What Is the Most Impressive Thing a Person Can Do While Making First Impressions?

What is the most impressive thing a person can do while making first impressions?

Perform an extremely loud fart

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Why did Jane Austen Originally name the book 'Pride and Prejudice' , First Impressions?

She got the new title from a passage in Fanny Burney's popular 1782 novel Cecilia, a novel Jane Austen is known to have admired "The whole of this unfortunate business," said Dr. Lyster, "has been the result of PRIDE and PREJUDICE. ... Yet this, however, remember: if to PRIDE and PREJUDICE you owe your miseries, so wonderfully is good and evil balanced, that to PRIDE and PREJUDICE you will also owe their termination." I can see where she got the first title from - as it's primarily about Elizabeth judging Darcy by her first impression of him, as she did Wickham as well. But Pride & Prejudice has a much better ring to it, do not you think?

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what are your first impressions of these names?

wow i love the name chloe whenever i try to think of how some1 named chloe would look she would look really pretty and nice and smart i think ella is nice too but i dont like sophia that much oscar is cool he would look fit and smart i dont like hugh and jackson that much though jackson is too common

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Why are so many people offended by my "fat" questions? When we all judge on first impressions?

yeah, I agree to a certain extent... I think people should be able to control their eating habits generaly.. though some people think chuby is cute..or boney for that matter... Everyone has preferences naturaly on first impressions.. it is best not to though, but our outward appearence natural does show some of our inward appearance, or something about us anyway... Maybe a lot of people are offended because they think you care most about looks or they are fat themselves.

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What are your first impressions of me?

You are maybe a little bit Hispanic or Italian. You look prim and proper so you probably have good values, therefore a good close family. You are pretty and I think confident as well, so you are probably smart. Your politeness probably comes across as being shy. You are about 16, 5'5 and weigh about 125. You have a crush on a guy and have drove your friends nuts trying to figure out if he likes you or not. I think you are probably a very honest girl. The teeth, I wonder about. Maybe braces since you do not have your mouth open, but since you have a pretty smile with your lips closed, it's hard to tell... this might be your best look. Your mom is remarried and you live with your mom and stepdad. Everyone says you look like your mom. You would like to move to Hollywood or New York and start a career working for Donald Trump. You are artistic and would like to play an instrument really well, but you will not devote yourself to the time it takes. You have a pretty singing voice and like to touch guys when you talk to them. You feel most comfortable in your pajamas curled up on a sofa eating popcorn and watching a movie in a dark room. You like to read books in your bedroom with your legs cross on the bed setting up, leaning against pillows. You have a lot of stuff animals in your room, many from the past. In your past life you were Lizzy Borden, the Axe murderer. Am I close yet?

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What were your first impressions of the M1 Abrams?

The first time I saw the M1 was on a wash rack in Graffenwohr Germany. It was winter 1988 and colder than a well diggers ass. I was washing my HEMETT wrecker and freezing. These 6 tanks pull on the rack and park on the opposite side of me. It warmed up the whole area 10 degrees from the exhaust.I was impressed to say the least. Enough so that in 1989 I re-enlisted to change my MOS from Artillery Mechanic to M1 Hull Mechanic and never looked back. Thanks for the A2A.

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My dads new girlfriend seems a little to outgoing for first impressions?

Lol yes she seems like a bit much to soak in while getting to know her. If she makes your dad happy just try to be haooy for and with him. She seems to be really outspoken and truth is some folks level of sophistication is different than others. For instance, if your family was really loud and outspoken and she was quiet and timid you woukd find that strange instead. Just give her a chance and remember simetimes ppl arent gonna be what you want and theres nothing you can do about it and theres nothing wrong with it but you have to adjust. Take care :)

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