Which of These Devices Activates a Vehicle's Brake Warning Light?

What pedro said plus, 4.Purporting valve

1. problem with warning light in dash?

Many parts stores will scan it for free, or you can buy one of the computer scanners for around $40-70. You can also try shaking the wires under the hood to find it. A lose ground wire, plug connection corroding, crack in a hose etc.

2. I have a BRAKE warning light flashing a couple of times a day on my dash?

As your brakes wear down the fluid lever in the reservoir drops. 1.) Check the fluid level 2.) Check the pad wear

3. 2006 Ford Mustang Emissions System Warning Light and Wacky Fuel Guage?

My Intrepid does the same thing.... it is the sending unit in the tank.... if it gets worse you will have to get it replaced

4. What is the problem if the low coolant level dashboard warning light keeps coming on and then going off?

Coolant Warning Light

5. My oil pressure warning light on my Honda Accord 96 goes on when the engine is idle, what is the problem?

Honda's are not known for sludge unless you do not change the oil at all. Does the car have oil in it? Could be the pump going bad...or the sending unit may not be reading correctly...or as simple as it was not wired correctly. We had one that was triggered by the e-brake and just had to rewire it. Sounds like the oil pump though and if it is and its not fixed its a good way to blow up a motor when it eventually freezes up.

6. the tire warning light came on in my new Audi, i have had the tires checked and everything seems ok any sugges?

Have the TPMS sensors looked at. I wonder if the previous poster realizes that many American cars contain products produced by BOSCH a German manufacturer, and that some transmissions are produced by Asin- which is a Japanese manufacturer. Sorry for the rant, but I love my Audis and VWs

7. What does this warning light mean on my 2007 ford mustang?

Can you look in your manual?

8. Jeep liberty Tranny over heat warning light?

Sell it, and get a 4x4 Cherokee XJ. Get the straight 6 which you can run 200k to 300k miles on easily. Huge after market, more cargo room. For your Liberty; You might want to look into adding a transmission cooler. They cost $50 and are very easy to install. A mechanic should be able to install one in an hour.

9. Why has my Volvo V70 deisel automatic transmission warning light started flashing?

Its supposed to flash on starting the engine. Its the computer checking that everything is as it should be

10. My break warning light is on, what should I do?

That is actually a sensor telling you that your brakes are about to reach there safe limit. It is a switch that is activated by your brake pedal, when your self-adjusting brakes have worn down to a certain point this, slowly moves the brake pedal down at the same time and triggers the sensor switch. So in short, your brake pads are worn out and about to start grinding the rotors. Then no brakes.

11. What does this warning light on my dashboard mean?

if that light starts blinking TURN YOUR CAR OFF RIGHT AWAY

12. How do I disable the safety belt warning light & chime in my car?

they have sensors in the seat and relays triggering relays that tie into numerous other things so disconnecting one relay will stop 5 other things from not so it is not a good idea to remove relays.....sorry, modern engineering. if you do not like chimes then sell car and get a 1970 plymouth

13. volvo 240gl estate 89/90 warning light?

One of the things people do not know about is that the anti lock brake sensor could be bad or unplugged. Alot of times this can cause your brake light to come on. It could also be a bad connection or a bad plug. But if you do not know much about brakes it would be best if you took it to a mechanic. Try to avoid brake shops they will tend to want to have you replace everything. Midas, Tuffy and Discount brake and muffler. Find a regular auto mechanic and they will assist you better

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