What Is the Troll Patrol and What Are Member Benefits?

doo doo heads who report nonsense and imaginary infractions to the yahoo police and are rewarded with snails and other slimy things which they carry under their arms and between their legs before eating them for dinner. thanks and anytime I can be of further assistance write me a memo...you know the type!

1. 9 people over for dinner tomorrow night...?

Nope I can not but you better make that 10 for dinner! I do not care if you have to 'nuke' my food, sounds delicious! Have fun and do not fret, enjoy your evening and it will be nice meeting you LOL!

2. why did kids/teens in the olden days eat dinner with their parents?

My family has dinner pretty much every night together, no tv, no phone calls, no text messaging, no friends at the door waiting. Im such a cruel mom! It is a very important time for me (and for them also), so that we can talk about their day and really be together. When we miss dinner time together, which is rare, we spend 2 hours in the living room speaking of the days events. Dinner usually consists of meat and 3 veges and bread- and they are required to taste something before saying they do not like it. OMG! they even have to set the table and clean it off after wards. Its an important part of the day and I cant tell you the number of laughs that have been shared at my dining room table, it is very worth it. if you have not been introduced to family dinners, you should try them- they are alot of fun and you can learn so much more about your parents. You would not believe how much fun us oldies can be. Now if I can just get them to clean their rooms.......

3. Romantic Plans in ST.Petersburg Florida....?

Unfortunately I do not have a sweetheart. If I did, I would take her to a very Romantic Restaurant that I know for Dinner, and have them bring her a bunch of "forget me nots". I would also have a present for her, probably a bracelet or a wristwatch and have a fun time with lots of laughs. I would take the time to whisper in her her ear, how much she means to me and how much I love her.

4. Can anyone help me with planning meals for the month?

Sure. I can give some easy ideas that I am sure you know how to make and then a couple that prolly sound weird...but are really good and pretty inexpensive. Ideas for quickie dinners: -Spaghetti (noodles and some Ragu...do not even need meat if you do not want) -Egg in the holes (these are great, lightly butter one side of bread, use a small glass to punch a hole in the middle of the slice, put slice of bread and little punch in a skillet on med-low. Crack an egg in the middle, break the yolk, pepper and salt to taste, and then flip when the egg is white from the top. Cook both sides) -Grilled Cheese and soup (chicken noodle always works) -Pancakes for dinner! Good ole Bisquick -Ellios Pizza is good for little kids (since they usually do not eat a whole slice and they are only about 3.00 a box of three big slices) -Ham steaks (they are cheap, precut) and whatever other thing you want, mashed potatoes are a good choice as a side -Ravioli (there are some great frozen brands for good prices, just drizzle some spaghetti sauce over them) Ideas from my own kitchen: -Chili (take a pound of hamburger, brown it on low til cooked in a large pot, drain. Rinse two cans of dark red kidney beans (drain and rinse with water) and add to hamburger. Empty two tomato soup cans in the pot, fill each with water and add to the combo of hamburger, beans, and condensed soup. Sprinkle with chili powder to taste and simmer for about 30 minutes on low...it is sooo good. Serve with packet cornbread...like a whole meal for very inexpensive) -Chicken Cassarole (take three chicken breasts and boil til cooked, let cool and cut into chunks. Mix chunked chicken with one can of cream of chicken soup and a bit of milk (like a couple tablespoons). Spread in a 9 by 9 pan and cover soup-chicken mix with shredded mozzarella cheese. Prepare a box of chicken stuffing according to directions. Drop onto cheese and spread around to coat the top. Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes. Very tasty and simple.) -Italian Cassarole (this sounds weird but is really tasty. Take two boxes of Swift Premium sausage links (freezer section, yellow box) in regular flavor and brown in a skillet. Wait til cool and cut up into about four pieces per link. Put in a cassarole dish. Add one can of Hunts Tomato Sauce (the little squatty cans), add some italian seasoning to taste, slice up a small jar of pimento stuffed olives (green), add to sausage and tomato sauce and seasons. Boil elbow noodles (like 2/3 of a box) til cooked, strain, and add to other ingredients. Stir up, bake without a lid in the oven at 375 for about a half hour. Another cheap, delicious meal). That's what I got for ya. I swear those three things are tasty, even though they might sound a bit off the wall. I am sure you are aware of eating chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and other such things. You could also toast some bread, warm up some deli turkey and take turkey gravy over the top for a meal. Add some rice or something and you have a full meal. I am all about easy and pretty inexpensive :)

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