Xiaomi Huami Released a Health Bracelet. Can Xindian ID Identification Sell 699? Is It Expensive?

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi should invest in hundreds of cooperative ecological chain enterprises to jointly build a new domestic product of smart home. Yesterday, huami technology, an enterprise of Xiaomi ecological chain, released data that: since its release, Xiaomi bracelet has sold 30 million as of yesterday. In 2016, the company's sales exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, ranking first among Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises.

The protagonist of yesterday's press conference was a meDo health bracelet. The press conference said that "this is a bracelet that can detect cardiovascular health at any time".

This $699 bracelet has five functions, including cardiovascular health index, HRV (heart rate variability) fatigue monitoring, ECG ID identification, paying attention to the health data of relatives and friends, heart rate exercise and sleep monitoring, etc.

The bracelet also has a built-in PPG chip, which can monitor the change of heart rate for 24 hours, check your fat burning interval, aerobic interval and high-intensity training interval, and generate a resting heart rate.

The price of the bracelet is 699, but some netizens said that it is too expensive. I have to say that it is indeed a lot more expensive than the most common Bracelet 99, but this bracelet has a lot of powerful functions. Especially now most young people don't live with their parents and buy one for their parents. Even if they are not together, they can check their parents' health every day. This filial piety is the best.

As for the price, Xiaobian is not rice flour, but Xiaobian wants to say that the prices of all commodities released since the establishment of Xiaomi have a great advantage. Do you think such a bracelet 699 is expensive?

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