Why Do Different Light Sources Affect the Voltage Output of a PV Panel?

Probably because they have a different spectrum of light output. Solar cells are fairly specific in the wavelengths of light they work most effeciently at. .

Why Do Different Light Sources Affect the Voltage Output of a PV Panel? 1

1. How do light and dark brown sugar differ?

Molasses is what gives brown sugar its brown color.Light brown sugar contains 3 1/2% molasses. Dark brown sugar contains 6 1/2% molasses. Most often, light brown sugar is used for baking or when a recipe just calls for 'brown sugar' (i.e. it doesn't specify light or dark).The dark brown sugar is used for when a 'deep molasses' flavor is desired, spice cake, gingerbread, baked beans, etc.How do light and dark brown sugar differ?How do dark brown sugar and light brown sugar differ?.

2. Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker "Clean" Light Blinks?

The coffeemaker will remind you to clean it every 30-60 days by blinking a red light. Set up your coffeemaker to clean, using vinegar and water and an empty coffee filter (or permanent filter). Hit the brew button 3 times consecutively. the first will light up the green "brew now" light, the second will light up the yellow "brew later" light and the third will give you a solid red light for clean now. It will slowly start "brewing" your cleaning solution. about halfway through, it will sound a single beep and rest for about 30 minutes then it will sound another single beep and continue "brewing" slowly. When it's finished, it will sound 3 beeps and the light and the machine will turn off. Run 2 regular brew cycles with clean water to rinse.

Why Do Different Light Sources Affect the Voltage Output of a PV Panel? 2

3. What size light bulb do I need for a 55 gallon fish tank?

This Site Might Help You. RE: What size light bulb do I need for a 55 gallon fish tank? I don't even know how to take out the light bulb, I just know I need one. Help me help myself.

4. hair highlights a light brown color or a golden color?

Light B

5. Meaning of "Only a waning candle sheds its light around”

Only when a candle is burning does it shed light. A burning candle will get smaller as it does so, which is what waning means. (The opposite of waning is waxing; the moon waxes and wanes as it goes through its monthly cycle of visibility. )A candle which is not burning is static. It does not get smaller, but nor does it shed light. It is not making any progress towards its end, its would eath'.The simile is to human life. If you do not constantly acquire knowledge through life, you are not burning, you are merely static and stagnant with nothing useful to offer. A person who constantly acquires knowledge is like a candle burning, always offering light to those around it on its way to its natural end

6. If I am travelling on a car at around 60 km/h, and I shine a light, does that mean that the light is travelling faster than the speed of light?

You can start in answering his question by explaining the Doppler shift for acoustical waves.Your son's expectation works on this intuitive background.But light waves, in contrast to sound waves which need air to reach our ears, do not need a medium to reach our eyes. This is evident in that the light from stars reaches us through the vacuum of space where there is no medium. People used to hypothesize a medium for light, aether but experiments proved, as the other answers state correctly, that the velocity of light was constant, c, no matter what the motion of the emitter or absorber. Thus no, there will be no change in the velocity measured of the emitted light whether we are sitting on the ground, forward or backward or sideways, or in the car itself. There is an effect though. Light that has been emitted by a source moving towards us does not change its velocity but it does change its frequency to a higher value; if it is receding, to a lower value. As the energy of the photons is given by E=h*nu it means that it gains an extra energy or loses some due to the relative motions of observer and emitter.This has been very useful for astrophysics. For example that is how we know the relative motions of stars with respect to us. Light comes from spectra of atoms and we know them here in the lab. They are distinctive and identify whether we see light from iron or oxygen or hydrogen in a gas state. The change in frequency of the spectral lines will tell us of the motion of the star relative to us. There exist many applications of this method

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