Why Is the User Experience of Licence Agreements Always so Terrible?

Why is the user experience of licence agreements always so terrible?

Why Is the User Experience of Licence Agreements Always so Terrible? 1

People rarely read licence agreement as well as any kind of instructions. They have no real value for users in contrast to software functionality. But licence is legal document which is required by national law. So this is the least important thing for UX efforts

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Prolonged user experience

While desired early experiences commonly seem to relate to pleasant sensational aspects of software and product use, prolonged experiences are significantly more tied to aspects that reflect how the product may become meaningful in the user's life. Social products are not solely responsible for mediating goal achievement; they fulfill an inner need for personal growth and communicating messages about the user's self-identity in a social setting. As a user's familiarity with a product strengthens over time, it is expected that they would experience less frustration, as well as less excitement. As a result, the perceived quality of the product is expected to change, and therefore the relative importance of different qualities in the product can also change over time. It is widely accepted that learnability and novelty are critical during initial phases of product use, however, other aspects such as a product's social capital are likely to motivate prolonged use. The experience of a service or product's use is consistent of three main forces: familiarity, functional dependency, and emotional attachment. These three forces are responsible for shifting a users' experience across three phases: orientation, incorporation, and identification, respectively. The incorporation factor is the most significant user experience phase of the three. Incorporation makes long-term usability become much more important than the initial learnability, and the product's usefulness becomes the main factor impacting the product's overall value in the eye of the user. As the user accepts the product into their lives, it participates in normal social interactions, and integrates with part of the users self-identity that connects to others and creates a sense of community, building identification. The actual experience with the product has been found to be more influential to users' satisfaction than their prior expectations, though the act of anticipation and creation of expectations is a crucial part of the primary user experience. Sometimes anticipating experiences with a product becomes even more important, emotional, and memorable than the experiences itself. Effective and successful services and products are designed for daily rituals and designed for the self. Users become attached to products that support a self-identity that they wish to communicate in certain settings. Products and self-identity have been a major part of consumer behavior research, but still remain largely unexplored in CHI and design research.

Why Is the User Experience of Licence Agreements Always so Terrible? 2

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Improvements on StackOverflow frontend & user experience [duplicate]

You could probably make those icons only appear on the mouseover, which would remove the clutter.However, drag-and-drop might be a nicer alternative

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Is the marquee loading bar bad for user experience?

Progress-bar and Marquee bars both have different use cases and one cannot replace the other. We can happily argue that progress bar is better for user-experience but it still cannot replace marque control. Consider this;An application is trying to establish secure connection with the server and server is not timely responding. It is a Boolean operation which can only have two states, not-done or done. Application is trying continuously or periodically but no one knows when the connection will be established. Application has to shows user that it is trying but can also not predict that the task will be completed in x amount of time. Thus we need a "busy" or "working on it" stats (like a marquee bar) to indicate that and this cannot be represented by a progress bar. If you would use progress bar, the progress bar would be at 0% done and then suddenly 100% done. That jump is acceptable if in the middle, progress bar is able to show it is "working on it" which it cannot. Thus the feasible choice of control in this context is Marque Bar which tells you application is busy but does not provide any false of misleading info either. Hope it helps

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user experience for a dynamically updating list of items

As a user, I would often find it unnerving if the UI behaved in unexpected ways. Instead of having the new alarms pushed on top, you could consider one of the following:I hope these are any good ;)

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