Will You Buy Your Baby Toys From Mattel? After All They Waited Months to Recall 21 Million Toys That

I bought a lead detector kit from Target and went thru all of my toys

1. Would a lack of baby toys impact a child's intelligence?

All the kids I know would rather play with a pot and a wooden spoon, or the box that the toy came in. There is no sense in wasting so much money on toys. Sure some toys will be great, but no need to go overboard. Think back to when you were a kid, did you have many toys? You turned out just fine, right?

2. Standing baby toys?

We have a baby Einstein table that my seven month old loves

3. Why do I even bother with buying baby toys?

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I have bought my Daughter toys after toys...And Finally I just stopped because she gets more pleasure of plastic sippy cups, plastic bowls, tv remote, and spoons! But, I have actually heard that household items are just as good as toys because its really something that people use everyday and it gets them used to these things. So, I guess you and I both will have easy birthdays, and Christmases...That is until they get about 5 and they start wanting everything,,,LOL CONGRATS on being a MOM!

4. Do The Baby Toys Need To Be Cleaned First?

I washed all his stuff when he was little if I could (plastic, rubber, rag type toys you can either throw in the dishwasher or the washing machine); but I do not sterilize anything because I do not think kids need to grow up in a sterile environment. If a stuffed animal looks dirty anywhere I will spot clean it, but I do not obsess. It's a good idea to clean them the first time because you do not know how many little kids were playing with it and chewing on it in the store, or how long it sat on a warehouse shelf full of dust and mouse poop before it got sent out. Now that he's a little early I know he's been exposed to germs and I do not worry so much (Just wait until you take them to the park and they eat dirt for the first time, that's when you start to just give in and accept the germs)

5. What are the best cleaning whipes to clean baby toys with?

Plain 'ol soap and water

6. What's best to clean baby toys?

Not anything that will harm the baby, remember your baby will be putting these toys in their mouth. I would use an anti bacterial cleaner that is safe for babies

7. What can be used to clean baby toys?

Milton is absolutly the best! you can buy it in liquid and just use a clean cloth.. very safe stuff

8. Disinfecting baby toys with clorox?

Personally I hate using harsh chemicals on baby's toys even diluted, I would either just use hot water and washing up liquid or if they can be put through the dishwasher safely. Clorox could contain harmful substances. Children get their immunity form some germs sometimes you can be too clean

9. When do i need to buy baby toys?

These are maybe the most famous of all infant toys. The baby toys are penny percent safe owing to their make. They are accessible fit as a fiddle and size. Right from cartoon characters to creatures, the delicate toys have a wide run to look over. The more modest delicate toys can be connected to the pram or the den also. There are some delicate toys which have inbuilt music instruments. This plays on pressing the toy. With advancements; like light and sound, the delicate toys are to be sure exceptionally crucial parts of the portion

10. Cleaning baby toys from garage sale..?

Garage Sale Toys

11. baby coming soon, afraid dog will confuse baby toys for dog toys?

Ok this has to be a joke Certainly someone who is going to reproduce would have the intellect to know the answer to this alleged question. In case this is serious, I would keep all the toys, give them to your dog who you have had, and adopt the human child out to a loving home...........

12. Is lysol disinfectant spray enough to clean baby toys out of the box?

I would just use the detergent soap and water I use when washing up my baby's bowls and cups etc. You should not make an environment too sterile, some germs are good, as long as the toys have not fallen in dog mess or something in which case I would just throw them out! If using a disinfectant, use one like Milton that is made for cold water sterilisation of bottles etc. It is then safe for a baby to stick in their mouth afterwards. you can wash most soft toys in the machine as you would with delicates, I have and have had no problems.

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