What Responsibility Do Rich Countries Have to Help Poor Countries When It Comes to Global Warming?

What responsibility do rich countries have to help poor countries when it comes to Global Warming?

What Responsibility Do Rich Countries Have to Help Poor Countries When It Comes to Global Warming? 1

Under the Kyoto accord we will be buying carbon credits from them

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Do you see the effects that "climate change" hysteria is having in poor countries?

This is not about AGW -- it is about desertification caused by people cutting down trees. 60% of Chad's natural tree cover has already been cut down for charcoal. You seem to have missed that key point. Chad has major economic problems related to an undeveloped economy, population and resource shortages. It is thoughtless to tie this to AGW, and your links appear to indicate that you do not understand the situation -- your links are addressing desertification due to drought, but the government of Chad is talking about desertification due to people cutting down all the trees. Left unchecked, the country of Chad would eventually become void of trees altogether. The challenge is to provide some other heating source for the people, though I do not know how that is done in such a poor country. But misleading and thoughtless rants on YA do not help anyone understand the problem. Not everything is related to AGW. I really wish people would do a little thinking before going on these thoughtless rants for no other reason than to politicize AGW.

What Responsibility Do Rich Countries Have to Help Poor Countries When It Comes to Global Warming? 2

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Why can't poor countries just create more money from a machine?

They have the World Bank to do that for them

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Why is the education system so poor in the United States but poor countries are well educated?

Why is the education system so poor in the United States but poor countries are well educated?I reject the premise entirely and there is no citation of any source to convince me that my rejection is inaccurate

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Christians, why isn't God helping out people in poor countries?

its actually the other way around. Those who believe and thank God are able to receive God's blessings, gifts and talents. notice countries who have the issues you mentioned are countries that still practice idolatry? However, there are movements happening in these countries through missionaries and great things are happening in places like Africa and China for example due to people coming to know Christ. It comes down to free will. in order to receive God's help you cannot be separated from God from disbelief.

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POLL: Would you go to poor countries and flash around your US Passport & marriage proposals to score chicks?

i do not have a US passport & even if i had............i wo not think of such lame idea

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Why is it that when someone talks about poor countries, people always bring up Africa and the Middle East?

Honestly because it is poor......................... but they should really always talk about them

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Do poor Countries have Musicals?

i dout it because they r to poor to have a theater and cant pay a director

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Do you think marijuana should be legalized? Please explain why or why not.?

Yes it should be legalised and charged tax so it would help the economy of the country in poor countries it should be made available easily also doing this will stop certain gang wars based on powder. And if in 40s the probation on alchol so it could also be done drugs

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Why do all the poor countries make clothes?

They do not want to pay the American minimum wage. People in very poor countries will work for extremely low wages. Its how the companies make their profits. It's really really messed up.

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If football players are guaranteed to make soooo much money, why do only poor countries export players?

It's simple. Players are attracted to the money and the exposure and where do you find the most money in football? Not in Africa, and not in Latin America but in Europe, and if it was not for the salary cap rule in the USA, I believe we would see many talented Europeans in the MLS

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What makes poor countries poor?

In terms of economic theory, low or economic growth is caused by overpopulation, low amounts of natural resources, barriers to trade, and barriers to capital formation such as limits on education. The reason wealthy countries are wealthier even though they have no more abundance of natural resources is because they, for what ever reason, are able to make more efficient use of their natural resources. An individual in a wealthy country is able to produce more with the same amount of resources, thus they are wealthier. In fact, this is the classic definition of wealth.

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