Album printing of hot stamping process is what, what does it do

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-10-01
Propaganda album cover design as the other of the company, the image of the enterprise. Hot stamping technology to enhance the whole image of the propaganda album plays a direct and important role. Gift printing introduction brochures for you at the time of the hot stamping process, what is the function. Hot stamping process is introduced and the matters needing attention of printing tipping, also called electrochemical aluminum foil stamping, is through a certain temperature and pressure in the embossed on the print out golden words or patterns. Gold has many characteristics, such as pattern clear, beautiful, colorful, has a good visual effect, also have AoTuGan touched. Picture what is the hot stamping process in stamping press printing process points to note: 1, flyer printing of hot stamping process to avoid the main color and dieyin the crystallization phenomena after large area, make the hot stamping printing will not come up. 2, in the process of commodity packaging decoration design with hot stamping lines, images, text, generally not too thin. 3, in the same area is not large area tipping background and text together with hot stamping, this is the case with hot stamping field, and have a tiny gold leaf, however, bronzing version of the full field in ink quantity is larger, and the large amount of text, line will appear after the paste version of the problem, it is not easy to master the Eden. 4, the design of printing color sequence should be considered when put behind the gold print. 5, as far as possible in the field on the hot stamping of black, red, blue, such a background of laid backing, hot stamping out gloss printing products is better. 6, the worn surface of rubber cloth, luminous, harden, use time is too long to replace the new rubber cloth for hot stamping. Pictorial printing when the function of the hot stamping process what is hot stamping process 1, as surface decoration, improve the added value of products. Gilding and belling process, more show showily. 2, products of high security performance, USES the hologram positioning hot stamping trademarks, anti counterfeit, famous brand. Can also show the product packaging personalized, safe environmental protection. The use of hot stamping process can better outstanding album smart, elegant, beautiful, can reveal temperament and taste more. Above is a godsend when printing for you an introduction about the picture album of hot stamping process is what content.
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