Could a Kerosene Fueled Jet Engine Run on Methanol Without Significant Modifications? [duplicate]

You could not have any aluminum components in the fuel system because methanol dissolves aluminum (F1 race cars remove and purge their fuel systems right after racing). Ethanol would be much better in that regard.It would take changes to the fuel controller to change the air/fuel ratios used with less energy density. Other than that, I do not think it would be a big problem. I've been told that the Honeywell/Lycoming turboshaft in the M1 Abrams tank will run just about on any liquid hydrocarbon.. gasoline, kerosene, diesel, booze, rubbing alcohol.

1. what exactly is a diesel shot?

haha i dunno i do not drink :P lol sry

2. Diesel Trucks and alternative fuel?

there is no longer a million corporation making bio diesel from algae commercially. companies are finding out the concept and making some gallons an afternoon to verify if the oils would be waiting to fulfill ASTM standards, yet their is none on the industry. bio diesel is now 50% extra suitable than diesel and is no longer a reliable source. Fumigation with extra on your budget propane can help shrink fee as does CNG/LNG. however the expenses to characteristic the gadget is slightly properly worth it. H2 is not a gasoline and in no way would be extra an oddity. In l. a. , the port authority will supply truck drivers low activity $a hundred,000 loans to purchase tractors that use LNG in the event that they sign a settlement to haul bins from the Port of l. a.. The Port has put in LNG fueling stations and T boone Pickens is making a fortune off advertising the POrt LNG. electric powered is super for little commuter vehicles, it fairly is all. there is not any variety a million, this is combination of structures using what is ultimate from the area and desires. In Iceland they are long on warm water and electrical energy. they have tried H2 as a gasoline and this is not going properly, because of fact the island is small, electric powered vehicles and trains extra healthful them ultimate. interior the pre Uncle Al international warming days, the mid west could have bumper vegetation, so making a splash alcohol or bio diesel replaced into ok

3. Who is TRULY to blame for gas/diesel prices???

exxon mobils profits were 11 billion last quarter alone.. sure it's a cornucopia of BS which leads to the hike ups, but seriously.... 11BILLION in profits in one quarter alone? where has that money been going?

4. So those oil companies want people to stay broke and miserable paying $5 a gallon?

I just got a small car that gets 35 MPG. I am paying a little more than before overall, but not much. I am also helping us use less foreign oil and producing less emissions. I wish I could get one of those little diesels they have in Europe that gets 50MPG, but our "Environmentalists" do not like them. I do not think the price is set by the oil companies, anyway. I believe it is more to do with demand relative to production. Most oil is not actually produced from the ground by the major oil companies. They just buy most of it from producers, and make gas and diesel.

5. How are diesel and gasoline prices related?


6. can any one give me any information about how to make electricity from hydrogen?please?

There's basically two ways, either electrochemically as in a fuel cell which is essentially a battery except with hydrogen and oxygen as the chemicals involved or as a thermodynamic mechanical engine driving a generator. The fuel cell is probably the one that you would want to demonstrate in a science fair and there are educational kits to make them. Wikipedia can help. Personally, I believe hydrogen to be a terrible alternative fuel, not only is the energy density low (405 Wh/l for compressed H2, 2600 Wh/l for liquid H2 while gasoline has 9000 Wh/l) but the environmental costs of replacing or modifying existing vehicles plus establishing a distribution network would have an enormous carbon footprint. Even Sandia Labs while developing the CR5 as a more efficient way of producing hydrogen concluded that it would be better to continue the process and synthesize fuels such as methanol, synthetic gasoline and or diesel for use with existing vehicles and infrastructure.

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