What Men's Bathroom Has a Mural of Girls Looking at the Guys in It?

This info came with my email of the picture- I do not know if yours came with this info.: We all know that women have been held back and underpaid in the workplace. Edge designs is an all women-run company that designs interior office space. They had a recent opportunity to do an office project in NYC. The client allowed the women of this company a free hand in all design aspects.The client was a company that was also run by all women execs. The result? Well... We all know that men never talk...never look at each other...and never laugh much in the restroom. The men's room is a serious and quiet place. But now, with the addition of one mural on the wall... Let's just say the men's restroom is a place of laughter and smiles!

1. Perfumes - 13 year old ?

Men love the scent pumpkin pie spices. There's nothing sexier than a sexy woman wearing perfume with that scent

2. Why are men so much like babies or little kids or pets?

When you know someone well and love them, you can show your vulnerable side, or a side of you you would never show others. It's the one person to whom you can brag a little, vent a litte, whine a little-- and know they will indulge you. When you just need a little TLC, that's the one person who will take you in their arms and give you that spoiling, no shame or questions asked. Everybody needs a soft place to land, someone they know will love them even when they are being silly or needy. A loving couple does this for each other, taking turns being the nurturer and the nurtured. The key for men is in knowing they can love having their woman rub their backs or kiss their foreheads-- and she will never let the guys at work know he's anything but tough and "manly".

3. Is feminism the worst enemy of men?

"Is feminism the worst enemy of men?"Ernest W. Adams is dead on: "Arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure are the worst enemy of men."But to that, I would add "and other men."Edit: More specifically, powerful men who enrich themselves while pitting us against each other.

4. Any movies where the lead female is ugly and the guy is hot?

Such a subjective question though, as many have their own opinion on what is ugly/unattractive and what is not. What do you consider ugly? Someone who is physically deformed or grossly disfigured. Certain skin tones/colors, freckles, certain body sizes, certain facial features, hair on the chin (women), lopsided boobs (women or men)? Well if you consider a fat woman ugly, there was Babycakes with Ricki Lake (the former talk show host), a fat woman who pursued and won over a blonde hunk type guy. But that movie addressed the issue of size though and it intended to do that, so it does not really fit your criteria. I do not think there's a movie out there where there is such a relationship (ugly woman, cute man), and if it exists, it probably exists just to address those physical differences; I do not think there are any movies out there with intercultural or interracial relationships or between vastly different age groups that do not specifically address the cultural or racial or age differences/issues (and if there are they are few and far between.) Truthfully, I do not think that the majority of actors and actresses are the most handsome/beautiful creatures on earth but they are slender/skinny and even verging on anorexic (if they are not actually there yet), and in many people's eyes that is enough to make them attractive. I do not like to see people's bones protruding. And why do not people like women to have butts and woman's hips? Why is that considered ugly? I was watching the TV show Becker and the young office assistant (a slender woman) said "I have the *** of a 16 year old boy and for some reason men seem to like that." That says something. The majority of people on the 'most beautiful people' lists that abound just look like everyday people to me (with more makeup though and fancy clothing) I personally think Sarah Jessica is physically beautiful because I like looking at blue eyes and curly hair (yeah some days she does look rough but who does not ) She often looks just way too skinny though. Most people have movie star/singer/celebrity standards of beauty which is really fake. TV/movies distort reality quite a bit. I have recognized it in myself too. A young woman that lives near me looks, not ugly but not movie star beautiful either. One day I saw her walking down the street, she had applied a little makeup, put her hair down and was dressed up and she was drop dead gorgeous, better looking than Halle Berry. I was fooled, like many others are concerning the everyday people surrounding them, because she was not wearing makeup and jewels and designer clothing. In reality these celebrities spend hours on themselves, often every day, and they have other people working on them. For crying out loud, some of them have clothing stylists and hairdressers and makeup artists come to their homes. I recently saw a pic of Mariah Careys closets (yes, 4 of them, one for her shoes) and she basically has a beauty salon in her home. She had better look good with all that help. Truthfully though, who can do that? If I were in that industry I suppose I would because how else would celebs get crazy, high-paying endorsements and worship if they were not perpetrating the myth. I am glad Dove is having their campaign for beauty where many types of women are accepted as physically beautiful, this campaign should extend to men too as I see that the issues we women have with our bodies and looks are now extending to men. I am getting better at recognizing the attractiveness in many people now, not just madeup and bejeweled persons. And really I am old enough and have dealt with enough people that, if you are a mean nasty or spiteful person, it does not matter how you look on the outside (that's not just a self-help Oprah type inspiration either, it's real). One of my best friends is a person not many would consider physically attractive--72, somewhat rotound, very, very dark and not with a refined, evenly balanced face but this person is one of the kindest people I've ever met and I would do stuff for him before I would someone such as George Clooney or Julia Roberts or such people. (and he's not nice because most would not consider him attractive, he's been married twice with many children-and besides there are those who are not considered attractive who are also unkind.) Well, as I could only come up with one potential movie-though I guess it does not really fit your requirements, maybe you can create such a movie-with an supposed unattractive actress and a supposed attractive male (not Matthew McConaughey) that just has them doing their thing and not talking about their physical differences and how people think she is ugly and he is not and blah blah blah, but just dealing with a relationship or some other issue. (Course the not dealing with the issue would not be realistic as many people are aware when others consider them unattractive and will discuss it with others, but it would be a movie and it does not have to be completely realistic) This is mostly rambling because it's late/early but my point is in there somewhere.

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