What Will Rural Planting Make Money in 2021? Recommend These Varieties That Don't Worry About Sales!

Compared with cities, the road of entrepreneurship in rural areas has just sprung up, although there are still many deficiencies compared with cities in all aspects. But because of this, there are not many rural entrepreneurs. Therefore, low competitive pressure has become a major advantage of rural entrepreneurship. So, what will make money from rural planting in 2021? Recommend these varieties that don't worry about sales!

1、 Medicinal materials

1. Ophiopogon japonicus

Its root tuber is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine in China. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine clinic. It is the raw material of a variety of Chinese patent medicines and health food. Ophiopogon japonicus also has high greening value. It has many excellent characters, such as evergreen, shade tolerance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, disease and insect resistance, and has broad application prospects in landscaping. Silver edge Ophiopogon japonicus, Phnom Penh broad-leaved Ophiopogon japonicus and black Ophiopogon japonicus have excellent ornamental value. They can not only be used for outdoor greening, but also rare indoor potted ornamental products. Their development and utilization potential is huge.

2. Achyranthes bidentata

Achyranthes bidentata root is used as medicine. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation, dispersing blood stasis, eliminating carbuncle, tonifying liver and kidney and strengthening muscles and bones. It likes a sunny and dry environment. It is better to plant it in a deep, well drained, loose and fertile sandy loam. It is sown from March to July. The whole growth period is 6-7 months, and the annual yield per mu is 250-300 kg.

3. Dendrobium candidum

At present, Dendrobium candidum products are mainly divided into three categories: first, fresh products, including stems, flowers and leaves; Second, the stem of Dendrobium candidum is made of dry products, mainly Acer truncatum; Third, deep-processing products mainly focusing on health food, including granule, capsule, tablet, oral liquid, extract and other dosage forms; Among them, fresh strips, dried strips and maple bucket made from stems are the most important sales products of Dendrobium candidum at present. At present, the total annual demand of the whole Dendrobium market is 8000 10000 tons, and the demand increases by 10 15% every year. Artificial planting has just started, and the supply is seriously insufficient. It is estimated that within 10 years, the output of Dendrobium is still difficult to meet the market demand, but the planting technology requirements are relatively high.

2、 Fruit tree

1. Ximei

West plum has two categories: French plum and West plum goddess. It has strong stress resistance, is suitable for cultivation in the South and North, and has good growth and high yield. The single fruit of French plum is small, but it tastes sweet; Ximei goddess has a large single fruit, but the taste is slightly sour. Generally speaking, Ximei goddess has more development advantages. When it is mature, it looks blue and is very attractive. At present, its market price is about 10 15 yuan per catty.

2. Mulberry

Mulberry is a delicious fruit with high medicinal value and various health functions for human body. In addition to fresh food, it also has great processing and utilization value. It can not only be made into delicious and nutritious products such as canned mulberry, mulberry yoghurt, mulberry juice, mulberry dew wine, mulberry jam and mulberry plum vinegar, but also extract mulberry red pigment as a natural food additive. The tree species has wide adaptability, strong resistance, fast growth, early fruit, good benefit, beautiful fruit and long picking period. It is the preferred variety for the construction of ecological picking garden at present, and is suitable for the most promising development in mountainous and hilly areas.

3. Strawberries

In recent years, the sales of strawberries in the market is very hot. Its vitamin content is relatively comprehensive, and it also contains anthocyanins, strawberry amine and other nutrients. It plays a role in protecting eyesight and promoting digestion, and strawberry is best carried out in spring, whether sowing and seedling raising or separate seedling raising.

3、 Vegetables

1. Pepper

There are many varieties of pepper, which is also very important in life, especially in Hunan, Sichuan and other provinces. Pepper is needed by people's life. At present, the market price of pepper is generally 7-8 yuan / kg. Now the scale of planting pepper has been relatively perfect. Moreover, with the richness and diversity of pepper products, the demand for pepper has been increasing, and planting pepper has rich profits.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli has better taste, higher nutritional value and higher yield than ordinary cauliflower, but its growth cycle is shorter than ordinary cauliflower and easier to manage. The size of broccoli flower ball is moderate, which is very suitable for family consumption. Broccoli is more popular than cauliflower in the market. Although the price of broccoli is not very high, there is a large market demand, so the economic benefit is still very good.

3. Edible fungus

As a healthy food in the 21st century, the demand for edible fungi at home and abroad is increasing year by year. It is a characteristic economic industry with low investment, high yield, short cycle, quick effect and relatively small market risk. The bulk varieties include Lentinus edodes, Pleurotus ostreatus, Auricularia auricula, Agaricus bisporus, Flammulina velutipes and straw mushrooms. The rare varieties include bailing mushroom, Xiuzhen mushroom, Xingfu mushroom, tea tree mushroom, Apodemus agrarius, Morchella, etc. In addition, when planting edible fungi, we should also pay attention to the selection of local rich planting raw materials.

4、 Crops

1. Coarse grain

In China, the planting range is wide, and the state will formulate different preferential policies for coarse grain planting according to the situation of different places, such as focusing on encouraging the planting of buckwheat, sorghum and mung bean in Hebei. Mainly sorghum, millet Buckwheat (sweet buckwheat, tartary buckwheat), oats (naked oats), barley, millet, barley, grain amaranth, and kidney beans (kidney beans), mung beans, adzuki beans (red beans, red beans), broad beans, peas, cowpeas, and lentils (hyacinth bean), black bean, etc. they are characterized by short growth period, small planting area, special planting area and low yield. They usually contain special nutrients, so the market price is higher than that of general grain crops.

2. Black Peanut

Black peanut, also known as selenium enriched black peanut, is a kind of colored peanut with black seed coat. It has broad market prospects in health care and medical treatment. The input of one mu of land is between 400-500 yuan, the price of seeds is between 8-10 yuan, and there are 4000 yuan for 500 kg per mu. Excluding the seed cost of 400 yuan, there is a profit of 3000 yuan, which is more than twice that of ordinary peanuts.

3. Camellia oleifera

Tea tree seeds contain more than 30% oil. They can be used for food, medicine mixing, candle making, soap, shampoo, etc. they can also be used as substitutes for engine oil. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in tea oil is as high as 90%, which is much higher than that of vegetable oil, peanut oil and soybean oil. Compared with olive oil, the content of vitamin E is twice as high, and contains specific physiological active substances such as Camellia glycoside, which has high nutritional value. Planting Camellia oleifera has long-term benefits from one-time investment, high economic value, good ecological benefits, large market potential and good development prospects. However, it takes about 4 years to get the results in the early stage, which is not suitable for novices with insufficient funds.

Finally, I would like to remind you that although the prospect of developing planting projects in rural areas is considerable, it still needs to be analyzed in combination with the actual local development situation. It must not be carried out blindly. In addition, in recent years, there are more and more people returning to the countryside to start businesses. They urgently need to find land for projects in rural areas. At present, tuliu.com mainly displays information about various types of land in rural areas, and provides farmers, village collectives and land finding customers with comprehensive professional land transfer services from selection to transaction. At this stage, Tuliu partners are being recruited (for details, please click: Tuliu partners)

What Will Rural Planting Make Money in 2021? Recommend These Varieties That Don't Worry About Sales! 1

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