Which Intel Processors Is Better?

the first number gives you the generation.. so the 3rd gen i series starts with 3xxx, the 4th gen with 4.. BUT, just because its newer, doesnt mean its faster.. 4th gen tend to run hotter, consume more power, but do not deliver more than a few percent gain in real life.. unless the rest of the system is much better, stick with the i5-3230.. the new chips have trouble with sleepusb anyway...

1. Intel HD integrated video card?

It should be supported i would suggest going out and buying a game (Not on steam) and trying it, if it doesnt work then take it back thats what i did

2. Is the Intel pentium 4 prescott better than the intel core duo in everyway?

dual core is better than P4

3. If Obama used Bushs intel to get OBL, why didnt Bush use Bushs intel to get OBL?

Why did not Bush just negotiate and get him turned over for trial when the Taliban offered to hand him over 10 years ago? Or why did not they do something when even Christiane Amanpour knew that he was on a compound in Pakistan in 2008? Or why did not they do anything when Richard Clarke told the Bush administration at the beginning of their administration that bin Laden was responsible for the USS Cole bombing, and that they should get him b/c he was going to be one of their prime threats in the near future?

4. Which processor is better in a computer, Intel or AMD?

It all depends on your preference. I've used both, and I am leaning towards Intel

5. Question about Intel processors?...?

The mobile processor just have better clock changing adaptability for battery saving purposes and they also have less average L2 cache. However the difference should only be small. It is likely that the graphics card is what is causing the big difference.

6. AMD vs Intel CPU for gaming?

Intel is better in gaming.like i3 6100 beats AMD fx 8350 and give more fps..games does not use more than 4 core.amd have weak 8core and i3 have 2 strong core

7. is an intel pentium 4 2.8 ghz processor much better than a intel celeron 2.8 ghz processor?

The thing that you want to look for in a chip is the FSB and the L2 Cache. If the FSB is around 1GHz then you have a quality chip. If the L2 Cache is around around 1GB then you also know you have a quality chip. The faster the FSB runs the faster your CPU can flow information through it, the more L2 Cache the more super fast memory you can store on your chip. These two things really facilitate how fast your processes run. Also the Pentium architecture is far superior to the Celeron.

8. is intel better than amd?

Even AMD fans like myself have to admit that for hard core gamers & power users Intel is the best choice. Put a Q6600 quad core (best bang for buck) in an Asus P5Q mainboard with high performance OCZ or Corsair RAM & you can clock that sucker as high as 4.0Ghz with proper cooling. If all you do is browse the web, watch videos or listen to music.....it wo not matter which one you get. regards, Philip T

9. Best AMD CPU and Best Intel CPU?

As far as which CPU is the best depends on your applications. Intel has the fastest one on the market, great for gaming. AMD has the best APU (combined CPU and GPU) on the market, great for mobility in laptops. Intel and AMD are about equal in the middle ground of CPU. AMD has far better graphic chips then Intel. So that would come down to what your building or buying. ASUS and Gigabyte make the best motherboards in my opinion. Main reason is they are tried and tested since the very early years on puters.

10. Amd vs intel which is better?

If those are the only choices, then the A10-6800K is by far the better processor

11. Is the Intel D975XBX motherboard the best one from Intel, is it the best of all?

doesnt matter the brand of motherboard, the most important thing is the chipset, i only recommend an intel chipset or an nvidia chipset

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