Why Does My Laptop Audio Stop Working When I'm on Battery Power?

I found the same problem in Windows 7. I think its not due to low power, but rather due to a software bug. After I installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1, my problem was solved

1. Ubuntu 18.04 Won't Boot on Battery Power

This link worked for my HP laptop.1) Modify the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT kernel variable in /etc/default/grub:2) $ sudo update-grub 3) Reboot.dis_ucode_ldr stands for "disable microcode loader"

2. can i get power from a car battery to power a lamp, or a small dvd player?

yea its called a converter

3. Which is the best smartphone to buy that has speed, storage, battery power and looks?

The answer to this question Varies with the Budget

4. Can I use a car battery to power a plug outlet? If so, how?

Yes its easily possible. It just requires purchasing a power inverter that is large enough to handle the grinder under load and has battery clips to clip directly to the battery. If you do not have a power inverter already you can get them at Walmart, Harbor Freight, and most automotive stores also carry them. Also Home Depot carries some pretty nice ones also. I personally have a Husky 750Watt from Home Depot and it is fan cooled dual outlet and has low battery shut-down protection which is great if you use it from your vehicle battery. If you have further questions email me at .

5. Can't disable dynamic contrast on laptop when on battery power

Start the "Intel Graphics Control Panel" app, click on the "Power" icon at bottom, click the "On battery" to the left and click the "Disable" checkbox under the "Display power saving technology"

6. How can i save battery power on my cell phone?

lock it, turn off blue-tooth and only use it when you need too. put it into power-save mode. hope this helps

7. How much battery power does monochrome mode save in Android power saving?

Actually.... Umm! Not so much.When the display is an AMOLED or POLED or OLED, it will save a little, because of those dark pixels. But it wo not be so noticeable/significant.Because, the image processor processes the images in color. It is only the display that shows in monochrome. The image processor (in SoC) produces the same color image and works and consumes as the same way if the display was in Color mode.To check this.Enable Monochrome/Grayscale in your PhoneTake a Screenshot in anywhere(in any app/any screen) of the B/W displayNow, turn off Monochrome (re-enable the Color mode/Normal mode) and see the Screenshot,.... You will find that the image is in Color. Not B/W.

8. Why is my Honda slowly draining battery power?

your alternator isnt charging or at least not enough. you should have 13 to 14 volts when running. if it was shorting that much something would have burnt by now. check your alt, voltage reg and alt belt

9. How much time can I get from a battery power source?

Your other answer is correct, but I think the speaker box will possibly operate on 12 volts instead of 16 volts, at reduced speaker power. You do not have enough data to calculate how long the battery will operate. .

10. 78 honda civic has power at battery , but no power any where else. ground wire and positive wire is good.Why?

Look for a fusible link in the pos cable, make sure connection are clean and secure. Good Luck

11. Why can't we use solar energy or a large rechargable battery to power certain household items?

Why dont you just use a pedal generator? Same idea, and its a great work out. Heres an answer... You can do it. You just have to work out the specs and set up the wiring yourself so that it would work. Plus Solar panels and rechargable batteries are a little costly so it may take a couple years or even a decade to recoup the money spent.

12. Is it true that most things that come to you are bad things or things that you usually don't want, and the good stuff you have to go and get for yourself?

Well, this is because you do not go out and get the bad things for yourself, not of your own free will, though your own actions often invite them, or set the stage for them.The good things often falls out of the sky for you, too. But if you believe that you must go out and get them, then you might miss them when they come to you. Often good comes in a different form than you expect. And misfortunes build strength each time you face them and overcome them.Looking back on today, I laugh inwardly. I finally took my old truck out for a test drive, round out the tires, and blow the moisture out of the engine. It runs like a top. I replaced the float valve assembly in the carburetor (1961 Chevy 3/4 ton) a month or so ago and it runs fine. I went about 3 miles, turned around in a gravel lot, and the engine quit. Plenty of battery power to restart but no joy. The carb leaked in a few places, which told me the float tank was flooded. I did not bring my toolkit, but had a screwdriver, removed the carb top, flicked out the gas, and monkeyed around with the floats and valve without taking the tiny parts apart, put the carb together and drove home.Funny how familiar surroundings look alien, and the blue sky seems suddenly infinite and empty when one is stuck on a country road, with no intention of having my ride come to this. I search back for some redeeming or comforting feeling, and fine none. Do I feel stronger? No. But I guess other problems helped me deal with this one. I employed prayer of course, and managed to sidestep that feeling of defeat. Is it true that most things that come to you are bad things or things that you usually do not want, and the good stuff you have to go and get for yourself?

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Check Engine Light Went Off by Itself. still Get It Checked?
If the light went off then it means that whatever monitor failed was tested again and passed. However I would still have a shop check out what code was set just in case since the computer will store it as long as battery power is not removed. This could be an early sign of a system beginning to fail or it could be as simple as a loose gas cap.1. I sell art at outdoor shows. I've seen people use a boat battery to power lights, but I need instructions.You need a deep cycle marine battery and a "Low Current Draw" inverter. I would not use halogen lighting because of the amount current it draws2. Can I use a car battery to power a plug outlet? If so, how?Yes you will have to buy an inverter that converts 12VDC to 120 AC. 7 Amps at 120 volts is going to equal to approximately 840 watts: So you are going to need at least a 900 to 1,000 watt inverter. If you can not find on at your local auto parts dealers you can find them at most TSA truck stops. or travel stores at most big Truck stops. You can also fight them at truck dealers. I mean by that dealers that sell 18 wheelers like Peter Built, Kenworth. Internationals. The biggest I have seen in truck stops was a 5,000 watt unit. That thing could almost power a whole house. 1,000 watt units are fairly common in trucks now days because most drivers have refridgetors in their trucks, entertainment centers and computers in their trucks, and instead of running their engines all night they use electric blankets when it is real cold. Plus a lot of them have small electric stoves so they can cook and not have to pay the high prices at truck stop restaurants. You will also need a battery charger to charge up your battery between uses Not cheap rinky dink one, a good one. It might cost you more money up front but cheaper in the long run. Another place I just thought of you can look is at your local R.V. dealers (Travel trailers) They use a lot of 12 volt self contained appliances like air conditioners, ice boxes, They also do it the other way and have inverters to convert 12VDC to 120 VAC..3. laptop only uses battery power when its charged?go to the Acer service station. your adapter do not have problem neither your battery. a device that hand the adapter and battery power seems to be not working. get it checked4. 1989 GMC C1500 headlamp relay loaction?There is no relay for the headlights on a 89 gmc. The breaker is built into the head light switch. You can check for a bad fuseable link at the junction block under the plastic cover under the hood on the passenger side. The fuseable link is black where it bolts to the block and then the wire turns red after the fuseable link. Red wire at terminal d on the headlight switch connector is battery power for the headlights. Power comes out on yellow wire terminal c of the headlight switch and then to the dimmer switch and then to high and low beams. If you have no high or low i would look into a bad headlamp switch i have probably put 50 of um in in my 10 years as an auto mechanic.5. Do powered subs (ones that plug into the battery for power) for cars work as well subs run through an amp?Powered subs are basically just kits that come with everything you need. They still have an amp but it is hidden in the enclosure. Thus they can sound exactly like buying component subs and an amp seperatly. if you can find a good powered sub system then yes it would be a good buy. however most powered sub systems are not very good quality and do not sound very good. it would probably sound the best to get a sub, amp and enclosure seperatly. as for improving your speakers, i would look into getting a 4 channel amp for them. with an amp your speakers will be louder and the sound will be less distorted. you would most likely need aftermarket speakers for that though. good luck!!!!
Can You Use a Car Battery to Power a Lamp?
A 12 volt lamp1. How long would a 9 volt battery power a 50 watt halogen light bulb?9 Volt Battery Light2. Iphone 4 not charging after update to iOS6The phone will charge even when the OS is powered down. Why not plug in your device and power it off (or wait for the battery to die and plug it in) and see.If it wo not charge after an OS update, you can be sure that there is a hardware issue with the charging circuitry. It's possible for a phone to get stuck in a loop where the CPU can take more power than a charger can provide, so the power cycle (or inevitable loss of battery power) could be needed to clear things and let it take a charge3. Can I use a car battery to power a trolling motor on my boat?yes if its a 12 volt4. how much battery power could be crammed into this space?look up the manufactures specs for the batteries you are interested in. This will give the kWhr rating & their dimensions. Allow say 20% waste space & do the sums. (also look at the prices & sell a kidney to raise the deposit)5. Is it better to use a battery or power supply while dealing with biosignals?A battery is guaranteed to be totally noise free, and also isolated from ground, so there is no chance of ground loop current6. How do you make it so that your Sirius Satellite radio plays off of your car battery/power directly?As mind-blowing via fact the iPod is, it gets uninteresting after a protracted motor vehicle journey. I took a highway holiday from Austin, TX to San Diego, CA and had to close off the iPod. fairly, I grew to become on my Sirius via fact it has a lot of categories of music, information radio, comedy, and so on. once you are using, Sirius wins palms down. You mine besides say XM besides via fact that they merged7. Protecting Microcontroller Input Pins from Soft Power SwitchThe circuit linking the battery, microcontroller signals and the SHDN* input of the regulator (renamed EN) seems dodgy.How about using a latch (running on battery power) to capture the closure of the key. Then the output of this latch can be OR'ed with a signal signal from the MCU to drive the SHDN* pin of the regulator (renamed to EN in the schematic). Upon booting, the MCU should drive its enable line first, then clear the latch, thereby ensuring that EN stays asserted.The subsequent button action can be monitored through the latch: if the switch is pressed again, the latch goes high again. The MCU notices this and clears both the latch and its enable signal, triggering shutdown. Since the switch is latched, the MCU can monitor this very conveniently by simply polling it at a leisurely frequency.One more optional refinement would be a circuit to ensure that when the battery itself comes online, the system powers up without the use of the button. This could be some kind of pulse which sets the latch.8. How long can a 68 aH battery power a 1500 watt appliance?nicely, a fifteen Watt photograph voltaic panel working for an universal of 12 hours in line with day, (there will be clouds), will placed 15 * 12 = a hundred and eighty Watt-hours into the battery. Assuming your inverter, (to transform 12 Volts D.C. to a hundred and twenty Volts A.C.) runs at one hundred% performance, which will in basic terms supply ability to run the grill for roughly 22 minutes an afternoon. in the genuine international, neither the battery nor the inverter will paintings at one hundred%, on your surely heating time would be critically much less. in case you get approximately 10 extra of those 15 Watt photograph voltaic panels, that ought to offer you approximately a hundred and fifty Watts * 12 hours or approximately 1800 Watt-hours which might better than conceal what you opt to do. the subsequent issue is getting an inverter which will cope with a seven hundred Watt load. they could be got here upon at motor vehicle supply homes and the better truck stops. (they are extensive-unfold with semi-drivers.) notice besides the undeniable fact that, that a ordinary motor vehicle battery will ought to offer approximately fifty 5 Amps, which ability you will ought to apply some rather heavy twine, like # 4 or # 6 welding cables to connect the inverter to the battery to cut back losses. P = seven hundred Watts E = 13 Volts I = fifty 3.80 4 Amps R =
Build a Building Automation System That Can Run on Battery Power for Decades
With the industry-leading low-power MSP microcontroller, Texas Instruments (TI) has been committed to helping engineers solve various problems in developing and building building building automation applications. Ti's MSP MCU not only has very low power consumption, but also has a high degree of analog integration to achieve miniaturization. At the same time, it includes reference software and industry standard communication protocol. So, what do these advantages and characteristics mean for the design of building automation?low power consumptionUsing MSP MCU, engineers do not have to sacrifice functionality in building automation systems or charge batteries. By combining low-power design technology with energy harvesting, battery replacement in thousands of remote sensors can be reduced or avoided. In case of battery replacement or power loss, the system state can be maintained due to the speed and durability of FRAM and compute through power loss (ctpl) software facilities. In fact, the application can be reconnected immediately where it was interrupted without recalibration or hard start. With energytrace ™ With the real-time power distribution capability of the technology, the optimized MSP microcontroller can make full use of all the power of the application.Intelligent simulation integration and miniaturizationMany people may not understand the real meaning of "MSP". This name actually represents "mixed signal processor". One of the main objectives of Ti is to integrate analog peripherals to reduce the complexity, size and cost of building automation system. The integrated high-performance simulation function allows engineers to add local interface connectivity to each sensor in the building automation system, so as to realize functions such as sampling and processing.Reference software and connectivity protocolWhether wired or wireless connectivity is added to the building automation system, MSP MCU hardware and software can make the device run like a host controller and seamlessly connect with multiple connectivity solutions at the same time. Ti also provides Ti design reference designs, wired and wireless stacks and algorithms, including the recently released ctpl and iqmathlib libraries, to speed up development and reduce the required connectivity (RF) expertise.Below, we will list some of the most common building automation applications to see how low-power MSP MCU meets their design needs.Occupancy sensors and motion detectors are essentially sensing applications, including a series of technologies for detecting the number of people in a fixed area. Usually, this detection is automatic and unknown to the detected person. Sensing technologies such as infrared (IR), ultrasonic, sound and image recognition applied in areas such as offices, classrooms, conference rooms, bathrooms, storage rooms or corridors. These sensors or detectors can be used to save and save power and energy, while also helping to add intelligence and data analysis to improve the security situation in the building.MSP MCU can provide the following advantages for occupancy sensor applications:-Low power consumption for simpler power supplies-Miniaturized size for size constrained applications-Integrated intelligent simulation function for passive infrared (PIR), thermocouple, inductance, ultrasonic and other sensor inputs. For example, the 14 bit high-speed ADC on msp432 MCU can be used for advanced capture algorithms and improve performance-Aes256 and IP encapsulation for enhanced system security-Nonvolatile embedded fram for firmware upgrade and data loggingIn addition, MSP MCU also supports 6LoWPAN and simplelink ™、 Multiple communication stacks such as KNX.Electronic lock (e-lock) is a mechanical and electronic closing device that can be opened by providing confidential information or combination by entities such as key, door card, digital keyboard, fingerprint, RFID card and security token. These products are mainly used to help improve security to ensure legal access to specific areas.MSP MCU can provide the following advantages for e-lock applications:-Ultra low power consumption that can be operated by battery for more than 10 years-Aes256 and IP encapsulation for enhanced security and IP protection-Nonvolatile embedded fram for firmware upgrade and data logging-Support multiple communication stacks, including near field communication (NFC), 6LoWPAN and Bluetooth ® Low energy (ble) and Wi Fi ® Simplelink et alGlass crack detector is a detector that can detect whether a window is broken or damaged. It is usually used in applications such as electronic anti-theft alarm. The glass crack detector generally monitors the noise or vibration from the glass through the microphone. If these vibrations exceed a specific threshold, the detector circuit analyzes these vibrations.MSP MCU can provide the following advantages for glass rupture detector applications:-Ultra low power consumption that can be operated by battery for more than 10 years-Reference design and software, with robust algorithms for error triggering or monitoring-Higher security achieved by aes256, local security zones for IP protection, and firmware upgrades-Low power 14 bit high speed ADC for advanced capture algorithms and higher performance
How Can I Save Battery Power on My Cell Phone?
turn it on only when you need to use it. dont keep it on all day1. If I buy the right equipment, can I use a car battery to power on my PS3 and TV?It wo not work. I do not know how much power a PS3 draws, but any TV big enough to really watch draws too much current for a car battery. And, you need a power inverter, not an alternator. The alternator is what keeps your battery charged in your car. The inverter converts DC to AC.2. A question about the canon powershot camera..?I am not aware of any PowerShot camera that has a firewire port on it. So if you buy a firewire cable for it, you will be left with a cable that you can not use to connect your camera to the computer. A USB cable is what you need. A card reader is a better option though. It saves battery power and overall makes getting files off the memory card much easier and faster.3. How long will my CPAP last on a Duracell Powerpack 600? Back up battery, power soure / C-Pap?call your DME rep for answers4. Can a car battery power a laptop PC?I do not think so, while many laptops are 12 VDC and so are car batteries, the amount of amps in a car battery would most likely destroy your laptop. This is unresearched, but I have worked with electronics and cars and I do not think it would work directly. Mentioned above are power inverters which do work, but it's not direct as I think you are thinking of.5. How to heat wire using battery power?The problem is that to generate heat you need power. Electrical power is Voltage times Current. So to get 120 watts of power, with a 120 volts AC requires 1 Amp, to get 120 watts of power with a 12 volt battery requires 10 Amps. The next problem is that with DC power you get a significant voltage drop over the connecting wires and the higher the current the higher the voltage drop, and the more loss. If you are looking to heat something to 100 degress very quickly then you need not hundreds of watts but thousands of watts, especially if the temperature is below freezing. If I am trying to start my car in the winter I need to draw around 60 Amps from the 12 volt battery or about 720 watts. It does not take very long to drain a battery if the car does not start quickly. On a really cold day if the battery has set out all night about 10 minutes. I assume that you are talking Fahrenheit and not Celsius in temperature. You would have to check with a supplier to find out how long a heat tape will take to melt snow. Normally we are talking a period measured in portions of hours or hours depending upon the temperature and the depth of the snow. If the snow is too deep, then the wire will melt snow and form a cave with the snow above the wire. Depending upon the surface that the wire is on, you may have difficulties heating it up to 100 degrees at spots while others are at a temperature below freezing. A shingle roof may handle it, but some plastics or metals may eventually fail. If you can wait until a sunny day to melt the snow there are passive solar methods to melt snow, maybe you should investigate them. Also to melt snow, you do not need 100 degrees, even heating to 40 degrees Fahrenheit will melt snow slowly. I would suspect that if you had an inverter that changes DC to AC with a sufficient number of batteries in parallel that you could run the heat tape for a while to melt snow off of a small object, but then you have to charge the batteries. You could also consider getting a small gas generator to provide power to the heat tape. Good luck.6. Does reseting an ipod costs battery power?No not that i know of. It is not suppose to lose any of the battery life. Make sure your stuff is charging properly and that you dont have an old drained battery
10 Brilliant Gifts for the College Kid in Your Life
What Is a Smart Doorbell and How Does It Work?Smart doorbells go beyond basic visitor notification, bringing convenience and safety features like answer-from-anywhere and a live video feed.A smart doorbell is an internet-connected replacement for a traditional doorbell. It can "ring" a smartphone or other device in your home, and integrate with a smart home automation system to display real-time video from your front door. Note that "smart doorbell" is virtually synonymous with "video doorbell" because most have video cameras included - something to watch for if you are researching. Doorbells, of course, notify you of a visitor's arrival. Smart doorbells expand on that basic function while bringing new convenience and safety functions to your front door.Smart doorbells are a lot like security cameras, only with a button visitors use to get your attention. When visitors push the button you will get a notification on your smartphone or other device, whether you are home or out and about.Most smart doorbells offer real-time video and two-way audio, which gives you some options. You can still answer your door, but you will have a little more information.Because you know who's there, you can: 1. Decline to answer the door if you are home; 2. Leave the door shut but talk to them via two-way audio on your smartphone (similar to an intercom) no matter where you are; or 3. With certain smart doorbells like Eufy's Video Doorbell, play a pre-recorded message like, "You can just leave it, thanks!" Screening your visitors or answering the doorbell from anywhere with your smartphone is not only convenient, but also a safety feature. You are not giving away whether you are home or not. And you do not have to open your door.Smart assistant integration and voice commands can enhance your door-answering experience. Using an Alexa voice command, such as: "Alexa, show me the front door," Arlo's Video Doorbell can send its live video feed to Amazon Echo devices with a screen. Google's Nest Hello also display its video feed with voice commands, and can be set up to automatically send its live video feed to a Nest Hub screen when a visitor presses the doorbell button.Smart doorbells are basically security cameras with additional door-answering features, so here are some smart doorbell security camera functions. Smart doorbell cameras with AI (artificial intelligence) person recognition can filter out "false positives" so you do not get a bunch of motion alerts for tree branches on a windy day. More advanced AI systems are not only better at recognizing people versus general motion, but can even identify familiar faces and package deliveries.When choosing a smart doorbell, one significant question is whether to go with built-in memory versus cloud video storage. Google Nest requires a subscription and cloud video storage to enable many of its features, for example, but stands out with its 24/7 continuous recording. Most other cloud services only record short clips when motion or sound are detected. It's good to have a cloud backup in case the camera is stolen, but it also sends your data outside your network while using internet bandwidth to do so. Conversely, the Eufy Video Doorbell exclusively uses 4GB on-board storage to maintain up to 30 days of footage to keep your data local, but it's more susceptible to theft. Subscription costs are another factor with cloud storage services, and we will cover that one a bit later.Smart doorbell power sources generally fall into three categories: GFCI outlet plug-in, batteries or low-voltage wiring (or a combination of wired plus battery backup). It's important to know your installation options; not every home has outlets near enough to the front door, or working low-voltage wiring.The Nest Hello can be wired to low-voltage wiring (16-24V AC) or plugged into a regular outlet with a power adapter (100V, sold separately). The Ring Doorbell 3 can run exclusively on its rechargeable battery pack or hook up with optional wiring. Battery power generally makes for the easiest installation because there's no wiring to worry about, but the size will also tend to be a little larger to contain the batteries.For any power source options, installation is pretty simple. Generally you will just affix the housing onto a wall and then put on the cover.With some smart doorbells, you will need to decide whether you want to pay for a video storage subscription service.The Nest Hello is $230 and requires a subscription to get Nest Aware functionality (essential to get the best features) and cloud video storage. You will pay $5/$10/$30 per month for Nest Aware and 5/10/30 days of video storage.The Arlo Video Doorbell costs around $150 plus a $3 per month optional subscription (again, pretty much essential).Ring Doorbell 3 models range from $100 to $230, and subscription tiers cost $3 to $10 per month.The Eufy Video Doorbell has options from $160 to $200 and is fully functional with its local storage. It offers additional online storage options ranging from $3 per month per camera to $10 per month for up to 10 cameras.
15 Best Battery Powered Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Reviews in 2021
The perfect outdoor surveillance camera should be compatible with your devices. This can be an Android phone, Windows, Mac or iPhone. With the devices, you can be able to download free apps that you can connect to the camera. This will help you to track the surveillance activities away from home or your workplace. You should be able to make changes to the app to suit your needs as a user. Its called about remote viewing.how to get free app's for iphone?Get either PandoraBox or AppMiner from the app store. They are free, and you can check them from time to time and find games and other apps that have been put on sale or are now free. Not just free versions-- sometimes if a developer has just released an update, they will put their game out for free for one weekend or even for a day to encourage people to download it and give it favorable reviews. I get games like this all the time, and you get updates and things for the games free, too, since you legitimately got them from the developer. Good luck!How much cash can I earn if my free app reaches 200,000 downloads in Playstore?Depends on a lot of variables! Which ad company are you using? Are you using a ad company? Is your app paid? I need more informationFree app to turn Droid 4 on Verizon into mobile hotspot?Okay ***** you obviously do not know anything at all about diets do you now? Chicken has 0 carbs most fish have 0 carbs eggs have 0 carbs A LOT of food have little to 0 carbs in it! Therefor I will be eating more than 1/2 slice of bread! Maybe you should do the research instead of being an idiot. People like you piss me offHow is valuation of a free app done?We usually look at the app's current profit and its profit potential to determine its value. A free app can still generate profit via in-app purchase, advertising & affiliate. If the profit trend is stable and all other analytics user data looks healthy and sustainable, I usually give it a 12x - 30x monthly profit valuation. If the app is not generating any revenue, it will be much harder to give it an accurate valuation. However, we can look at its future profitability potential. For example, if the app has a huge amount of downloads, users, sessions or a high retention rate, the app could potentially make money by placing ads, adding in-app purchase, doing affiliate marketing, changing business models, etc. In this case we will do an estimation on how much the app could make if some of the monetization has been done, then deduct the cost of making that monetization method possible.The secret about app valuation is that it really depends on who the buyer of that app business is. If the buyer has the skills or resources to increase the profit of the app, he/she might give a much higher valuation than someone who does not have that. That's when App Brokerage Service comes in. A broker can reach out to a targeted group of buyers who might value the app higher and negotiate on the deal. However, brokers only work with high value sales, usually apps that are making more than $1000/mo or could be sold for more than $50,000. If the app is smaller than that, you can also test out it's market value by starting a free auction on Flippa's app marketplace, where lots of buyers are bidding on apps everyday. You can also compare the price of similar apps sold before to determine the value of your app.How is valuation of a free app done?How is valuation of a free app done ?.11 Best disco ball apps for Android & iOS | Free apps for Android and iOSA virtual disco ball is a familiar thing for everyone in a new modern form. Thanks to these applications, you can have a party even at home. Amaze your friends with the colorful rays of a disco ball on your phone. This list contains the most popular and best disco ball apps. Choose the one you like best and enjoy the party atmosphere. If you are a home party fan, the Disco Ball 3D Live Wallpaper app is sure to appeal to you and your friends. Enjoy all such an unusual addition, as a virtual disco ball. Thanks to this you can create an original strobe. It will shimmer in a variety of colors. They are all available in the color palette of the application Disco Ball 3D Live Wallpaper. Choose your favorite color, combine and mix different colors. You can also choose your favorite music on your phone. The app will synchronize your song and disco ball. So, it will flash in time with your track. You can also change the sensitivity and brightness of the image. Different effects and shapes of neon rays are available in the application Disco Ball 3D Live Wallpaper. So, you can see the human figure, laser beam, strobe lights and much more. In the settings, you can enable a special mode in which the disco ball will work without interruption. Your phone will not be locked and the screen will not become dark. The room will illuminate the beautiful lights of the disco ball. This application will help you to replace this disco ball. Now this decoration will always be with you anywhere. This is very convenient because sometimes parties are held at home. It will be a bright addition to any evening with friends. Have fun under the bright lights of the application Disco Ball 3D Live Wallpaper. You may also like: 11 Best Party Planner Apps for Android & iOS The Color Disco Ball app has many interesting features, one of which is the simulation of a disco ball. You can also turn on police lights or emergency lights. You can also use this program as a flashlight to better navigate in dark places. On the main screen, you will see the dancing colored lights of the disco ball. Also, your phone will be emitting color signals from the front panel indicator. It will help you to adjust the intensity and brightness of the light signals. You can also add your music to the app Color Disco Ball. It will go with the changes in the disco ball. This will be useful if you want to have a party at home. This free application will make your phone more interesting. It has a nice interface and a variety of features. You can turn on different types of flashing lights. So you can create the atmosphere of a nightclub in any place you want. The Trial Real Disco Ball 3D LWP application will turn your phone into a real disco ball. Here you can set the wallpaper of your mobile device to bright rays and colorful flashes. This application has a huge collection of luminous balloons. You can set the wallpaper in both vertical and horizontal positions. Also here is an animated wallpaper. The movement and flashes of wallpaper are changing and create the atmosphere of a real party. You can even use the application Trial Real Disco Ball 3D LWP as an entertainment decoration at your home party. A lso available in the app are various themes that you can set as the main theme. This application is compatible with all types of devices. It is very convenient to use the application Trial Real Disco Ball 3D LWP. On the home page, you need to open the wallpaper gallery and choose your favorite option. Next, the app will ask you to choose which screen and in which orientation you want to set the image. Done! Now the screen of your phone looks like a real disco ball. This free application has a beautiful design and rich functionality. Decorate your phone and room with beautiful multicolored rays of the disco ball. Do you always want to have the imitation of a real disco ball with you? Then install the Disco Ball app. Now in your pocket will always be real colorful lights. This application has in its collection a variety of wallpaper with the image of disco balls. All they have different colors and can actually be used as an analog of the disco ball. Now you can enjoy the shine and bright lights right on your phone. On the screen of your phone will appear lights discotheque. It will create the atmosphere of a real party. The luster of the strobe is so realistic that you can surprise your friends even at a home party. The disco ball in the application Disco Ball is filled with a variety of colors. Your screen will no longer be boring. You can also include the simulation of the disco ball in the application Disco Ball. Here you can add your music. Then the movements and images of the best will be adjusted to this sound. You can also enable continuous stream function. Then your phone will not be blocked. So, you can enjoy the color rays of the disco ball for a long time. Disco Ball Video Wallpaper is a new application that can make delight and decorate the desktop of your favorite phone. It will do it with glamour and glitter. After the installation of these wallpapers, the screen will turn into a disco with a dark background. The screen of your mobile device cut through the lights and rays reflected by the crystal ball. Disco ball is an integral part of any discotheque. Imagine listening to music on your smartphone and watching the bright lights shimmer. It's as if you are going to be on the dance floor. Live HD-wallpaper is absolutely free and yet has a good set of graphical settings. You are offered to choose one of five background images. You can also set options for all interactive elements - lights, flashes, rays. Despite the high quality of the graphics, live wallpaper looks great in any orientation. Regardless of the performance of the device. Summer Disco Ball LWP app is a real disco ball, which will be an indispensable complement to any of your parties. Decorate your room with colored lights to create a fun party atmosphere. This application can create three-dimensional effects of color rays in the highest quality. You can also add music. The app Summer Disco Ball LWP synchronizes the sound of the song with the flashing rays. So, it can be used as a source of music and a shining disco ball at your home parties. You can also use this application as a flashlight. Illuminate dark areas to be able to navigate the terrain. You can choose any color of the flashlight that you like. You can also use this app to set the flash for incoming calls and messages. The distinctive feature is that this flash can be adjusted as you like. Select any beat and number of repetitions. Turn your phone into a real disco ball and surprise your friends. Decorate your party with this nice feature. This is a free application in which there is no built-in advertising. Besides, it works without restrictions. You do not need to make any extra purchases. The Disco Ball Effect app is your pocket disco ball. It will help you throw a party anywhere and anytime. Here you can choose any color of strobe lights. Turn the screen of your phone not only into a disco ball but also into a candle, rainbow and more. You can choose from about 10 different color lights, which can be switched to the disco ball. The bright flashlight will simulate different movements and even shapes. Now you can enjoy a real disco at home and surprise your friends with such opportunities. You can also turn your phone into a flashlight to illuminate your way in the dark. The flashlight can be in different colors. You can also set the flashing mode. This resembles a police signal. Very funny and fun to play your friends with this application. The application Disco Ball Effect uses only the brightest colors. This will make your disco ball unique and original decoration of any discotheque. You can control the movement and speed of the disco ball rays. Choose a low or high frequency. This application has incredible graphics and a nice interface. Besides, it is free and does not include built-in advertising. Disco Music is a bright and colorful disco ball, which flashes are accompanied by your own music. Create a nightclub atmosphere right in your home. Add your own music. Disco ball lights synchronize with it and will "dance" in time. You can do this in the special tab of the application Disco Music, which is located at the top of the screen. You can also configure the adaptation of the ball to your music. This function is adjustable in the settings. This application has a variety of functions. For example, light music or LED flashlight. You can use a flashlight to illuminate dark areas. During the operation of the disco ball mode, you can turn on continuous playback. So your phone will not be blocked and will be able to please you with its multicolored rays. All colors in the application Disco Music are very bright and saturated. The color palette has almost all the existing colors. You can combine and mix them. The interface and design of the application Disco Music look great. This application does not take up much space in the memory of a mobile device. It works without restrictions and without extra purchases. Do you like parties? Then the Disco ball app will definitely come in handy for you. Decorate your phone image disco ball or turn it into a real strobe. Every time you unlock your phone, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of a disco. Enjoy the colorful rays of the disco ball with your favorite music. It can be added to the application settings. Thanks to the application Disco ball you can relax or have a party in any place and at any time. Surprise your friends with the colorful rays of the disco ball. Bright rays will relieve your tension and help you to plunge into the world of nightclubs right at home. The application Disco ball will emit from the screen of your phone neon rays of light. You will like it so much that you will want to dance and enjoy this performance. You can set a disco-ball image as the wallpaper of your mobile device. Just select any disco ball you like from the app gallery. Hold it until a special menu appears. Here you can choose which orientation you want to set the wallpaper in. Vertical and horizontal orientation is available to choose from. The Disco Light LED Flashlight application is very fun and easy to use. This is a real disco-ball simulator, which is suitable for any party. The brightness of the light rays that emanate from the phone screen, you can see even in total darkness. This application has excellent graphics and stunning visualization. So you can definitely surprise your friends with this innovation. Also, the application Disco Light LED Flashlight can be used for other purposes, as it is very multifunctional. Create different effects for your home disco. You can choose the color of the disco ball from the palette. Combine and combine the colors you like. Adjust the strobe flashing frequency. You can also add your music to the app in a special section. The blinking of the disco ball rays will be adjusted to your tracks. Now on your display will be shining colorful lights of the incredible disco ball. The application Disco Light LED Flashlight also uses the flash of your phone. This will help to create an interesting extra effect. You can also use this function as a flashlight to illuminate dark areas. You can also play friends with this app. To do this, there is a police siren mode here. The application Disco Light LED Flashlight simulates the sound and flashing of a police car. This free application works without any restrictions. There is also no built-in advertising and unnecessary extra shopping. Live Wallpapers Disco Ball application is a set of amazing live wallpapers for your mobile device. Make your smartphone unique, with the help of a colorful disco ball. In the collection of the app, you will find animated images and interesting videos. The disco ball will sparkle with different colors right on the screen of your phone. You can disable the screen lock in the application. Then your room will be filled with neon strobe rays. You can also use the application Live Wallpapers Disco Ball to decorate your home party. Surprise your friends with the bright rays of the disco ball and create the atmosphere of the disco. Now you do not have to go to a nightclub to enjoy it. Turn on your music and the disco ball synchronizes with it. Colorful music will be playing intact with the sound of your songs. It is very easy to use this application. To begin with, run the application Live Wallpapers Disco Ball. Then you need to choose your favorite wallpaper and click "Apply". The image will be automatically set as the wallpaper of your mobile device. Also here you can choose animated wallpaper. This free application is very popular among users. It has no built-in annoying advertising and does not need any purchases. Enjoy the colorful rays of your pocket disco ball. 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Top 7 Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Expert Reviews 2021
Searching for the Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer?If your answer was yes, then you had visited the perfect website to get the expert reviews for Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer.So, first, let's understandWhy Do You Need a Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer for the Garden?If you want to control your garden pests easily, then it's time you get a battery-powered backpack sprayer.You will no longer have to hire a pest control company to come out and spray your garden because these types of backpack units can spray down to about 6 inches deep.This way, not only will you get rid of garden pests, but you will get rid of pesky rodents and bugs as well.You will need an electrician to hook up the unit, but other than that, everything should be reasonably accessible.You will find that there are many different models of backpack garden sprays available for you to choose from.You need to have one of these backpacks so that you will be able to get rid of garden pests easily and quickly.To do this, you will need to get a spray nozzle to spray the chemicals down into the soil.You want to use a backpack garden sprayer because it is portable, which means that you wo not have to take the backpack everywhere that you go.Once you spray down the dirt, you will want to leave it for around 10 minutes so that the chemicals can get into the ground.Once you do that, rake the dirt back up so that it can be resprayed. You will need to repeat this process to make sure that you get rid of any garden pests.This method will not only get rid of garden pests, but it will also get rid of small rodents and bugs that may be living in your yard as well.If you are thinking about buying a backpack for your garden but do not know which one to buy or how to go about it, then you've come to the right place.The Backpack should be lightweight, very water-resistant (it's just a little bit to be carried on your back at times), highly durable to rough use, and the perfect size for a day on the trails or just out and about.There are several different models of Backpacks available. Some are small handheld models, and some are large industrial model size Backpacks.All types have their advantages and disadvantages. The best battery-powered backpack sprayers are listed below....Spring Powered Backyard Sprayer: This is a model with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. The user inserts the Backpack handle into the socket on the garden hose, and the nozzle shoots out a jet of water at very high pressure.The spring attached to the battery will charge up while the nozzle is in use, and when the battery is complete, the nozzle will shut off and on again until the battery is fully charged. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage with this Backpack.You can only spray in a small area, and if you want to stream more than a small area, it will require using two or more batteries. This is the least expensive model.Jet-Propelled Backpack Sprayer: This is the most expensive of the battery-operated Backpack sprayers.The user places the Backpack's handle on the garden hose's valve, pushes a button that creates a jet of water, and the nozzle shoots a jet of water at the ground or the area that you want to spray.It takes approximately four to eight hours to charge the battery completely. This is the appropriate choice for larger areas and areas that you want to get a lot of water on.Single Charge Sprayer - This type of Backpack sprayer uses a single 4- 4-gallon tank.You add water, propane, and the appropriate type of fuel to the tank and start spraying.The advantage of using a single charge sprayer is the ability to spray multiple areas without using a second battery or recharging the entire tank.This Backpack charger is simple to use and produces a quality water stream at shallow water usage.You can use this type of Backyard sprinkler to get any area you need to get rid of leaves, grass clippings, debris, etc.You can also place the entire unit on top of the lawn to soak up large amounts of soil in one shot, and it's easy to empty the contents of the unit when you are done using the grounds.Using a handheld garden hose, the entire process only takes about four to six seconds.This is the ideal choice for people who like the simplicity of a Backpacking Sprayer for the Garden but do not need to carry a large amount of water with them regularly.If you are looking for a backpack sprayer that can handle nature's harshest punishments, look no further than the Spray Mate Storm Backpack Sprayer.While it may be hard to believe that nature has something good to give you in the form of a spray, the spray Mate Storm Backpack is explicitly designed with your back in mind.With a sturdy, ductile nylon construction and a powerful motor. Plus, with an adjustable height and a flexible hose, you will be able to reach where you need to go without having to bend over.Even though you will use this backpack sprayer while hiking or camping, it's still easy to use even by non-backpack users.The SprayMate Storm Backpack even comes with an included, durable carrying case that can be taken anywhere with you.When you are done using the backpack, all you have to do is remove the carrying case, pop opens the nozzle, and spray away. It's that easy!Another great thing about the Storm Backpack Sprayer is its portability.This is something that makes it different from other similar products - it wo not stick up on trees or other objects in your path, which means you will be able to move around more freely without worrying about getting spray damage to your clothes.This is also great if you are going somewhere where you might not want to deal with messing with carrying around a huge, heavy backpack.The Storm Backpack Sprayer folds up compact, making it great for those weekend trips to the city that do not seem to have much time walking around.No matter where you use it, you will enjoy the extensive spray coverage it offers.The most extensive commercial backpack system, the Husky UDS, is an excellent choice for large landscape applications.A good quality backpack hose allows you to apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers according to your needs.With a heavy-duty nozzle system, you should be able to spray two rows of plants in one shot.Large 6-inch high tanks with double baffle air diffusers, a large water tank with a submersible heater and stainless steel caps, and a large water-holding reservoir will allow you to fill a few rows at a time.Other features to look for including a touch-button start with a large, comfortable water-carrying handle, a dual hose set, and a water dispenser that can be used to feed seedlings or watering flower beds.The dual-use HUDSON Backpack Sprayer is an excellent choice for small to medium-size landscapes.The hosepipe is long enough to go under bushes, brush, and other obstacles, including logs and other landscaping structures, so it will reach those hard-to-reach places that most backpack gardeners want to avoid.Dual-vent systems with a large water-holding reservoir and a large water tank will allow you to cover an entire lawn with one application.It has the same type of nozzle as the larger model, but the hose pipe is shorter, which means you can spray smaller turf areas without needing to fill up the whole tank again.This feature is excellent for applications where you do not need to water for an extended time, such as an outdoor wedding or a soccer field.The HUDSON Backpack Sprayer is made with durable nylon fabric and designed with an open design, making cleaning easy.The adjustable hook and loop head enable you to spray in any direction, including behind structures and over uneven ground.The large water-holding container allows you to cover an entire lawn or a section of your yard in one application, so you will get even coverage with each pump stroke.The dual-vent system gives you even more flexibility with your spraying because you can turn the fan on and off whenever you need extra power.While this is one of the least liked features, it does provide superior coverage, even with the detachable nozzles, which makes the HUDSON Backpack Sprayer one of the most versatile and valuable garden tools available for the spring season.The Chapin N Backpack Sprayer by Chapin provides users with three nozzles for a variety of uses.The nozzles are located at the top of the hose and can be used to spray down the brush or clothing without running your hand over the hose's handle.The adjustable nozzles are helpful when you need to change the spray's direction without turning the handle as much as you would with other sprayers.Besides, the sprayers have an electronic air release button that allows you to quickly release the solution, allowing you to get more work done in the same amount of time.The sprayer has a variety of features that make it a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom.First, it has three nozzles, which allow you to select how much you want to get sprayed down and at what angle.When using the backpack sprayer with the optional cordless adapter, you will be able to do more than three things simultaneously.For example, you can turn on the valve to spray water down a wall, push the cordless adapter into a wall outlet, and then turn the valve to spray paint in the room.Many consumers like the fact that the Chapin N backpack sprayer is easy to clean. It does not leak or run when it is complete, and it features rubber nozzles that are very easy to clean.It is also dishwasher safe and can be used on most surfaces. The backpack sprayer runs on one AAA battery, which offers several hundred hours of continuous operation.The backpack is very lightweight, and it has a fold-down handle, so it is easy to store.The Field King Backpack Sprayer is a versatile, fully automatic garden tool suitable for most gardens, whether they are large or small.It is particularly suited to light commercial or street gardening where a small, self-contained sprayer is not needed and can be used on an annual or bi-annual basis, depending on the area's watering requirements.A smaller pump is sufficient for typical landscape applications, although the optional sprayer attachment for the Field King Max system delivers significantly greater spray coverage than any other model.It is ideal for spraying trees and shrubs at ground level, mainly when using hoses and nozzles designed for larger areas.When using it for larger plants, it is essential to adjust the spraying pressure to match the plant's water requirements - a high-pressure application will result in a lot of water being spent, which is unnecessary.This version of the Field King Backpack Sprayer features both a hose and nozzle.The hose can be adjusted to reach any desired distance, from short distances to greater distances, while also delivering a constant spray nozzle pressure.The sprayer attachment features a range of different spray settings and is also controlled via a pressure control switch.A helpful feature is a spray-off button, which can quickly remove excess water without impacting the plant's health or root structure.The adjustable spray head allows you to achieve precise coverage to be used on plant beds, fences, and other arrangements.It also has an accessory called the King Spreader, which allows you to place the sprayer head and nozzle for precise coverage of small corners and trellises.The Field King Max System delivers a high-powered, continuous stream of water to any garden surface, using either a pre-set spraying schedule or custom manual spraying.The sprayer has a water delivery reservoir that holds up to eight gallons of water, allowing you plenty of time to complete your gardening tasks, whether it's general light deep watering or even lawn irrigation.The sprayer includes an adjustable spray nozzle, which helps control the speed of the spray and can even be adjusted to spray in a circular motion.The sprayer can be fixed onto a garden hose, making it very convenient to work outside or on an elevated surface.This handy sprayer can also be set onto a garden table to enable you to apply more generous amounts of watering while having the sprayer at hand.Must Check:- Best Hoses For GardenThe Visotech Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer is a fully integrated backpack for both dry and wet uses.These are the most advanced in backpack designs and technology and are a trendy choice among consumers.The Visotech backpack has been developed with the user in mind to address his or her gardening needs by providing him or her with maximum comfort and functionality at all times.The new model, the Visotech Turbo, is designed with even more efficient battery technology and the most cutting-edge features that will leave your competitors in the dust.If you are looking for a good backpack with a lot of utility but with many styles, this may be the backpack for you.When you look at the specs of this backpack, you will find a unique hybrid design.This means that it combines some of the best features of an electric backpack with some of a backpack's best features with rechargeable batteries.A small charging unit is included with the backpack, so you can use it right away when you need to. But what sets this apart is that the backpack comes with two high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which are great for power on the go.One feature that many consumers appreciate is that the entire backpack is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes.This is great for outdoor activities, but the battery-powered backpack's durability means that it will last you through many continuous hours of use.This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who values their freedom and the quality of their equipment.This backpack sprayer is equipped with an in-line filter for easy cleaning and instant use.It features sturdy stainless steel, a non-corrosive stainless steel barrel that is durable and easily cleaned.The sprayer comes with a durable carrying handle and water reservoir.The sprayer has a long hose and is very easy to assemble. The sprayer will spray approximately forty gallons of water per minute and fifteen gallons of foam per second.This backpack sprayer will clean your garden or lawn without wasting any water.Scotts Backpack Sprayer uses an air pump that pumps the water into the air chamber rather than spraying it onto your backpack.This backpack sprayer gives you the ability to fill up your backpack without wasting any water or chemical you want to spray in your garden or yard.The pump makes it easier to get the water into your backpack without wasting any water.It is also equipped with a durable nylon mesh filter for easy cleaning and to keep the air in your backpack clean.Jacto PJ16 Backpack Sprayer is a compact, lightweight backpack pumping system that delivers efficient chemical delivery in unventilated areas.It features two handles, one for pumping the fuel (accelerate with air compression) and one for pumping the chemical (throttle starts at full capacity).It also features a nylon carrying case and ergonomic backpack with a V-shaped shoulder pad for comfort and maximum user comfort.The pump itself is a sealed aluminum tube with a single, double, or triple stage pump with a built-in expansion port for mixing, holding, and evacuating the spent gas. It also includes a remote control and accessory plug for faster accessory changes.This non-reactive, high-speed, fully-capture, high-volume pumping system is ideal for cleaning gardens, yards, tile, marble, and granite surfaces.It works as fast as possible by minimizing the time spent on pumping while delivering up to five gallons per minute of highly effective air pressure.It features a fully automatic system for complete safety and convenient operations.The Jacto PJ16 pump is easy to use. It includes a safety lock for preventing the pump from being operated upon when the operator is not nearby.It has an automatic safety switch for preventing the pump from starting if the pressure is too low, preventing the possibility of spillage.It can be used without a mask to protect the eyes from fumes and other airborne debris. A safety button and hose rerouting handle are also included for further safety.I hope till now you had found the best sprayer for your garden.All the above sprayers are recommended and used by many people all around the world and,These sprayers had made their work easy for gardening needs.If you had any query feel free to comment down below.If you found this content helpful, do not forget to share this article on your social media handles.what size backpack for my backpacking trip?Beachburr is right, 4,000 to 5,000 is more than you should ever need. The only advice I give on backpacks has to do with weight. Few years ago I went to replace my pack, found a real nice one, had all the features I wanted. This pack cost $285 and weighed 8 and 1/2 pounds empty. I found a pack the same size, same features, cost $75, and weighed less than 3 pounds. The less expensive pack wo not last as long as the other one, but I do not have to carry an extra 5 pounds every time I go backpacking. With the difference in price I can afford to replace the lighter pack several times before it cost me as much per mile as the heavier one. Over 35 years backpacking experience, more than a 1,000 nights in the back country.
Now, 'green' Li-ion Battery Powered by Ancient Red Dye.
Washington, December 12 ( ANI ): Researchers including Indian origin scientists have developed a non-toxic and sustainable lithium-ion battery powered by purpurin, a dye extracted from the roots of rose madder plant (Rubia species).More than 3,500 years ago, people in Asia and the Middle East first boiled madder roots to color fabrics in vivid oranges, reds and pinks.The breakthrough suggests rose madder - a natural plant dye once prized throughout the Old World to make fiery red textiles -could lay the foundation for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.To develop the new 'green' battery, chemists from The City College of New York teamed with researchers from Rice University and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.Traditional Li-ion batteries charge everything from your mobile phone to electric vehicles, but carry with them risks to the environment during production, recycling and disposal."Purpurin," on the other hand, said team member and City College Professor of Chemistry George John, "comes from nature and it will go back to nature." Most Li-ion batteries today rely on finite supplies of mined metal ores, such as cobalt.The cobalt salt and lithium are combined at high temperatures to make a battery's cathode, the electrode through which the electric current flows.Mining cobalt metal and transforming it, however, is expensive, explained Dr. Leela Reddy, lead author and a research scientist in Professor Pulickel Ajayan's lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Rice University.Fabricating and recycling standard Li-ion batteries demands high temperatures, guzzling costly energy, especially during recycling.Production and recycling also pumps an estimated 72 kilograms of carbon dioxide - a greenhouse gas - into the atmosphere for every kilowatt-hour of energy in a Li-ion battery, he noted. These grim facts have fed a surging demand to develop green batteries, said Dr. Reddy.Fortunately, biologically based color molecules, like purpurin and its relatives, seem pre-adapted to act as a battery's electrode. In the case of purpurin, the molecule's six-membered (aromatic) rings are festooned with carbonyl and hydroxyl groups adept at passing electrons back and forth, just as traditional electrodes do."These aromatic systems are electron-rich molecules that easily coordinate with lithium," explained Professor John.Moreover, growing madder or other biomass crops to make batteries would soak up carbon dioxide and eliminate the disposal problem - without its toxic components, a lithium-ion battery could be thrown away.Best of all, purpurin also turns out to be a no-fuss ingredient."In the literature there are one or two other natural organic molecules in development for batteries, but the process to make them is much more tedious and complicated," noted Professor John.Made and stored at room temperature, the purpurin electrode is made in just a few easy steps: dissolve the purpurin in an alcohol solvent and add lithium salt. When the salt's lithium ion binds with purpurin the solution turns from reddish yellow to pink. Remove the solvent and it's ready."The chemistry is quite simple," coauthor and City College postdoctoral researcher Dr. Subbiah Nagarajan explained.The team estimates that a commercial green Li-ion battery may be only a few years away, counting the time needed to ramp up purpurin's efficiency or hunt down and synthesize similar molecules.The team reported their results in the journal Nature's online and open access publication, Scientific Reports. ( ANI ) ]]> Copyright 2012 aninews.in All rights reserved.Provided by Syndigate.info an Albawaba.com company
The Electric Blanket in a JACKET: Battery Powered Clothes Stop You Feeling the Cold by Reaching a Ve
Do you dread winter? Hate stepping outside because no matter how much you wrap up, you end up freezing?Then a new range of heated clothing could be the answer to all your woes.TechNiche has launched a selection of clothes that can heat up to a toasty 60°C.The IonGear battery-powered vests, jackets and gloves use lithium batteries and carbon filaments to generate heat and are adjustable so a wearer can choose the temperature according to the weather.Its makers say the clothing is aimed at those who work outdoors, exercise outside, compete as an athlete in extreme weather or just feel the cold very easily.After stepping back indoors, a user simply recharges the battery and the garment is ready to use again the next day.The vest and jacket contain three pads - one in each front side and one across the lower back - fitted to a 7.4V battery and have a temperature controller with three settings - low (40°C), medium (50°C) and high (60°C).The clothing starts to warm up within one or two minutes of being switched on and can stay warm for up to nine hours, depending on what temperature you set it to.The battery fully recharges in around four hours and has around 500 charges in it.The heating elements, battery and temperature controller can all be removed to wash the clothing.The gloves have heating elements built into them which run along the back of the hand and each finger, and each glove has its own battery and multi-level temperature controller with four settings ranging from 32-57°C.A spokesman for TechNiche said: 'We have the solutions you need to beat the cold while at work, rest and play.'We offer products that allow you to work longer in extreme cold conditions, keeping your mind on the job and helping you perform better.' As well as its heated products, TechNiche has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of cooling vests in the world.The cooling vests are used by top athletes including Formula 1 teams, ProCycling teams and several national football teams in the Brazil World Cup last year.The vest costs £151.10 excluding VAT, £176.10 for the gloves and £194 for the jacket.
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