Why Is It That the Bible Should Not Be Taken Word for Word but then Should Be Taken Word for Word?

I see these type of questions a lot on this site. What I see you asking, in reality, is; "the Bible does not make sense to me, nor the ones who try to explain it. Why not?" The answer is the same since the beginning. Without faith, it is impossible to se or know these things of God. It is the starting point. I could teach you about dispensations and about New Covenants vs. Old Covenants, but none of it would in the least change your opinion, or more important, your heart (the inner person). "Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God. Start with, "I am a sinner and I know it God." Then trust Jesus for the forgiveness of sin, with your heart (not your mind). This is the start, and then understanding becomes possible.

Why Is It That the Bible Should Not Be Taken Word for Word but then Should Be Taken Word for Word? 1

1. Word connections

2-word chain: playwork -> workout3-word chains: playback -> backlog -> logout playhouse -> housebreak -> breakout playoff -> offhand -> handout4-word chain: playbill -> billboard -> boardwalk -> walkout5-word chains: playpen -> penname -> nameplate -> platemail -> mailout playclothes -> clothesline -> lineup -> uptake -> takeout6-word chain: playground -> groundhog -> hogwash -> washpot -> potshoot -> shootout

2. Is there a word for...?

if it were a proper scientific phenomenon, there would be. But there is not . So it is not .

Why Is It That the Bible Should Not Be Taken Word for Word but then Should Be Taken Word for Word? 2

3. How do I check the word count in Microsoft Word?

To count the words in your open file, press the Alt key then T then W. That does it

4. Is the Bible the Word of God or is it Jesus who is the Word??

"Word" translated from the Hebrew "dabar" means to instruct, speak, declare or pronounce. That's exactly what the bible is meant to do. From the Greek "logos" it means "something said or thought". By extension is means "Divine Expression" as in "Jesus is the divine expression of Yahweh's love for us." That's exactly what our God intended.

5. Is it a strong word?

Returns 1 for strong word and 0 for weak word. Tested with the words given in the main post

6. How do I circle a word or something on Microsoft Word?

You might want to use the highlighter. In versions of Word prior to Word 2007: 1. Select the text you want to highlight. 2. On the Formatting toolbar, next to the button with a big black A, there's a highlighter icon. Click its listbox arrow to select a color, or just click the icon to use the current color. In Word 2007: 1. Select the text you want to highlight. 2. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. 3. In the Font group, next to the button with a big black A, there's a highlighter icon. Click its listbox arrow to select a color, or just click the icon to use the current color. Hope that helps.

7. RHH: What song(S) took your love of hip hop to the next level?

The album the song that got me in, was the first song I learned "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa. I was like 4, or 5 should not have been listening to that but that was the first song I learned word for word. But my LOVE for it really came when Ghetto Boys came out with "My mind is playin tricks on me:

8. Can anyone please translate Sponge Cola's "Di Na Mababawi" to English please?

Not translated word per word because it would sound so technical and non-artistic so I tried to translate it and work around the same meaning. Here goes: I try to think back on The shortcomings I have I hope you will know that you are the only one I understand Instilled in my memories is Your promise that you will stay When you left, you left this heart Unsatisfied, unfulfilled Chorus You can no longer take back the pain you left With the words you've said Were not you the one who decided, planned and first shied away Why did you have me wait and hope for nothing? I can still hear your soothing voice In the winds that blow against me It's as if you are still here with me Silently watching (chorus) The clouds have now fallen Moon and sun, the stars I pursued for.. what is left of those times? All has been a waste, my dear (chorus)

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What Does the Word "sensizlik" Convey in Turkish?
What Does the Word "sensizlik" Convey in Turkish?
The state of being without you.Sen is you. -siz is the suffix gives the meaning without, deprived, lack. As in şekersiz çay, tea withut sugar. -lik is the suffix for relatedness, a state, a status, a belonging, an occupation, an item, a thing. İt has a lot of usage.— — — — — —Is there a word that means “walk away disregarding”?The fact that he's walking away is completely separate from the fact that he is disregarding Mike's response. Consider these sentences, which have similar structure:John turns and walks away, eating an ice cream cone. John turns and walks away, checking his phone for messages. If you consider this in your native language I would guess this is likely true there as well.— — — — — —logos and logou - what's the difference? [closed]My "colleagues" are correct. This is essentially an easy question if you know Greek grammar. For the sake of argument, I will assume you have not formally studied Greek grammar-but of course, correct me if I am wrong.The chart below shows you conjugated forms of the Greek word ('logos').I am not a Greek professor, so I might have the Greek grammar police correcting me here, but I will try to break this down for you in a simple manner.The chart has 5 rows-one row for each case: Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, and Vocative... (and to complicate things further, some grammars will throw in Locative and Instrumental-but let's keep things simple).Nominative in the first row means the basic form of a word-unconjugated so you have 'word' (or a word) or 'words.' Genitive case in the second row expresses possession; so, you have 'word' or 'words' of [somebody]-word or words belonging to someone.Dative case in the third row is the case of the indirect object; so you might have I say a word to [somebody].Accusative case in the fourth row is used when the word is a direct object; so, you have 'a word.'Vocative is the case of direct address and it is lacking an example for 'word' because 'logos' is (typically) not used in the case of direct addressI hope this helps to answer your question.Sources:Machen, J. Gresham. New Testament Greek for Beginners. The Macmillan Company, 1951.— — — — — —Does the word ONE in the verses listed below denote a physical oneness of substance or a oneness in unity, purpose and nature?Regarding the Greek, in all four verses that you cite, the same Greek word is used for "one" -- the Greek word "en".Of itself that does not prove much. In Greek, as in English, you can use a word to have different shades of meaning in different contexts, and two words can be synonyms.One of the verses that you cite, John 17:11, says, "that they may be one as We are", which would pretty clearly indicate that the oneness of the church is in some way the same as the oneness of the Father and Son. One could debate whether this means that the oneness of the church is exactly the same thing as the Trinity, that it is comparable as a analogy but not the same thing, or that here Jesus is talking about a unity between himself and the Father that is not the same as the unity of the Trinity.To the best of my knowledge, Scripture does not give a definitive answer to this question. Happy to hear if somebody else can point to verses that could clarify.— — — — — —Postfix discard not working properlyIf you are trying to match actual words, instead of just random bits of text that might appear within a word, you should include word boundaries in your regular expression.For example:This will match both man and humans.But use the word boundary to indicate that you want to match only a complete word. Now this will match man, but not humans.— — — — — —Do you think we will every see the original unedited version of the Bible with no sections removed?There never was one.There under 2000 handwritten copies, probably no two alike in that each there were different ideas of which books of the New Testament to include [more gnostic Gospels were eventually thrown out than retained]. There were also debateable Old Testament books. And no offense, but why would you care? It is not like there was something magical about the version that left someone's pen. I edit books all the time, or review various final drafts, and draft 26 is usually better than draft 13. Please do not delude yourself into thinking that the original contained direct quotes
Google Keywords Content of Wordpress Sidebars
Google Keywords Content of Wordpress Sidebars
The Content Keywords list in Google Search Console is, at least in part, junk. Do not pay too much attention to it. In over three years of watching, no-one has found my site using any term in my Content Keywords list. Most, if not all of the terms in my list are not significantly important or distinguishable for search. Do not worry about what you see in this list.Except for one thing. It is a good indicator of over optimizing terms that you may not have intended.Here is what you do not know.Google uses several of your pages HTML DOM model to separate out repeated part of your page from your content. I can distinguish a header from a footer from a sidebar. One major reason for doing this is to be better able to separate out individual page content from non-content. This has been in place for a very long time and Google is very good at weighting content items appropriately- especially in the past few years (3 plus). So in short, there really is nothing to fix!You are actually okay! This feature from Google causes a lot of confusion and should be cleaned-up or removed.As a side-note: Please do not follow the keyword chase lemmings. Google is a semantics search engine now and is unique in that it started out as a semantics based search engine in 1997 and has sought applying semantics more than any other search engine ever has. This means that keywords and keyword matches are actually an incidental outcome as part of the process and not a function of the search engine. SEOs like you to think that Google makes keyword matches when in reality it makes search intent matches against terms that may or may not appear on your site at all. So stop killing yourself by worrying about specific keywords and just do naturally written content and make sure that you are using good and clear language appropriate for your audience. Do yourself the favor. It is more about linguistics than about singular terms1. WordPress User ID as ShortcodeFrom add_shortcode...Note that the function called by the shortcode should never produce output of any kind. Shortcode functions should return the text that is to be used to replace the shortcode. Producing the output directly will lead to unexpected results. ..Try changing the echos in your callback to returns and see, if that helps2. PDF download - use wordpress functionsAs you have mentioned the file is located in your plugins folder you do not need to add the wp-load.php file here in case if you are not able to use the default WordPress functions. You need to include the file from your plugin's main PHP file. Hope this solves your query.3. What are the best WordPress plugins?It depends on what do you want the plugin for.Like what will your WordPress website be about and what functionalities do you want the plugin/s to provide!There could be no precise answer for this as to each their favorite stack of plugins, and each stack depends on what is needed for the website to run4. WordPress taxonomy radio buttonsYou can use the meta_box_cb parameter of the register_taxonomy function to define your own function for the meta_box. With the help of this article I have created this snippet:To make use of this meta_box, you have to pass this parameter to the register_taxonomy function:The beauty of this code is that you have to pass in no parameters at all, because it relies on the parameters passed to it by the register_taxonomy function. These are the post object and an array containing info on the metabox itself.5. Wordpress live site images not displayingYou can either use the SQL query or use the Velvet Blues WordPress plugin. Via SQL This will resolve the broken links and missing images issue6. WordPress security checklists on cPanelYour installation is ok as per your given directory path, To secure WordPress site/blog, you should follow these steps :Make sure you are using latest WordPress version, update it time by time when new version is available.Check plugin details, no. of downloads, rating etc before you use any plugin. Also always use latest version of all plugins. If you have not installed WordPress yet, then during installation, change database table prefix from "WP" to any other string.Do not create user with username "admin", use some other username and secured/strong password.From cPanel, Set permission 755 for all WordPress folders and 644 for all files. Take regular back up of your theme files and database.Disable all files and directory listing for public users, You can achieve this by .htaccess file. Change you cPanel, FTP and WordPress login passwords on some regular interval. You can install plugin that restrict fail login attempts, For ex: block user ip if they tried to login in WordPress admin and insert wrong credential 3 times. I hope above steps will help you to get some more security for your WordPress blog
What's the Very First Word That Comes to Your Mind When You Read These Words?
What's the Very First Word That Comes to Your Mind When You Read These Words?
What's the very first word that comes to your mind when you read these words?money-- green and $ sign. power- lightning. delicious food- crumpet. music- trance. NFL- football. love- corrupt. ugliness- scars. USA- fries. sex- ew. perfection- plastic. f^d$rr*& Hate- gold Armageddon- dragon # 5- gamble Letter X- poison color brown-- mouse Intelligence- 2016. Your spouse- do not have one. Your enemy- sex fiend. your life- blasphemous. Earth- 1117 Water- Poseidon F*ck- dictionaries Sleep- insomnia (<3) Yourself- bangles The Universe- nebulae Your Opposite Self in another Universe- Green hair Me (Cyber Sapien)- monkeys— — — — — —Visualforce: get first word in string?In apex, you could use the String.substringBefore(string) method. Essentially the same behavior as the .split(' ') mechanism but substringBefore uses a string instead of a RegEx pattern— — — — — —What was your baby's first word and how old was he/she when they said it?At 4 months she could make a sound that sounded like hello and at 6 months she could say mama, but I do not know if she really knew what she was saying or was just mimicking noises she heard.— — — — — —Name the first word that pops into your head when you hear:?Death= black hearts Love= my bf Hate= a girl in my class Satan= hell God= love Atheism= a guy in my class (hes athiest) Angels= heaven Psycroptic= guitars Goat= farms! Blood= My mom whos a doctor Sacrificial Ant= um ants? Yahoo= my email address Answer= cheese Wikipedia Answers= a sucky website at most times Death Metal= screaming Pagan= religion Christian= the cross— — — — — —What's the first word that pops in to your head when you hear these names? [BQ]?1) Gossip Girl (Okay, technically two words but. :)) 2) Southern 3) Red 4) Titanic 5) Fashion 6) Tree 7) Fire 8) Hat 9) Cousin 10) Fish BQ: I wanted to redo this so. :) Foster Jack Ophelia Rose Ursula Lily Reid Mack =]— — — — — —What's the First Word that Comes to Mind when (Part 2)?1) Man shopping at XXX store LOST 2) Wedding FUTURE 3) Soccer Mom OVERLOAD 4) "How old is he/she?" OLD ENOUGH 5) Suburban Sprawl PARKS 6) City Life NIGHT LIFE 7) Beautiful Lady MOM 8) Fireman SELFLESS 9) UPS guy CHRISTMAS 10) Mailman BILLS— — — — — —What is the first word that come into your head when you read these words:?lawyer - confusing doctor - bad news ( bad news is one word to me) teacher - preacher terrorist - confusing Army - war drugs - blank (thats the word) Girlfriend- Mother (cos she acts like one) Socialism- Cigarette Yahoo answers - Socialism blue - peace ( green is too) house - freedom family - life canada - USA Ocean - water Rabbit - Messy Health - headache toddler - poop constitution - politics karat - ? tax - corruption— — — — — —For each of these..what is the FIRST word that comes to your mind?1. Global- kayos. 2. Hotel- California-- the song 3. Glamor- Queen. 4. Burgundy- wine. 5. Silk- stockings. 6. Dust- trap. 7. Reality- Life. 8. Victory- The wars over. 9. Miss-America- World. 10. Let's- Dance.— — — — — —Whats the first word that comes into your mind when I say....?skateboard shrimp dress— — — — — —Python program to get the first wordYour code looks pretty great, much better that mine!The beauty of regular expressions is that sometimes we can do the entire task, similar to our task here, with it so that to reduce writing additional if and thens. Maybe, here we could find an expression that would do so, something similar to:which wraps our desired first word in a capturing group:followed by a non-capturing group:Of course, if we wish to add more boundaries or reduce our boundaries or change our char list [w'], we can surely do so. Let's test our expression with re.finditer to see if that would work: jex.im visualizes regular expressions:— — — — — —Poll; What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear these actors/ musicians names?-kanye-asshole -ryan reynolds- -alicia keys- empire state of mind -rob pattinson- not nearly as got at taylor lautner -oprah- gonna miss her :( -Sandra Bullock- cover of the ppl mag i read today -blink 182- awesome -kristen stewart-twilight/newmoon -ronald rregan-political person of some sort -nikki reed- -Heath ledger- I LOVE AND MISS YOU BABE!
Why Do Some Words Have Two Past Tense Forms (e.g. Dreamed Vs. Dreamt)?
Why Do Some Words Have Two Past Tense Forms (e.g. Dreamed Vs. Dreamt)?
Why do two forms exist? My theory is that there are three reasons:A similar thing is happening with past participles. People are using the past tense instead of past participles. I used to be shocked to hear professionals singers and celebrities say "I've never sang" instead of "I've never sung." And I'm the only person I know who uses "drunk" as a past participle instead of "drank."• Related QuestionsWhy does P25 occasionally break through tone squelch on my analog HTs?It could be a bug in the repeater controller (it's perfectly possible to transmit digital data with a PL tone), but I'd suspect the Baofengs as your problem. They're not the best radios, and they're priced accordingly. Borrow a better HT (ideally Icom, Yaesu or Kenwood, but Alinco makes pretty good handhelds too although they're harder to find) and see if it does the same thing for you.------Is there a chance that bitcoin will be use as the Universal Currency around the Universe? closedWell there is no possibility for bitcoin to become the universal and will be only currency for the whole mankind, with current system like bitcoin have i think it looking attractive to think about but only in dreams because governments are more powerful and want to keep to control over their people so that i think it is not possible at this moment but nobody knows about future------Comparizon between text editors in Ubuntu: Vim vs. Emacs vs. Nano closedEmacs is pretty good. It has syntax highlighting and supports extensionsand is extensible through its embedded dialect of Lisp (elisp). It also has modes for many statistical programs, support for tex, a calendar, mail reading utilies, tetris and even a psychiatrist. Emacs (or Vim, but thats less good for stats) are worth learning as they are both cross platform and support almost every programming language in the world.------He is 80 years youngMy 74 year dad used to call himself as "74 years young". He was full of curiosity and energy at 74.So, it is okay to bend the rules of grammar and logic a bit, so long as the meaning comes through.On the other hand, I would hesitate to say he is 80 years young for a stranger, in case the stranger feels I am not acknowledging or respecting his seniority------My wrists hurt after playing bass for a long timeWhen you do something physical for an unusually long time, you will get tired and/or sore. Maybe consult a teacher to check you aren't making it worse with bad posture. Try to relax anything that CAN be relaxed while playing. Again a teacher can advise.But if you suddenly decide to run a marathon, you must expect blisters on your feet. You knew that really, didn't you?------Why is the hat called St. Lucia?I wanted to include the symbol of light overcoming darkness as the first hat that many people receive. I knew that Santa Lucia was officially celebrated on December 13, but I had to look it up. In my experience celebrations occur in the general timeframe of the solstice, so my note on the date was "close enough". See also: Why is there a Saint Lucia hat on Mi Yodeya?------Nginx / uWsgi / Django site can handle more traffic with rewrite URLHave you presented this to the dev mailing list? Very interesting for sure. Have you tried enabling full debugging; you might have had to enable it during compile. Once enabled do one request to the canonical and one to another. Perhaps the debug logs will shed some light. Have you tried removing the second server_name domain(somesite-live..)? Good luck, let us know if you figure it out!.------How can I decline or redirect a religiously-objectionable community-service project without alienating people?My suggestion would be to go to the first meeting, do whatever's asked of you that does not directly promote their religious objective, humbly apologize if someone asks you to do just that (while offering to do something else).Then, if you wish, just don't show up any more. Use what transpired at the first meeting as the excuse (such as giving out flyers for a free consultation).------Is that Luke's hand falling down at the end of The Empire Strikes Back?If his hand and light-saber both get cut, they would probably have ended up where he fell(before he got there). So when he falls he ends up with his hand and light-saber next to him. The chute then opens and all(him, his light-saber and hand) fall out, he then lands on an antenna and his hand/light-saber keep falling. This is my 2 cents regarding what happened------Change the color of the omitted newline char in fish shellNo, there is no way at present to change the color of that character. See the omitted_newline_char symbol in the src/screen.cpp source. It is currently hardcoded to what should be a light grey color visible on most terminals. You're welcome to open an enhancement request. Even better would be to submit a change for review that makes this configurable without breaking the current behavior------Skinny male getting belly fat, how to gain weight and mass from this conditionYour question is way too generic, the answer to your problem is in lifestyle advice, not really an exercise plan ... try doing two things to startStop eating and drinking rubbishDo some body weight exerciseStick with it for at least 2 month without cheating or slacking and come back to ask more specific questions if that did not help you lose some belly fat and build strength. Good luck.------Meaning of Luft der Hase?I've encountered this expression several times among young adults in the south-west of Germany. In my experience, it is simply meant as a slightly humorous, light-hearted greeting among friends, basically asking "Is everything well?", "Is life going according to your plans?".It might originally stem from other phrases as Hubert Schlnast and IQV suspect, but I don't think the speakers I've met consciously intended to reference those.------The butterfly effect in Judaism closedThere are midrashim (I learned this through a series by Rabbi David Fohrman) which suggest that Sarah's harsh treatment of Hagar (though Hagar fully deserved it) led to the Jewish people being enslaved in Egypt. On a more pshat level, you could also look at Yosef bragging about his dreams as leading to the Jewish people being enslaved in Egypt, the 10 plagues, and the parting of Yam Suf------How to change tooltip background color in Unity?There is also another solution to this:use dconf-editor to find the following key:whose description said:A n separated list of name:color as defined by the gtk-color-scheme setting.Write the scheme in gedit in the style likes the following(this example is mine), then paste it in the dconf-editor(notice the 'n' at each end of the line):and the problem will be solved immediately.------Despite almost zero energy consumption why does my spaceship scheduled cryostasis in shifts?Without nanotech-repairs you would need to wake up periodically anyways.Just because you're frozen doesn't mean that the you are invulnerable. The cumulative radiation released from the radioactive decay of elements in your body, and the materials your ship are made of, and just anything that leaks past your shielding from the cosmos can be significant.You need to awake periodically so the body's mechanisms can repair itself------Why is this planet attuned with a plane of pure energy?What if the planets magnetic field is not fully non-existential, and has a sole pole, due to which the energy is being constantly pulled by the sole pole(doesn't matter which direction), and giving the effect or illusion of the mysterious / enigmatic powers to the Flora and Fauna on the Planet, and who knows the colonists that settled there might inherit these powers after a few generations/ Centuries------Interview question: If correlation doesn't imply causation, how do you detect causation?Not sure this adds anything, but if you need another thought from philosophy, back in the day, (1960s) we were taught in a philosophy class that Humes 3 criteria of causality required:(1) temporal precedence (presumed cause prior in time);(2) an observable empirical correlation; and(3) that all rival hypotheses had been ruled out.Assuming criteria #3 to be practically impossible, it would follow causation will be forever impossible to demonstrate.------Default umask 077 not applied at session startThis doesn't directly answer your question but this technique might help you shed some light on if there's a stray umask command being run somewhere as part of your shell's config files:The exit is necessary so that the shell returns once it's done.I found the above technique over in this U&L Q&A titled: How to test for possible conflicts while using alias in bashrc?------Lighter alternatives to Visual C 2013?Recently,I have started using to write simple C Programs Using Dev-C By orwelldevcpp Note:I have been only using this IDE to write simple programs(For the 1st year of my Degree) ,So I would suggest that you give a try using this software.however I would like to include some features that are offered in this software From its Official Website.This software is gratis, portable------Ronald and the traffic lightsRonald had just bought a Toyota Prius. Every time the car stopped at a light the engine would turn itself off (that's how Priuses work), and Ronald, having been conditioned by many years of being driven around in non-hybrid vehicles, would be jerked out of his reverie about last night's party with other famous people thinking that the quiet signifies that the car had arrived at its destination------How can I help my project manager deal with schedule pressure?As a developer you need to identify risks and issues as soon as possible so they can be better managed. A lot of developers try to shield management from bad news and / or work very hard to fix problems before they come to light. As a project manager I need to know what your challenges are as soon as possible so I can get you help or mitigate.------Why doesn't sunlight flicker like candle or flame torch?The surface of the Sun, as you can see from the following picture, is not uniform:But it is impossible to see it with your naked eye. You will need a telescope and specialized solar filters (more information here). Notice also that the picture is not showing visible light, but extreme-ultraviolet light. You will need a special telescope for that.Or you can wait for the next eclipse:------Free, lightweight, all-in-one, audio and video format converterWindows onlyVideo / Audio Conversion: XMedia recode can convert almost all known audio and video formats3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AAC, AC3, AMR, ASF, AVI, AVISynth, DVD, FLAC, FLV,H.261, H.263, H.264, M4A, M1V, M2V, M4V, MKV, MMF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, TS, TRP, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4V, MOV,QT, OGG, PSP,RM, (S)VCD, SWF, VOB, WAV, WebA, WebM, WMA and WMV.Convert Blu-ray / DVD------DD-WRT: Cannot see client when using wired ethernetI did some googling and it appears to be a bug in the DD-WRT firmware. There is talk on the DD-WRT forum that newer version a of the firmware will fix the issue. SiegeX's fix works great, one additional thing that I would do would be to add it as a startup command in the commands window so that next time your router reboots it will "fix" itself.------What constitutes competency in XML in the .NET world? closedWell these days I would say having a good understanding of how to create a well structured XSD is enough to mark you as competant in XML in the context of .Net considering there are so many XSD -> .Net Object data binding packages avaialable, which handle stuff like serialization and XPATH.But I would recommend some light reading for the underlying principles so you can debug easier------What to do when a jealous coworker is doing my tasks?Talk to your own manager about it - for example you could light-heartedly ask him for more work to do, since someone else is already doing all of yours.After all, that is (one of the many things) that your manager is there to deal with. He may tell you to deal with it yourself, may say it is no big deal, or he may flip his lid.------SSH to a computer that will then SSH to another computer duplicateIf SSH tunnels are not available to you (they can be disabled server-side), then could you reverse the FTP connection?If your local machine can be seen via SSH on a publicly routable IP address and the inaccessible machine can see the outside world thenThis probably isn't something you are going to be able to automate easily though, so if you have tunnels available use that method instead------Recovery from different exercise typesYour question is somewhat generic, although, I think my response to why do we need more rest when lifting heavy? should provide some of the insight you are seeking. Be sure to pay close attention to the paper that is referenced (Recovery in Training: The Essential Ingredient ) and the study (Rhea 2003). In particular, the study looked at training and recovery in trained and untrained groups of study subjects.
Can You Make an Sentence Using the German Word Ausser?
Can You Make an Sentence Using the German Word Ausser?
can you make an sentence using the german word ausser?auer dir habe ich keinen Freund (apart from you I have not any friend) er ist Hauptmann auer Dienst (he's a retired army captain) ich bin auer Atem (I am out of breath) das steht auer Frage (that's out of the question) die Fabrik ist jetzt auer Betrieb (the factory is now out of action) The Duden Stilwrterbuch (dictionary of style) is an excellent source of sentences with a particular word in context. Another source of a word in context is to type it into Google (not Google Translate) and see what comes up. That way I found the following sentence: "Auer einem Liter Milch brauchen wir auch noch etwas Butter und Kse" (apart from a litre of milk we also need some more butter and cheese)— — — — — —What does the German word "bunser" mean?If any it must be a dialect. Where was your grandma from? Maybe it's related to Czech or Polish. I am from the Southwest of Germany, no such word in this region. Our dialects have a lot of French influence but no such word as "bunser" around here.— — — — — —Short German word for spending the holidays at homeAfter your question, I research a little bit if there are other words than the ones, you have already written. What I have found is Urlaub zu Hause. I also found an article about this topic and the author of the article likes the word Stay(va)cation and he meant that there is no corresponding word in German. I do not know whether it is meant joke but there is also another word, similar to Balkonien. It is Terrassien. For difference of these words, please see the comment of "Tom-OliverHeidel" below— — — — — —What could have been the original German word for "struggle money”?According to the translation struggle money I can imaging it'sthough this term is usually used for one time costs.You seem to look for an official accounting term, otherwise I would also propose the rarely used, but existing termas it fits your translation very well— — — — — —German word in "Unfinished business” [closed]Flgelschlagen (spelled with an extra L, but would sound almost exactly the same) translates to "wing flapping" or "flap your wings". I am not familiar with the movie, so I do not know if this fits at all. It's not a word a GPS system likely would use.— — — — — —What is the origin of the German word Panzer?panzer adj., n. from Panzer, Panzer- "armor, armored": armored, belonging to an armored division; a vehicle, especially a tank, in a panzer division [German Panzer "armor" — — — — — —What does German word Doppelkugeldrehkranz translate in English?Well: doppel= double kugel=ball globe or sphere dreh=rotary kranz=annulus, chaplet or wreath So, could it mean some kind of back channeling, i do not know
How Can I Find the Most Common Compound Words a Chinese Character Occurs In?
How Can I Find the Most Common Compound Words a Chinese Character Occurs In?
How can I find the most common compound words a Chinese character occurs in?Pleco has this feature. See below— — — — — —Doesn't it appear that the Chinese character for "heart" u5fc3 really came from male genitalia, especially when one considers the precursors to u59e6 u201cadulteryu201d?It really is not my place to write about etymology of Chinese characters, as it is a discipline that requires professional training. Many Chinese would cite Shuo Wen Jie Zi (Interpretation of Characters, by Xu Shen), but it was more out of wishful guess and thus can not be counted on as a reliable source. Likewise, Uncle Hanzi has made several front pages, but his website made various mistakes too. Just a reminder, the two characters beside the arrow says joke (), though I do not know who put it there.A common interpretation of , as in its very original form, is that it depicts two hands holding a heart as sacrifice. (Yeah, our ancestors did cruel things, as did anywhere else in the world. ) I can not assure you of its authenticity, nor can I give you the source, but I believe it is more likely a correct interpretation.Does not it appear that the Chinese character for "heart" really came from male genitalia, especially when one considers the precursors to 'adultery"?Does not it appear that the Chinese character for "heart" really came from male genitalia?— — — — — —What is the etymology of the Chinese character "u5851" meaning plastic?In Chinese, 'etymology' as used by the common people means 2 things - 'why is this character written like this' and 'how did this character come to what it means today'. The second aspect is pretty obvious in Chinese due our longer literary tradition and lesser foreign borrowings, so people usually expect that you are talking about the first.If you are talking about the first, well, don't read too much into it. is made up of two components - sound symbol () and meaning identifier (). means a New Moon, consisting of (inverted human) and (moon).That's all. does not contribute any part to the meaning of and we can somehow know that because this character appears quite late in history. If you are talking about the second meaning of etymology, it's quite clear. is a the model of an object you make out of any material. The ancients started out molding with clay, so it carries the meaning identifier EARTH at the bottom. Eventually it came to refer to the action of constructing the model (v. shape), and in another path it evolved to mean the property of the material itself that allows to be shaped (adj. malleable). Nah, just kidding.Interestingly, 'plastic' is called atomic () in some Southern Chinese languages (like Hokkien), referring to the science behind creating plastic, where the material is not cut / melted / sawed but instead synthesised chemically.What is the etymology of the Chinese character "" meaning plastic?.— — — — — —Can someone translate this Chinese character?It means luck in Chinese. I would not suggest getting a tattoo of it as it is normally a decoration on walls etc, symbolising bringing luck to the household— — — — — —How do I type in a Chinese character that I don't know how to pronounce?I would also suggest the app Pleco. You can hand write the character on a full-screen canvas. I used it when I studied in China. It also has a camera function (better than Google Translate) that you can point at the text and it overlays what it thinks is the correct character— — — — — —Chinese character for "long"In simplified Chinese confusion is sometimes caused between lng ("alley" traditional Chinese or ) with the verb nng (meaning "tamper with" traditional Chinese ) since both have been simplified down to "" by removal of the radical (a hand-radical shu-b in the case of "tamper with", a walk-radical compounded from ch "step" and ch "step" on both sides of the phonetic "public" in the case of "alley"). In simplified Chinese the two characters are now written the same way, but the two different pronunciations are still retained in standard Mandarin, where only context indicates whether to read lng or nng. However, in Shanghai dialect the verb is also pronounced long. As to the traditional Chinese character for "long", the form "" has been in use since at least the end of the 19th century, but even 19th century scholars posited that the "correct" written form of "long" should be "".
Factors of Efficient WordPress Themes
In this post we will highlight . If you are doing blogging on the platform of WordPress then I suggest that the very first point you should do is to attempt a brand new motif of WordPress. You will wager your profits of future and even today you may change your motifs and waste a bunch of time in doing minor changes on your WordPress theme. You may even do editions when summarized blogging for yourself. Though user friendly yet the motifs of WordPress, demand complete attention. You can paste little widgets, codes and might additionally display better online rankings on search engines like Google. Thus you may get tons of high website traffic daily.So exactly what are the elements that you should consider to make the theme of WordPress less complicated? Let us look about it:-1) In a typical way the themes of WordPress is available in 3 column styles and 2 column with widths ranging from 500 pixels to 960 pixels. If you are writing blogs on WordPress for a non profit motive then a 2 column theme can look more reliable and reader friendly. As you have fewer images of products or links to various other websites thus you could focus solely on the content without misguiding your visitors away from your website. On the other hand if you blog for a profit motive then you might get compelled to think of having a 3 column WordPress theme that will certainly be able to match your needs of Google Adsense and Content Link Ads without squeezing anything in the content area. 3 column style promotes saving of extra space. However in this task you may fill your entire room with ads. The time may come when you may take off non performers and make use of marketing services that may promote your blog site. 2) A blog with pictures and images will surely appear great. Yet it will enhance your internet quality and standard or even a customer base. It is a fact that most A listed bloggers set plain vanilla designs with simple and attractive logo designs on the top. If you reduce the amount of pictures then it means that there is fewer loads on your web servers. This important fact of web server burden may become apparent on the condition that you have hundreds of blog visitors in a day. However this may cost designing for the future. If you set plenty of images and pictures on your website or blog then it may attract the attention of viewers. For this reason many blog sites like Tech Crunch use images and pictures wherever content is required. This adds more value to their articles and blogs. However the basic style of their writing is rather easy and minimalistic. In an ideal way a theme should enable you to set up your own header image on your blog with strong brand functions. Yet you can replace your content with photos and icons including engaging content.3) Today even if you sign up a simple WordPress theme for a website or blog then also you can update it with advanced plugins. These plugin tools will enhance the utility of your blog or website powered by WordPress. Take for example you can sign up a Woo-Commerce plugin to convert your website into an online store.The most essential thing while using a WordPress theme for making a website or blog is to check and enhance its utility factors. We at SKT Themes have WordPress themes that have a variety of customizable features and factorsMerge two wordpress sitesYou can always divide the exported CSV file into parts and then import it on the other site.A better option will be if the other site has comparatively less data then you can export it and import it on the first site and then perform a database switch.I am not sure if any plugins exist for this as I used the first option when I was in a similar situation. Let me know if this helps.Where are wordpress custom types stored?The details of custom post types are not stored anywhere, they are loaded at runtime with each request via register_post_type calls
Why Is the Word "the Used at the End When Sorting Names?
I was a professional library cataloguer for over thirty years. It is certainly correct to index a book title by the first significant word, ignoring any initial articles. No-one wants to look through long lists of 'A's and 'The's. A computerised catalogue can be programmed to do this automatically, but in a printed index the article is sometimes moved to the end of the title as in your example. I would have expected this to be standard practice in any language that uses initial articles. Maybe your native language does not ?1. Implement the Thanos sorting algorithmRemoves all odd 0-indexed items every iteration, so removes $fracn-12$ items if the list-size is odd.Try it online or verify some more test cases (or verify those test cases with step-by-step for each iteration). Try it online or verify some more test cases (or verify those test cases with step-by-step for each iteration).Explanation:2. Unique sorting: Redirect output to the same fileYour suggested example (below) does not work because you would actually be reading from and writing to the same file simultaneously.The idea with a pipe or redirect is that the command on the left and right hand side of each pipe or redirect run simultaneously, in parallel. The command on the right processes information as it is handed over to it from the command on the left, while the command on the left is still running. In order for your scenario to work, the command that reads from the file would need to finish before the command that writes to the file begins. In order for this to work you would need to redirect the output into a temporary location first, then once that's finished, send it from the temporary location back into the file.A better way to do this is basically like in your former example, where you redirect to a temporary file then rename that file back to the original (except that you do not need to delete the file first, because moving deletes any existing target). You could also save it into a string variable, except that only works when data is small enough to all fit in memory at once3. Why is quicksort better than other sorting algorithms in practice?Most of the sortings methods have to move data around in short steps (for example, merge sort makes changes locally, then merges this small piece of data, then merges a bigger one. ..). In consequence, you need many data movements if data is far from its destination.Quicksort, on the other side tries to interchange numbers that are in the first part of the memory and are big, with numbers that are in the second part of the array and are small (if you are sorting $a le b$, the argument is the same in the other sense), so they get quickly allocated near their final destination.4. Conventions on sorting phrases with whitespace and punctuation (for an index)I do not know that there is a standard -- there could be one. I would favor using the default sorting algorithm, on the grounds that this is what users who look things up a lot will be most familiar with.Donald Knuth's Searching and Sorting is available on line.5. Sorting and limitation with pre_get_postsBefore we code and go into particulars, lets look at the problem at hand.First of all, any valid date format is valid in a custom field if you are not going to use it for comparisons and sortingWhen you are going to sort by date or do comparisons by date in a custom field, bullet point one should be ignored. There are only two workable formats which will work if you are going to sort by custom field date. They are:Unix Timestamp (which I prefer out of personal opinion) which is an integer value and corresponds to the amount of seconds passed since 1 January 1970. Saving a date in this format is the most accurate in my opinion, and any timestamp can be easily converted into any format using the DateTime class. Just a note, only dates between 01 January 1970 and 19 January 2038 are currently supportedY-m-d H:i:s or Y-m-d or H:i:s. Any other format will not work. The orderby parameter sorts literally, so basically, the first number of the given strings are compared and sorted ascending or descending according to the order parameter, if they match, the second number is compared, etc until non matching numbers are found and the sort order is returned. It is recommended to set the correct type parameter value in your meta_query according to your specific format. These type parameter values are DATE, DATETIME and TIME which will handle your exact format when querying this particular fieldsThe above is very important, so before you continue, make sure that you understand that part and that your values is in the correct format, otherwise the next section will not workNow that the format is sorted, we need to write down in plain English what we need. I tend to use this method if something gets tricky or too complex. It does help a lot. So, in plain English, this is what your query should doAll posts with thumbnails should be shown. This option is saved as a custom field, _thumbnail_id. In addition, these posts should also have dates in the future, to be exact, within the next thirty days. This is also according to a custom field. These posts should also be sorted according to the dates in the custom fieldGreat, so this means, in our meta_query, our posts should have a thumbnail AND (this will be our relation between the custom fields) and must have custom field date value BETWEEN the current time and 30 days from the current timeLets put that into code: (Note: Caveat: This is untested and requires at least PHP 5. 3 to work due to the use of DateInterval. Also, this is set up with the Y-m-d H:i:s date format in your custom field. Keep your date formats uniformly, otherwise it will not work)As I have noted before, this is untested, so it might not work straight out of the box. It may need some adjustments. I have used the format Y-m-d H:i:s here. You can just use Y-m-d here as well. Just adjust the query and dates accordingly. If are going to use timestamps, remember to convert your comparison dates into timestampsBecause you are using infinite scrolling, you will need to remember to adjust that function accordingly, otherwise page 2 and up will display wrong postsThe above code is now tested and work as expected with date formats of Y-m-d H:i:s and Y-m-d. I had to fix one or two small bugs. Hope it helps
What Is the Word I'm Looking For?
What is the word I'm looking for?You see the laser by reflection, some of the laser beam is reflected back to your eye from the wall— — — — — —In speed of light vs. the actual physical movement, change or reality, what's actually being measured, the laser beam produced by any light from point A to B or the appearance acted at point B (e.g. eye blink was recorded to measure speed)?One common method measures the shift in the interference pattern of light with itself due to the rotation of a spinning mirror during the round trip of a photon. You can also measure the speed of light in your microwave using a platter of chocolate— — — — — —How Laser Trackers WorkHere at Schaeffer Precision part of our every day tool is the laser tracker. We use it for a wide variety of applications across just about any industry. It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. We've been using laser trackers for many years and seen how the precision and accuracy of the machinery has improved with modern technology. For today's blog we are citing Bob Bridges article on Quality Digest called How Laser Trackers Work. In this article, Bob breaks down the complexities of the laser tracker and gives details that even a layman would understand. You can read the article in its entirety at this link. The operation of a laser tracker is easy to understand: It measures two angles and a distance. The tracker sends a laser beam to a retro-reflective target held against the object to be measured. Light reflected off the target retraces its path, re-entering the tracker at the same position it left. Retro-reflective targets vary, but the most popular is the spherically mounted retro-reflector (SMR). As light re-enters the tracker, some of it goes to a distance meter that measures the distance from the tracker to the SMR. The distance meter may be either of two types, interferometer or absolute distance meter (ADM). A laser tracker contains two angular encoders. These devices measure the angular orientation of the tracker's two mechanical axes: the azimuth axis and the elevation (or zenith) axis. The angles from the encoders and the distance from the distance meter are sufficient to precisely calculate the center of the SMR. Because of the spherical design of the SMR, its center is always at a fixed offset distance with respect to any surface being measured, so the coordinates of surfaces or points measured with the SMR are easily obtained. Distance measurement, an important function of the laser tracker, can be either incremental or absolute. Incremental distance measurement is made with an interferometer and a frequency-stabilised, helium-neon laser. The laser light splits into two beams. One travels directly into the interferometer. The other beam travels out of the tracker, reflects off the SMR and, on the return path, passes into the interferometer. Inside the interferometer, the two beams of light interfere, resulting in a cyclic change each time the SMR moves closer to or farther from the tracker by a distance equal to one quarter of the light's wavelength (0.0158 micron). Electronic circuitry counts the cyclic changes (known as "fringe counts") to determine the distance traveled. In a typical measurement sequence, the operator places the SMR in the tracker's home position and resets the interferometer to the known (home) distance. As the operator moves the SMR to the desired location, the laser tracks along, remaining fixed to the centre of the SMR. This procedure works well as long as the beam from the tracker to the SMR is not broken by an obstruction in the beam path. If the beam is broken, however, the number of counts is no longer valid and the distance is not known. When this happens, the tracker signals that an error has occurred. The operator must then return the SMR to a reference point, such as the tracker's home position. Absolute distance measurement capability has been around for a long time. Within the last 10 years, however, ADM systems have undergone dramatic improvement, offering accuracy comparable to interferometers. The advantage of ADM measurement over incremental distance measurement is the ability simply to point the beam at the target and shoot. The ADM system measures the distance to the target automatically, even if the beam has previously been broken. In a tracker with ADM, infrared light from a semiconductor laser reflects off the SMR and re-enters the tracker, where it's converted into an electrical signal. Electronic circuitry analyses the signal to determine its time of flight, multiplying this value by the speed of light in air to determine the distance from the tracker to the SMR. Absolute-distance meters first appeared in laser trackers in the mid-1990s. At that time, ADM units measured too slowly to permit scanning of surfaces. Because of this, all early laser trackers contained either an interferometer alone or an interferometer and an ADM. Today, some absolute-distance meters have been made fast enough to permit high-speed scanning with negligible loss in accuracy. Hence, some modern trackers contain only an ADM with no interferometer. Another tracker function is beam steering and control. One type of tracker launches the laser beam directly from its rotating structure. Another type of tracker reflects a laser beam off a rotating mirror. In either case, the tracker points the laser beam in the desired direction by rotating the mechanical axes. In many applications, the tracker keeps the beam centered on a rapidly moving SMR. It accomplishes this by splitting off part of the returning laser beam to a position-sensing detector (PSD). If the laser beam strikes the SMR off center, the split-off beam also strikes the PSD off center, creating an error signal. This signal controls the mechanical axes' rotation to keep the beam centred on the SMR.
Need a Word for Applying a Process in a Chemical/alchemical Context
Need a word for applying a process in a chemical/alchemical contextConsider the verb form synthesize of synthesis— — — — — —Why shouldn't 3u00b0 alkyl halides be used in the Corey-House synthesis?Corey-House synthesis is a reaction in which lithium dialkyl cuprate is reacted with an alkyl halide to form a new alkane, alkyl copper and lithium halide,R2-CuLi R'-X -> R-R' RCu LiXThis reaction occurs in three steps. The alkyl halide is treated with lithium metal and solvated in dry ether which converts the alkyl halide into an alkyl lithium compound, R-Li. The starting R-X can be primary, secondary or tertiary alkyl halide,R-X 2Li -> R-Li Li-XThe second step requires the alkyl lithium compound to be treated with cuprous iodide, CuI. This creates a lithium dialkyl cuprate compound,2RLi CuI R2 CuLi LiIThe lithium dialkyl cuprate is then treated with the second alkyl halide, which gives us the required alkane,R2 CuLi R'-X -> R-R' RCu LiXIf second alkyl halide is not the same as the first, then cross-products are formed, the second alkyl halide must be a methyl halide, benzyl halide, primary alkyl halide or secondary cyclo alkyl halide.*Now coming to your question, the second alkyl halide should not be tertiary because the tertiary alkyl halide is very large in size and causes stearic hinderance during the reaction, due to this elimination may occur leading to formation of side products and our desried alkane will be a minor product in the reaction.Why should not 3° alkyl halides be used in the Corey-House synthesis?.— — — — — —Synthesis of Benzocaine - Lab Help!?Benzocaine Melting Point— — — — — —Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new cosmetics applicationsA team of researchers as the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Kiel, in Germany, say they have uncovered the molecular mechanism that leads to the synthesis of melanin. Melanin is best known as the pigment behind hair and skin colour, but is found in most living organisms and falls into three principle groups. In cosmetics, melanin is used as a skin conditioning agent, as well as a skin protecting and anti-ageing agent, but it can also be incorporated into a range of skin care products that provide skin colouring or tinting, as well as sunscreens and skin whitening products. For cosmetics purposes melanin is usually animal or marine-derived and has been used in the industry since the mid 1990s. However, how the synthesis of melanin occurs has remained a mystery, until this research, the findings of which have been published in the international edition of the journal Angewandte Chemie. The secret was in the enzyme tryosinase Using an advanced biotechnology technique, the researchers discovered how the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase is a core trigger in the synthesis process, ultimately helping the scientists to uncover the molecular mechanism behind melanin synthesis. The scientists say that this discovery of the mechanism will ultimately help make systematic improvements in the processes of stimulation, inhibition and modification of the synthesis of melanin. Likewise it will also serve to improve the process by which it is formed through biotechnology, which is increasingly the most common way of producing it for cosmetic applications.— — — — — —Where does synthesis of food in plants usually take place?In plants, photosynthesis occurs to make food. In the plant cells, the chloroplast is the food making machine to produce sugars whereas the mitochondria is the food processing factory to produce energy.Photosynthesis consists of two stages:Light-dependent stage/ Light stageLight-independent stage/ Dark stage/ Calvin cycleThe light-dependent stage produces the raw materials (NAD and ATP) to be utilised in the light-independent stage. NAD is reduced to NADH/H and ATP is dephosphorylated to ADP to release energy for the formation of phosphoglyceraldehyde (PGAL) from oxaloacetate to be used in the production of glucose! Excess glucose is converted to starch and stored in starch grains in the cell.Where does synthesis of food in plants usually take place?— — — — — —FPGA Synthesis = 0 LE (Altera Quartus II)you check the warnings when you are compiling your code. Mostly synthesis issuses can be solved if you correct those warnings— — — — — —What is thesis, antithesis and synthesis?It is still the same. Everything depends on everything. Let say, you made a move or made a statement. It would be a thesis. Someone who responded to you - would be antithesis. If both of you would come to some kind of agreement - it would be synthesis. I can not explain it any simplier. Thesis - is a point in situation, which could be defined. Antithesis is a response, synthesis is a way out from dispute. Philosophy is applicable on every level, any situation. I hope, you got it. Thanks for asking.
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