What Is the Engine Oil Capaicty for a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

I would say that oil capacity is around 3-4 qts, incuding oil in the filter. But lost 3 qts in one month?? Something is very wrong. I have an old worn out 1991 Geo Prizm, which was made like a fake Toyota (until Chevy took over). And it uses only 1 qt in about 3 months of normal use. I would strongly suggest checking oil EACH DAY that you drive the car. It's losing it somewhere!! A little thicker oil might help, but barely. Something very wrong with engine. Sorry. Corolla's are one of best cars around, you just got a bad one.

What Is the Engine Oil Capaicty for a 1999 Toyota Corolla? 1

1. after I drain the engine oil can i add a quart of clean oil to flush?

I am no expert, but this does not really set off any "bogus" alarms. The cheap oil, (better than the dirty oil remaining) will flush out a lot (but not all) the dirty oil remaining, not that there's much to be flushed this way. A lot of dirty oil is left in the oil pump, oil grooves, and stuff. (There's a ton in the filter, but you are changing that, right?). (Do not forget to use a bit of oil on the filter seal before putting it in place.) While I do not think using a cheap oil to flush dirty is entirely bogus, remember that whatever remaining oil is significantly less in quantity than the new, good oil you are adding and that you have a new filter to trap any grit, dirt, and such.

2. What is the ideal time to change the engine oil of a TVS Jupiter?

For Jupiter, Activa, Access... first oil change for a brand new scooty should be done within 1000 km as new engine looses more rare metal during that time and also the company provided oil is of substandard quality.Post that you should change oil every 2500 km if you are using mineral oil costing around 350-400 RS. I would recommend adding 3M additive to oil which is a small bottle of 50-100ml as it protects the engine from losing rare metal by forming a coating and sticking to the metal. It also helps in complete (ideally not possibl) burn of fuel.Get your sparkplug cleaned every 10000-15000 kms and changed at 30000kms. Make sure if you are leaving your scooty idle for too long like 15-20 days do not try to start using auto start. Your battery is already gone. Try to kick start once a week to ensure that your kick start stays functional.What is the ideal time to change the engine oil of a TVS Jupiter?

What Is the Engine Oil Capaicty for a 1999 Toyota Corolla? 2

3. lincoln town car engine oil?

That's very bad. Every car's oil and oil filter should be replaced at MAX 5,000 miles. Change it ASAP. That's so bad for your engine

4. 2001 nissan primera 1.8 twincam engine oil type?

Sounds a bit on the heavy side to me unless your vehicle has a lot of miles on it. I would think 10-40 wt would be plenty. You may want to check your owners manual

5. Engine Oil - 98 Pontiac Grand AM GT?

The engine has lasted this long with conventional engine oil. Do not change brands now. Continue with the manufacturer's recommendations. Keep the oil clean & enjoy many more years of motoring. _ _ _

6. Honda Civic Type R run on low engine oil?

it is just a minor repair

7. My car have 250000 kilometer,what grade of engine oil should I use?

Generally you should keep on using whatever is recommended in the owners manual / service manual for your car. If your engine is actually burning oil, you may temporarily run a higher viscosity rating oil so it does not burn as much, but in this situation you will need an engine rebuild and are just putting off the inevitable. If the engine is running OK, it should have the normal recommended grade as per the factory specs.

8. Why does the engine oil need to be changed in a motor vehicle after a regular number of kilometers?

Engine oil has three primary jobs to doLubrication - parts should keep on sliding against each other with minimum frictionCooling - the engine to an operating temperature, so that the parts do not melt downDetergent - to clean the debris and store it in the lowest point in oil sumpDue to the continuous uses in these three actions, the oil looses it's viscosity, burns down and gets too dirty to continue working, hence the replacement after certain period.Hope it helps.A2A

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