshawar in the southwest, via Hazara and Malakand Divisions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In the north, Chilas is connected to the Chinese cities of Tashkurgan and Kashgar in Xinjiang, via Gilgit, Aliabad, Sust, and the Khunjerab Pass.Chilas comes under Gilgit-Baltistan. It is the Headquarters of District Diamir.1(Pamir Times August 2 2012.) The weather is hot and dry in the summer and dry and cold in the winter. It can be reached through the Karakoram highway and also from the Kaghan valley passing over the Babusar Pass. Chilas is situated on the left bank of the mighty Indus River. The beautiful fairy meadows and Nanga Parbat, the seventh highest peak in the world, is also located in ChilasRecently, Karakoram International University has opened its sub-campus in Chilas to educate the students
Real Flowers Vs Fake Silk Flowers?
That's fine, just make sure that the silk flowers are actually cheaper than real. Many times they are not . Check with flower wholesales for low-cost flowers.1. Silk or real floral centerpieces?Personally, I went with real flowers. I got them from Safeway though, which was MUCH cheaper than going with a traditional florist. I did rose-bowls -- a dozen roses in a short, round vase, with small daisies as filler. They were only $15 each! From a regular florist, price was $40 for the equivalent. Another option is Costco flowers. They have wedding floral packages, and shipping is free. Good luck!2. how to wash a silk dress?you can not hurt it any more washing by hand than in the washer you wash it carefully special attention to the spots because even washing may not get them out, you need to know what they are from and apply appropriate remedies do not wring and air dry, hopefully in a nice breezy place hanging from a protected hanger3. wearing pantyhose in the summer? ladies only?Hi, no I do not wear them in the summer. Actually, I do not wear them most of the year because it's tropical here (maybe in the dead of winter, lol). But when I used to wear them, in a much cooler climate, I only wore them in the winter. Too sweaty in the summer, lol. Unless u can find pantyhose made of silk, but they are pretty rare and very expensive. Way out of my price range, lol4. What does "silk-thin" mean as in the form of "silk-thin veils of tranquility"?It means extremely thin. The world's thinnest fabric is Organdie (sometimes called "Organdy") It is made with silk strands and is practically see-through. Imagine a veil made of this fabric, and that's the kind of veils they are talking about.What does "silk-thin" mean as in the form of "silk-thin veils of tranquility"?.5. What are some good sites for silk bridal bouquets?Have you checked on eBay? Type in Tropical Flower Lot or bulk or wholesale. I have not seen Tropical but they do have Bridal Bouquets that they sale in bulk so you would be able to do the whole wedding at a fraction of the cost of what a florist would charge6. Silk flower VS. Real flowers?I am using silk flowers- though not because of money and they have real touch silk flowers that look just like the real thing. Try silksareforever.com afloral.com saveoncrafts.com they have prearranged bouquets that will easily go into a cylinder vase and boutineers as well. Good Luck!7. What is the difference between a sundress and a cocktail dress?A sundress is exactly what the name implies, a dress worn in the sun, meaning a casual dress worn to afternoon teas, luncheons, showers, etc. A cocktail dress is worn during cocktails or dinner parties, usually dressier material, such as satin, chiffon, silk, etc and may or may not have a little sparkle to it. A cocktail dress is usually shorter than floor length.8. How do you wash Vietnamese silk?Send it too the DRY CLEANERS.... just to b safe. i guess if it had no care instructions it might b hand-washable, but the problem is that i might not.it could just be hand made- which would raise the value even more, and then .... welll i cant bear to write it lol9. would silk flowers be a better choice for a wedding?Go with fresh flowers. People might think the wedding is cheesy if you have fake flowers everyone. I personally love flowers and always touch them so it would dissappoint me to find that all the flowers are fake. Its your budget, do whats best for you10. What are some unique and different kinds of birthday party favors that you can make?Take ice cream sundae glasses, also at the Dollar Store and turn them into soda fountain drinks in a unique way... Fill each with bubble gum, or any favorite round colorful treat (jelly belly, M&M's etc.). Wiggle in two straws (the bend type). Top it off with two silk carnations (silk at Walmart cheap), cut the stem only the flower this will look like whip topping. Ad a red gum ball to the middle top, this will look like the cherry. Now you have a take home ice cream sundae that never melts! You can also get Chinese take home containers, decorate them with your theme, add gummy worms and candy pieces inside and have two chopsticks sticking out of the closed container. Ad a bow to the handle and you have a cute favor.
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