What to Do About Washing Hoodies?

if it's the sticky plasticky stuff that the designs are made of, then the heat of the dryer will ruin them. Wash normally but hang them up to dry. Just put them on a clothes hanger and hang them over a door. If it's the fabric designs, though, you can dry as usual.

1. what's the best brand of clothes and hoodies for a black guy?

how about nike , armani,d&g,bape ?different style!

2. anyone know where to find cool hoodies?

Well there is Zumiez, and look for labels like rocawear, LRG, southpole or the northface!

3. From those who have ordered from Clandestine Industries, how is the fitting for the hoodies & shirts?

looks wierd!

4. what stores sell cute hoodies (:?

Forever21! I love thatt store! (:

5. could I wash a black and 2 grey hoodies together?

As long as the black hoodie & gloves are not new (they have been washed before) and you wash everything in cold water, it should be okay. If the black hoodie has not been washed before the color may run even in cold water. In this case wash it separately

6. ***American Eagle hoodies? Size problem help!***?

It doesnt really matter. I would go with a Large because it will be comfortable!

7. Where can you get hoodies like this from?

no actually they still have it at american aparrel! maybe check and order online! :D

8. Is this nice to wear?

Sounds like except hoodies with shorts im not a fan but if u like it sure. I dont really like the polo type shirts, name brand or not there not very stylish unless your a guy

9. Tight fitting hoodies for guys?

I have 2 sweaters from Hco, one is medium and one is large. The M sweater IS a bit tight compared to another M i have from AE, but the L sweater i have is a bit big, so im going to say yes, its supposed to be a bit tighter

10. OMG. Jansport website does NOT have hoodies!?

If u will notice that almost all they make are backpacks or things to carry stuff, they started way back as a maker of camping equipment like backpacks, sleeping bags and tents! They stay in business nowadays by making the best backpacks for schoolkids (mine's blue), so i am surprised they have collegiate wear at all! If you want a UW-M hoodie, call their bookstore with ur Mom's credit card in ur hand.

11. Am I too young to be wearing PINK ? I m 11 & all I get are shirts , hoodies , jackets , leggings & gym pants & the accessories.?

Darling. You are never too young to be wearing pink. Wear whatever colour you like! As long as you feel good then who cares?

12. Ladies, any tips on clothes guys wear in the fall that you think they look hot in?

I absolutely LOVE it when guys layer! Like wearing a simple shirt an then putting a cardigan or light jacket on is really cute. Flannels and other button downs also look really good! Other accessories likes hats and scarves will complete an outfit too. And you can never go wrong with a sweater :) Just keep in mind that lots of girls have different tastes! Just wear whatever you want, I am sure someone will love it. Oh and forgot to add! Boys also look hot in hoodies and other casual wear. If a girl is attracted to you, you will pretty much look good in anything.

13. Where to get cool hoodies?

wet seal, definitely

14. Where can I shop for simple, plan shirts polos/hoodies that don't have all kinds of writing crap on them MALE?

umm if your relatively thin try american apparel :] i think old navy might also have some plain stuff

15. Where can you get champion hoodies?

Macy's, EBay, or the Champion website!

16. Is there a store in a mall that sells full-zip hoodies?

Of course! I do not know if you are talking about thin hoodies that are similar to jackets, but there are places in the mall, depending on where you live. Where I live, you can find these zip-up hoodies in almost every clothing stores. You can also find hoodie fleeces, that are fully zip-up. I shop at Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle. These places have outerware of all kind, and they are at a reasonable price.

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