Did You Test Drive a Tesla Model Before You Purchased Or Leased Your Car?

Did you test drive a Tesla model before you purchased or leased your car?

Did You Test Drive a Tesla Model Before You Purchased Or Leased Your Car? 1

Definitely. About 3 years ago, I briefly drove a friend's Model S. He told me to come to a full stop, then he said just push the pedal to the floor. Then it blasted off silently but with vast amounts of power. At this point, it was on my in-memory bucket list of cars I hoped to own.Fast forward about 3 years. Keep in mind my kids have become HUGE FANS of Tesla. I'm not exactly sure how that happened because at this time I was not speaking to them about Teslas and I wasn't writing about Tesla(s) on Quora yet either. They liked to play 'spot the Tesla" game while we're driving, watching a movie, or watching YouTube videos. From 50 yards away they could identify it's a Tesla the model.even if they are only able to see a portion of the front or rear of the vehicle or just a door. To this day, they don't show any interest in identifying other cars. I'm having lunch in the food court at Mission Viejo Mall, in you guessed it.Mission Viejo, California. There is a Tesla Showroom, strangely on the 2nd floor, 2nd floor does have a ground level entrance with some wide doors to drive them in. My 5-year old and 8-year-old want to go and sit in the Teslas, so I took them over to the showroom while my wife ordered food. This was December 2018 when 'Tesla emissions testing mode" i. e. It was hard to pull them out of there but I did and we had lunch. After lunch, they kept talking about the Teslas and convinced my wife to go over and visit the showroom. She had a look around and there was another family in there with a toddler. The little guy was roaming around while the parents were browsing. He walked up to the Model X and grabbed a hold of the license plate frame and proceeded to bend it to nearly a 90° angle - we all cringed until his parent's picked him up. All the Tesla employees were very helpful and not pushy at all, let's call it an 'un-dealership" experience. It was also noteworthy that they had an infectious excitement for Teslas and really deep product knowledge. Many of the conversations went like this:Me: Do you have a Tesla?Them: No, I wish I could afford one.Me: Does Tesla give you an employee discount?Them: Elon Musk doesn't even give discounts to his direct relatives. But I'm hoping to save up and buy one some day. The interface and software was amazing. I was especially impressed how the car recognized other vehicles nearby and even their vehicle types (motorcycle, car, van, bus) and at an intersection it even recognized and displayed pedestrians. And the car was absent all the buttons, dials, switch, gauges and other nonsense that I instantly realized was not necessary. In fact, the only buttons on a Model 3 are:1 Hazard Lights4 Dome Lights2 Steering Wheel Scroll Wheels that double as buttons4 Door Handles (outside recessed handles are also 'teeter totters" operated as buttons)7 Window Roll Down/Up (because driver has 4)1 Trunk (to open)5 Seat Belts (to unbuckle)1 Windshield Lever (to spray windshield wiper fluid)1 Shift lever (to put into Park)Even the glovebox doesn't have a mechanical button, you use the touchscreen to open it. At the time there was a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit (now it's $1,875), a $2,500 CVRP, an $850 Electric Vehicle Climate Credit (EVCC), and a $250 EV Charger Incentive. Although these incentives have tapered off, Tesla has lowered their prices even more so today I could purchase the same Model 3 AWD Dual Motor for less.If you plan on using someone's referral code (mine is below), then you'll get some free super charging. It's nice to have, especially while you're waiting on a home charger installation. My point is the Tesla Showroom is a dangerous gateway drug that you should avoid unless you have far more self control than I do, this is what can happen (ours is the white one):And I blame these two:But seriously, it's the best car I've ever owned and I don't regret it for a minute. The kids love it. They actually learned how to play Chess via the Chess game that was added recently via an OTA update. When you touch a piece, it shows you where that piece is allowed to move - it's a very intuitive way for kids to learn. And if that's not enough it is one of the safest cars ever built:Watch how Tesla Model 3 earned its 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP - TechCrunch2018 TESLA MODEL 3 4 DR RWDIf you find yourself acting as a home mechanic, you won't have as many war stories like this one to tell:Darren Charest's answer to When does a Tesla owner break even?-----Take a look at all the other benefits of owning a Tesla by checking out my other Answers here:Darren CharestAnd feel free to use my Tesla Referral Link:Free Supercharger MilesIf you use this link to order a Tesla online or in a showroom, both you and I will receive 2,000 free Super Charger miles (it's usually 1K but it's been as high as 5K).I own a Model 3, I don't own Tesla stock (yet I probably should).

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