Which Is Better, Apple 6 Or Nut Pro2? How to Choose a Suitable Mobile Phone

The data comparison between Apple 6 and nut pro2 allows you to better choose the phone you need

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- appearance

The 4.7-inch screen iphone6 continues to have three colors: gold, white and gray. Although there is no official data on the weight of the body, the overall use of the iphone6 will not be made of too much metal and the body will become heavier. Thanks to the metal middle frame made of magnesium aluminum alloy, the overall appearance of the iPhone 6 is more rounded. In order to balance the arc design on the side of the fuselage, the built-in 2.5D screen glass also adds points to the modeling, so as to increase the overall visual effect of the fuselage. Due to the larger screen, the width of the iPhone 6 is 1cm larger than that of the iPhone 5S, and the length is increased by 1.5cm. But in terms of body thickness, the iPhone 6 has reached 6.9mm.

Nut Pro 2 is still the familiar taste, the classic hammer logo, the sandwich design of all glass metal middle frame, the simple body lines, etc. are all saying to others, "I, nut Pro 2, designed and produced by hammer!", which is full of the pride of hammer craftsmen everywhere. But these are not enough. The details of nut Pro 2 can make the craftsman spirit of hammer more proud. Nut Pro 2 adopts a full screen almost design. In order to reduce the front opening, the hammer even gives up its proud "sensor receiver in one" design. Only a front camera opening is left on the front, the light and distance sensor are hidden under the front panel, and the receiver is hidden above a small groove on the top, The presence of holes is hardly felt on the all black panel.

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- price

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- hardware parameters

Left nut pro2                                       Right Apple 6

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- take photos

Left nut pro2                                       Right Apple 6

Apple products do not seem to be good at establishing selling gimmicks in parameter marketing, but build a good reputation through experience. In addition to continuing to seize the iPhone's 8 million pixels that have remained unchanged for three years, those manufacturers relying on digital marketing may also ridicule the iPhone 6's raised camera. But in fact, an 8 megapixel camera has been used for three years, which is enough to prove that the lens on the iPhone 6 has been intensively optimized by apple, and the imaging effect should be better. In addition, the iPhone 6 also optimizes the face recognition function, which can better distinguish faces that can't be seen in the crowd. Those faces in dark corners have no hiding place under the iPhone 6 lens since then. The new sensor will automatically take a single HDR photo at the best time. Users no longer need to see the photo without HDR effect under their album.

The dual camera virtualization effect of nut pro2 is quite excellent, and the newly added depth of field camera is indispensable. In terms of daily samples, nut pro2 seems to be closer to the "eye pleasing" color matching style loved by the public. Of course, this is actually "distorted", but for the vast majority of users, this style will be more conducive to their sharing on social media.

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- system function

Ios8 calendar can support lunar calendar display and third-party input method access in input method. I believe more users should not want to escape. In addition to the conventional built-in system applications, the IOS interface also adds a new health app healthkit, which can monitor users' heart rate and other physical data through apple watch. We were also surprised to see that Apple provided Apple pay for the iPhone 6. Users only need to touch touchid when opening passbook through the NFC chip built-in on the top of iphone6 to complete portable mobile payment. Apple pay makes use of the wireless transmission of NFC, the security of touchid, the privacy of secure element and the convenience of passbook to complete the whole mobile payment. All payment information of users will be encrypted and saved in passbook. Because users can import their credit cards directly into Apple pay (they can import them directly by taking photos with a camera) and bind their Apple ID, we no longer need to fill our wallets with all kinds of credit cards. If the phone is accidentally lost, you can also use find my iPhone to remotely disable Apple pay.

Smartisan OS of nut Pro 2 has launched three historic and convenient functions: Flash capsule, big bang and one step, which has made many users have a qualitative leap in text editing, content sharing and other functional experience, which has also been highly praised by users. At the press conference of nut Pro 2, these three new functions have also been upgraded. Among them, Flash capsule has released the official version of 1.0, which allows you to quickly technology flash ideas, and adds a powerful capsule reminder function. Moreover, it supports capsule accessories, and you can share pictures, videos, documents, etc. Moreover, your capsule and accessories can be shared to another device through the cloud to share inspiration with your friends for the first time. On nut Pro 2, the physical entity button of flash capsule is specially designed to facilitate you to quickly record inspiration.

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- running points

According to the running score data, the running score of A8 basemark x is only 21204.26, which is only 4.65% higher than the 20253.8 score of iPhone 5S on your A7 processor. Therefore, the foreign media GSM arena speculates that if the running score data is correct, the previous rumors about the GPU configuration of A8 processor may be wrong, because its performance improvement is not significant compared with previous generations of processors. Therefore, a8 may adopt the six core powervr g6630.

Nut Pro 2 directly used Xiaolong 660 to catch up with the big army in one fell swoop. From the running score results of ANN rabbit, although the score of 11W is not arrogant enough, it is enough for most users.

Which is better, Apple 6 or nut pro2 -- Conclusion

In terms of hardware performance, industrial design, software experience, photo quality and price, nut pro2 is a very excellent mobile phone. Thinking about the details can indeed have a lot of positive impact on the user experience. In addition, the excellent industrial design ranking first in the domestic mobile phone industry, the price of 1799 can be said to be very competitive. The iPhone is actually very simple. It is nothing more than powerful hardware and software that can perfectly match those powerful hardware, and then wrap them with a delicate appearance. This simple existence achieved through not simple efforts soon made the iPhone a overlord in the mobile phone market. Now apple, a wolf with a huge appetite, has rushed to the hillside of a large screen mobile phone, which will make the already fierce fight more intense. With the current high price of iPhone 6, it is worth it if we can start with the official price through normal channels.

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