Where Can I Find Purple Hair Dye?

Where can I find purple hair dye?

Where Can I Find Purple Hair Dye? 1

When we had been more youthful, we used to dye our hair with kool-support. It was once transitority additionally; it washed out the primary wash, for probably the most aspect however there are soooo many colors to opt for from. Considering the cost of such a lot dyes in comparison to the quantity of our pooled allowances, kool-support was once additionally a less expensive, non-poisonous option to funk up our doos!!.

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how do i get purple hair?

Because your hair is too dark. Go to your hairdresser and get it lightened. Always go to them because they will know if your hair is in good enough condition for the lightening process. After this you will be able to use Crazy Colours, Stargazer, and Directions colours in your hair. All of these brands have bright purple dye, and dark purple dye =] Hope this helps

Where Can I Find Purple Hair Dye? 2

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How do I make purple hair dye last longer?

Bleach your hair before you dye it purple. When you bleach it first, it's stripped of all color, so your hair will absorb the purple dye better. Hope I helped :)

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purple hair tips ? (pics) 10 points best anwsr!!!!?

I got pink in my hair and I love it since your hair is dark brown you are going to have to bleack your hair before you die it purple or it wont come out bright

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Which Purple Hair Dye Should I Use?

I do not know if you can get La Riche Directions hair colour in the States? They do Violet, or Plum. Both look nice. They are conditioning colours, so do not wreck your hair (even though you've just buggered it by bleaching it) These are the colours that I use and I've had pretty good results, though they do fade quite fast, but retouches are not too much of a problem.

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how do i get rid of my purple hair?

unfortunately with dark colours there's not much you can do but bleach it and then dye over it. I have dyed black hair and am currently saving as it's going to cost me a lot of money just to get back to my natural brown colour :(

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Will brown skin look right on purple hair?

tan skin looks good in jewel colors like purple and teal and such

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If I put purple hair dye on turquiose hair, what color would it turn?

If you leave it on long enough, or do it again in a day or so it should go the expected purple

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Please help me get purple hair?

You will have to bleach it again, until it's at least a light yellow. Use a blue or violet based bleach powder to help cancel the yellow/orange tones. If you are going for a pinkish purple, you may have to mix two dyes together until the mixture looks about the color you want, maybe slightly darker, use Manic Panic or Splat. but you will have to keep re-dying it every one to two weeks, if you want it to stay bright. The good thing is, those semi-permanent colors do not really damage your hair

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Does anybody know a really good website to get purple hair dye and hair bleach from?

honestly I would get the bleaching done professionally hon. But if you are like me and you insist on doing everything yourself you can easily find a bleaching kit anywhere. Manic Panic is the best colorful hair dye in my opinion. It lasts the longest, has the best color, etc. Purple hair will look awesome! ^_^ xx

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How to get the right shade for dying purple hair?

Woww my fav color is purple but thats just ridiculious damnn ppl these days r crazyyy

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What Color Does Purple Hair Fade Into?

Purple hair will typically fade into a dull greyish color with a very slight purple tint. It really does not look very nice

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What purple hair dye works the best?

Like the other dude said, Splat is a great hair dye brand. I've used it to dye my hair several times, and the only issue I've had with it is that it is not completely permanent. You have to re-dye it at least once a month or every other month. Maybe it will stay in longer if you are only dying the tips, I am not sure. But it creates a really vivid and awesome color. Bleaching your hair where you want to dye it first also helps a lot, even if it's blond.

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