Will Taking a Gap Year Demotivate My Kid From Going to College?

Usually it's just the opposite. Everyone is different, though. But usually the jobs young people get are so horrible that they want to get more education.I was a full-time college professor before I was 24. But if I had my life to live over, I would have gone to heavy duty equipment school before college. There is always work for someone who can run a backhoe, especially in Alaska, where I am from. Plus I later started building houses as a hobby; the ability to dig my own foundations and so on would have been a great help.I just ran into someone whose daughter graduated from high school with almost an F average. How they graduated her is beyond me. He said she lasted six months in the workforce and then begged him to help her get into college. Only one college, a terrible one, would even consider her. She ended up graduating at the top of her class, then got into a major university for her master's and now has started her Ph. D. in helping kids with learning disorders. I have a friend who has a small business in the rural Alaska woods. A guy from Utah brought his son there, paid my friend, told him to put the kid work, and then left. After hauling logs over his shoulder all summer, by August the kid could not get into college fast enough. But it's a crap shoot. No matter what, I would not let him sit around the house

1. How do you manage time in between your different kids?

ive never had kids

2. How can we conceive kids when......?

The lube should not kill the sperm unless its a spermicide. On the other hand there might be something wrong with the glands in your... area. Anyways you might wanna see a doctor or you could just not worry about kids and let him stick it in your butt xD. kayla

3. Is metal gear Solid 4 a bad game for kids?

No there is just violence ive played all the metal gear games and the worst 1 one is mgs 2. this one would not harm any kids brain what so ever. there is a referents to sex but they dont show it, the woman just says im pregnant to snake one day. This is the current best game out there a lot of kids say gitar hero or rockband but this is the best game ever. is has no right to be M. It shaould be T. Its notbad at all.

4. Kids these days feel depressed, stressed, and anxious from a very young age. Why is that?

They are raised by parents who have faced competition. And so, now every parent wants their child to be at the top. They are telling there kids that if you are not good you will get no opportunities in this world. In this world where all forms of music exist with different people having their own preferences, we are telling the children(symbolically) that pop music is not accepted only classical is accepted.We are teaching kids to change to fit in this world. After all we had to change to fit in. We end up building fears in children rather than inspiring them. I see a small baby stubbornly learning to crawl. She falls and cries but she starts crawling soon.. she is so stubborn. Every child is born with this gutsiness. So, if we observe kids and instead of teaching them, learn from them, we will find the kids ecstatic. Not only that, they end up teaching us and inspiring us. So, instead of guiding children, how about just enabling them through resources and praise ? How about not imposing our insecurities on children? How about not imposing our dreams on children ?Somedays I want to shout at parents who are killing the passion and the fearlessness in children. I have seen a 3 year old boy change from fearless to so fearful. I feel such pain seeing this change. Why do not people see this? Is obedience so important? Are parents so knowledgeable that the kids cannot hold a different view?

5. Kids or no kids?

according to pythagoras theorem>>the square of hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two sides of a right angled triangle

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Why Do Women Become Motherly After They Have Kids?
Because it's exhausting taking care of kids. It's time consuming to the point that the woman may not have time to get as "dolled up" as she use to. Even if you get a babysitter you have to prepare the kids first ( make sure there's food, clean clothes, entertainment, emergency info, etc). Why do men insist on nagging wives to act the same way as when they were single?1. What is there for kids to enjoy in New York City?kids just like being here and observing the street life. everything that goes on piques a kid's curiosity. at least it did when i was a kid, and i grew up here. if you walk around a kid will be interested in something soon enough...2. Is it just me? Or does anyone else go thru this when taking your kids out in public?Please share your stories!?I do not have kids of my own, but I do not think you are alone. I see this happen to other parents all the time. Even if someone's kids are being real little terrors, I try to smile genuinely and sympathetically to the parents, and I try not to get frustrated with them. I just remind myself that I only have to tolerate their kids for a few minutes; the poor parents have to cope with them 24/7. I hope this helps; good luck!3. What are some ways I can keep my house totally clean? I have 5 kids and its hard to keep it decent! ?I feel your pain. I only have 3 kids, but things get hectic here too. Tip one, do not stress the little things. 2. get into a certain time of the day when you do the same things, like pick up time before bed. Get plastic laundry baskets from the dallar store, one for each kid, maybe each a different color, or put their names on them for the readers and tie something for the others. Even on for baby. Make it a game, have everyone pick up their own things, put into the basket and take to their rooms. As a reward, read them bedtime story, or something that will get them winding down. The stuff may not be all the way put away, but at least it will be out of the front rooms and off the floor in the bedrooms. On Saturday mornings before cartoons come on...have them return their items to the proper places. Then next week the same thing. By making it a game, like singing or something while they move about grabbing their stuff. Reward with a star chart. Whatever is possitve reinforcement. When one child is not buying into the project, offer pats on the backs to the one's that are doing it...say nothing to the one who is not till the end of the clean up time. When all is finished. Those who did their work, get to hear the story, those who did not go to bed. Mom can not do everything. My kids are 12 and 14...we still do this...'cept the story part. It's just part of the routeen now. Showers for me during the week, I get up before everyone, put the coffee on and hop in a 7 minute shower, get's me going in the morn. Baths...Saturday night..while dad used to keep and eye on things. It's hard to coordinate...If I really have a time of it. And no one wants to comply to help...I pick the stuff up myself...put it into a garbage bag...and they do not get it back for a while....They think that I am throwing it away...it worked the first couple of times...I had to go out to the trash bin to collect the stuff after they were asleep and then hid it in the garage. You have alot of gear shifting going on, it's a tough job to try to get everyone on the same page. Sometime just to get my time bathe I would even take one in with me when they were little. Dinners, now that colder weather is here, crock pot things....dinner is ready when they are...put it together while your getting them their lunch...let the 4 year old help you, cutting up things with a safe knife...the pot is not hot...and they will feel like they contributed...when you tell the others that "4 yr old" cooked dinner for us tonight. On Saturdays, also before cartoons they can help with small tasks...like vaccum their own room..one gets the hall, the other the living room....or put chores on pieces of paper...and everyone picks one out and does it...make it a race...someone can clean the mirrors...etc...just make it fun for them...hope this can give you some creative ideas of your own...oh and bathroom ideas...my kids each have their own bathroom basket...with all thier owne things in it....toothbrush, scrubby, soft soap...etc...it goes in with them..and comes out with them...and their towel gets hung on the back of their own door...this way my bathroom has guest towels hanging for looks...and my bathroom is always clean. This stopped my kids from making bubble bathes out of my expensive shampoos...or just pouring them out while they were playing while they bathed. Also, everybody has their own color towels. I wash them at the end of the week...they are already clean when they use them on their clean little bodies. Aslo to get the ball rolling...i would give them a countdown...so that they could make the transition from what they were doing, and what we were all going to do next...like...5 min til PICK UP TIME...2 min.....1 min....ok...now it time to Pick up kids. And i would tell them to go get their baskets. Even taking thier plate to the kitchen after meals...and someone else to get out the clean ones when we were going to start our meal...(paper plates)...leaving only silverware and cups and I usually get the pans. Next mornning my kitchen is still clean and I go in and make my coffee in a clean kitchen...When your house is clean you feel clean...and the kids will feel better too. God Bless and take care...Do not put everything on yourself...get your scheduel back out...make a chart...if the beds are a bit sloppy...at least they tried...and should be praised...once they get into the practice of helping they will have the sense of accomplishment and this will teach them to be a team player. Good Luck. From one Mom to another.
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