Would a "Level Bar Or Other "Gaming Mods Be of Interest for the Gaming SE?

There can be value in this kind of interface, but I really recommend this kind of thing being an optional component for the user to setup, not unlike the wealth of GreaseMonkey scripts that are on the Trilogy's Meta. Like this Commander Keen one.We are gamers, which is an excellent reason to do this. Even people who focus on genres other than RPGs will understand it, and probably be encouraged by it. It very closely links our reputation system with the audience of the site.But we need to be careful that we do not end up alienating some of our audience, and there are two camps of users who can be alienated by this, depending on the implementation. The element works great on EpicAdvice because there's only one game being discussed there, so you can tailor the design to match it thematically. We can not do anything like that, because that would risk painting our site to focus on that game. Basically, we would be branding every gamer as enjoying a specific game, when there is most definitely a camp of gamers who does not like said game and want nothing to do with it. Personally speaking, I would not mind having the Level Bar be themed to a specific game, but it will definitely be a continual disappointment to me if I did not like the particular game I am being labelled with. Note that I am not saying you are suggesting we use the WoW Level Bar specifically - and once again personally speaking I like yours a lot because it still says "Reputation to next level" and not experience. But I want to assert that there is a strong importance that we keep anything like this as generic as possible. This may consist of nothing more than color changes in the end, of course. The second camp of gamers, naturally, are the people who do not care for these kinds of games in the slightest. There are gamers who are bored by RPGs, and that in itself does not make them less of a good user than people who enjoy them. Satisfying these users is best served by allowing them to opt out of this feature - just like they can opt out of seeing any undesired question content through good use of the tagging system. Because while at heart people can always see how game-like the Reputation system is, it still is not as in-your-face as a required interface element would be.I think it will greatly enhance the experience for some users to have things like this, but I really recommend that we keep it as something the user gets to set up. Include some main FAQ post on Meta to aid installing any of these features, probably also make said post a repository for all of these elements. This way, as well, we each can see what others might customize their own HUD to behave based on each individual's gaming preferences

1. Announcing the CodeGolf.SE First Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push

Herein a list of vague ideas which anyone could try to develop into a proper puzzle.Feel free to list additional ideas that seem promising, but you do not have the time to develop

2. Why is the iPhone SE ram management better than the Nexus 6P. When the Nexus have 1 GB more than the SE?

iPhone se we has 2 GB RAM while Nexus 6p has 3gb of RAM , Nexus does pretty well in Android sector but apple has better optimization because apple makes both hardware and software

3. DDR3 SE signal, is 50Ohm impedance necessary?

With signal routing on top and bottom layer, and GND on layer 2 and 5, you should have to trouble reaching 50 ohm SE impedance with the 0.11mm prepreg and about 5mil traces

4. Are excessively long display names for political messaging allowed on SE sites?

As far as I can tell company position on these matters has been stated few years ago in a similar discussion at MSO as follows:To summarize: Yes, political statements are allowed in display names. Calling for them to not be allowed there is calling for any advertisement in a display name to not be allowed, which is simply not something we can enforce adequately, or really have any interested in enforcing. We are sorry if that policy causes issues with viewing our site due to particular phrases, but keep in mind that we and the users with these display names are not the ones actually causing problems for you.

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