Where Can I Find Comfy Modern Chairs for Under $50?

Ikea do cheap but nice things you should look on there website. When I bought a new house I was having a baby at the same time so we looked at okra and ended up spending 300 but got everything apart from beds and sofa from ikea, Www.ikea.com

1. dye my hair green blue eyes pale skin?

I definitely have the strategies-blowing comparable epidermis and eyecolor and my hair is obviously golden blonde yet final 12 months i dyed it a gentle black and when I went to a clean college all of us theory it replaced into organic and have confidence me my epidermis is a white as snow....you merely could desire to get the main suitable black....yet in addition specially circumstances i used spray tans or definitely tanning beds or jergens creams to get slightly bronze yet not too plenty. ...seem at some selections of megan fox for haircolor.....yet once you dont choose to tan and be a gentle black seem at selections of katy perry and ensure your cheeks are quite rosy

2. Can you mix and match skis and ski boots?

Depending on your weight and skill those skis are marginal at best for a person of 160 Lbs and 5'8" the bindings are a DIN 9 which means set at 6 or 7 they must hold you and I suspect that you are going to out ski them in a few days. Never buy boots without trying them on your feet. That is just a waste of your money. Brands are usually mixed from ski and boots and bindings. It is only ski racers and reps who stick with one brand. Even racers may cheat on the boots and make their boots look like the sponsors brand. Professional skiers modify their boots a great deal from cuff alignment to liner and shell molding and foot beds. Go to a local ski shop and try on boots, spend all day their starting early in the morning. You will get better service that way. Try to get bindings on your skis that go to a DIN 12 at least. C list may have some good gear. Good luck

3. if you have the sims 2 pets please help me!!?

hi i got it for christmas to from my friend. It is awsome. you can choose a pet and then change its coat shap, fur accessories, full pet, body, face, brow and eyes, snout and jaw, ears and its tail.. You can either get a pet from the shops, a breeder or u can create 1 at the start of the game. You can buy beds for them and different collars. The sims' pets even have their own needs aswell as there owners. I havnt gotten very far in the game but i think you can get guinea pigs, mice, fish and birds.!!!!

4. Should I assign rooms to all dwarves in Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarves will seek to claim an unclaimed room when they look for a bed. There's two practical ways this scenario resolves:Scenario A - Assigned BedroomScenario B - No Assigned BedroomScenario C - No Available BedroomsNote: sleeping outside of a proper bedroom will not increase a dwarf's happiness, and may decrease it if they are forced to sleep on the floor. Nobles may also throw a tantrum if a lower noble or a commoner has a nicer (bed)room, so it may be wise to assign them the most opulent space available. So in general, you do not need to worry about assigning dwarves bedrooms manually - as long as you have unclaimed bedrooms available, they will seek them out as needed.One final note: Dwarven families share beds and bedrooms

5. bull terrier bringing home from shelter 3yrs old what to get?

I am glad you are adopting! It sounds like you will be a great dog owner! Things to buy: Stainless steel bowls for food & water (indestructible) Leash (6' is probably great if you will be running with him, although I prefer a 3' leash which is really short because it is easier to keep my dog close when we are in busy places.) Nylon Slip Proof Collar (Some shelter dogs already have bad habits so a slip-proof collar is a good idea. They can be worn all the time and prevent the dog from slipping the collar over his head.) Toys (Tennis Ball, Kong Toys, Rope Chew) are good ideas. A good bone (Great distraction for when you leave him the first time alone) A Dog Bed (Your choice, but some dogs are destructive and like to chew beds. I prefer the mats that are fleece on one side and rubbery on the other. If they get dirty they can be thrown into the washing machine time and time again.) High Quality Dog Food (Nothing from the grocery store. You can research this further, but for most people raw food is not an option although I know a lot of people on YA swear by it. Some options are Evo Innova which I feed my dogs, and I heard Blue Buffalo is really good too.) Poop pick-up bags (for when you are at the park). Baby Gate: I know a lot of people want pets crate-trained constantly, but in my opinion this does not work very well with dogs that have just lived in a crate at the shelter for several weeks. I've adopted multiple dogs and had good success at using a baby-gate to keep them in the laundry room or kitchen where they can not destroy anything and are safe with their dog bed and water when I leave or at night. Paper Towels & Nature's Miracle (it removes the odor of the dog's mess so that the dog does not smell where he did business in the house.) Great if you are not sure if the dog is potty-trained, and even if the dog is potty-trained he might have a few accidents until he gets used to where the door is located and you know his signals. Squirt Bottle filled with water (great for training to stay off furniture, and not steal food. Etc. Does not hurt the dog at all, and very effective.) Set up everything ahead of time so that the dog line outside is all ready, and the bowls and food, bed, etc are all available. When you bring him home, make sure that before you even let him in the house you wear him out. Take him for a several mile walk and wear out his energy. He's been in a crate for who knows how long, and this will help him to walk into your house on a good foot and not as a walking energy bomb. Make him stay on the leash, and walk in front of him as you go through the whole house. This will teach him that you own the house and are allowing him in it. If you let him explore the house on his own, he will try to claim it as his. Keep a close eye on him until you know how he will react in your house. He might chew things or be destructive. Keeping him with you at all times, and in a safe room when you are not there will make sure he can not trash your condo. If I am gone a long time, I like to give my dogs bones or the Kong toys filled with Peanut Butter to keep them busy. The key to having a happy dog is to have a tired dog! :D Just be patient and remember that shelter dogs take time to retrain, but its well worth the effort. Introduce him to strangers, children, and other dogs carefully until you know how he will react. Treat him just like you would a puppy when it comes to obedience training. He might like the cool basement if he plays with you down there or he might prefer to go outside still. My dogs could care less about the basement and want to run outside. I just take them early morning or late evening when its cooler. Best of Luck to you!

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