Why Do People Drink Light Beer?

Why do people drink light beer?

Why Do People Drink Light Beer? 1

Being a recovering alcoholic and knowing several friends who are also alcoholics, I know why a lot of drunks drink light beer: You can drink more of them. Otherwise, the alcoholics would get drunk too fast, and ruin a perfectly good evening of drinking and talking to friends. Its all about "quantity" not "quality". Most alcoholics pound beers. Drinking light beers will let them drink as many beers as they want for as long as they want. If you think about it, it was a pretty smart idea for the beer companies to start making and selling light beer. They knew people would drink more of the stuff. thus greater profits. The marketing of light beer and it being light in calories and what not is a crock of s***. Its really all bout the beer companies making money from the alcoholics.

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Is lager a heavy or light beer?

Depends upon the size of the glass. If you are holding onto the pitcher, then it's heavy

Why Do People Drink Light Beer? 2

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Why do people drink "Light" beer???

Wow! Lotta beer snobs here. Does it really matter to anyone what a person drinks? Calories are probably the biggest reason they go light. The difference is more than 10 calories. Typical beer is 150 cals and typical light is 100. Alot of European beer can go 200 calories. I know many of the homemade beers I made hit the high calorie mark pretty easy. Price may play a big part also. I am sure I could get some very fine imported beers that would meet approval of some that have posted here but the cost is very high and if it is in our stores, it is typically "skunk" since no one buys expensive beer for everyday use if they are heavy beer drinkers. Most Europeans hate US beer and that's fine by me but it all comes out as piss in the end so does it really matter? Or does having high class piss mean something special?

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Does light beer have less alcohol in it then regular beer?

no. one glass of wine has the same aalcohol as a bottle o beer so what do you think about light beer?

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A shot of Tequila vs 12 ounce of light beer. Which will give your more fat?

Everyone is right.97 calories for a shot of tequilla with no carbs and light beer is 110 calories with 6.6 g carbs.At the end of the day though its calories in, calories out.Tequilla is a better choice but it is minimal in the scope of weight loss. .If you really want to get the weight off, buckle down and give it up for a period of time and then work it back into your routine.It slows your metabolism and wreaks havock on a body trying to lose weight.I have 14 pounds left to lose and if I was willing to do this COMPLETELY. .It would be off in a few months so I am in the same boat. ALSO, drink ewater between every drink it will help your metabolism and if you drink enough for a hangover.

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Why does beer hurt my stomach?

As with the carbs it has yeast in it. If you can not have carbs you can not have beer. or that brand. Try a light beer or an ultra light even. MGD 64 might work. If not stick to the liquor. I do not drink beer cause I do not like the taste and no one looks at me funny

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What is the best kind of "light" beer?

coors light is the best light beer it is flavorful and less filling it taste good and you can drink for hrs one time i was drinking for 12 hrs and never got full

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What is the best tasting and lowest calorie light beer?

Well... For the last three years I've been tasting every new beer I can find and writing ratings on them. I've done 2500 different beers in this this time, from all over the world. So far my conclusion on low calorie beers is that you are better off with water in every way. Water tastes better, it has less calories, and less alcohol. (Ok, so the last point is debatable.) The general problem with low calorie beers is that they tend to have a slightly harsh, astringent (like chewing grape seeds) mouthfeel, and taste of paper. Other normal beer tastes tend to be muted, making the paper stand out more. In short, do not do it. Either drink water, and skip something else so you can drink real beer.

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