Why Do People Think Civics Are Sports Cars?

Why do people think Civics are sports cars?

Why Do People Think Civics Are Sports Cars? 1

mack: vtec is hondas acronym for variable valve lift electronic control... base civics have it to save gas, si trims use it for a better top end stock base civics are not sports cars... the si trim, yes its basically the same thing subaru and mitsubishi does with the lancer and the impreza show me 1 car that makes 100hp/L N/A thats a "sports car" then look at the civic si again, the engines honda uses are marvels of engineering. "A sports car is something that is designed from the start to be high performing and high handling" mazda miata, very common sports car... and guess what? it has 164 hp.... "Civic is like a Timex and was designed for practicality - passenger space and gas economy, and is therefore not a sports car, even in SI trim." what about the golf gti? or the mazdaspeed 3? impreza wrx and sti? lancer ralliart and evo? your argument is invalid because people dont associate sports cars to be balls to the wall performance and handling, they just dont.... otherwise the only sports cars would be high end exotic sports cars. why is a miata listed as a sports car with as low power as it makes? who are you to judge and tell what a sports car is and isnt? oh, and ps "But you will have people proudly display a VTEC sticker on their car, as if it had some performance implications." those vtec stickers on the civic si are stock stupid.

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What is the coolest sports car under 100k?

BMW M6 but it will be just a tad over 100k

Why Do People Think Civics Are Sports Cars? 2

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What is the some good sports cars for under 30k?

get more details .

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Do stricter US car emission regulations limit the performance on sports cars?

Q: Do stricter US car emission regulations limit the performance on sports cars?nA: To some extent, but this may be overcome with engineering and price. Consider the weight addition for the emission control devices, the extra weight may be offset by the use of more expensive but lighter materials for construction elsewhere. (carbon fiber and aluminum) or the HP restriction in the exhaust by the catalytic converter may reduced by using SS headers and larger piping reducing the overall flow restriction. The absolute performance is simply cost related, so you lay your money down and pick your performance level

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Who thinks renault should make sports cars?

Good question... I do not see why not!! Every other F1 engine manufacturer seems to have one!

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Where to rent super luxury sports cars in NYC area?

Why rent a car in one of the busyest cities in the world that also has excellent transit system!!!!

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I don't understand what the big deal with exotic sports cars that are over $100,000? is?

They are status symbols. People who can afford them buy them because they can

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what's the deal with automatic sports cars i.e. mustang, etc?

I got some shocking news for yall... Auto transmissions are FASTER in a drag type race. Go to your local drag strip on sat and sun when the real race cars are running.. I bet you 85% of the cars will be auto tranny cars (and mostly chevy th-350, th-400, and powerglide transmissions) I use to run a M22 4 speed man. trans in my drag car.. Went to a 3 speed auto and never looked back.. Times are much faster with the auto, and I was skilled at speed shifting (never lifting off the throttle when shifting gears with the stick). My ET's improved by over .4 of a second with the auto trans. (.4 seconds means ALOT in a race where .001 second can mean win and go to next round, or pack your stuff up and head home) Here's the reasons why an auto will be faster in a drag type race. 1) torque converter adds more torque going into the trans.. Factor on must race converters are around 1.75 to 2.0 X the torque. 2) Launch style, rpm, and shock on the tires will always be the same 3) shifts are made under full power (stick shift most people shifts them the same way.. Lets off throttle, pushs in clutch, moves shifter, lets out clutch, pushs the throttle) Well that whole time your off the throttle the car is pretty much just coasting, not making power, just rolling. 4) time to make shift.. Autos will shift gear to gear in less than .05 seconds.. Stick shift with most drivers the shift takes .18 seconds, and speed shifting about .08 to .10 seconds. 5) Hitting your shift points at the same RPM time after time, after time.. After all of that comes strenght... Clutch cars breaks driveline parts fast.. There's VERY FEW stick shift transmissions out there than can handle alot of power and hard racing weekend after weekend. The T5's and T56's in later camaros, mustangs, etc are junk over about 500 HP (T5's wo not even handle 300 HP with traction) Then what about clutchs.. To get a clutch that can handle 3,000 rpm launchs, side steping the clutch, speed shifting, etc you have to spend out $400 or so just on the clutch kit.. And then you better have one h*ll of a left leg when you go driving it around town.. The pressure plate will be heavy (stiff) Th-350 autos in stock form will handle around 375-425 HP, Th-400's about 450-475 in stock form. $500-540 rebuild on them and 800 HP is no prob for both of those trannys. If I tried to run a stick shift like a T5 in my camaro it would be a joke.. I would not get 10 feet down the track before it broke. Mine aint all that powerfull eaither.. lifting the front wheels about 4" off the track when I launch.

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