Does Anyone Have Any Sleepover Ideas ?

I like the good old movie, one scary and one weepy, some popcorn and candy and soda, and water. Twister is always fun as well as truth or dare. Have some teen magazines to look at and do each others hair and make-up. At my daughters last sleep over (not sure your age) we had night time hide and seek with a small change it is played in your swimsuit, and you throw water balloons at the people you find. Then we made bead bracelet's and necklace. That was fun the girls alll made one for their bff's it was great. Then for her bday sleep over we went to the dollar store and bought some photo frames and glitter and beads and whatever we thought we could glue on- and we did. They were awesome, my daughter has hers in her room with a photo from the party in it. Great for memories.We had a singing competition one time, where all the girls individually sung along to their favourite songs and each girl got to vote on an anonymous slip of paper for there favourite. I gave a prize to the winner with the most votes. Bingo is fun and you can make the cards, or I found some at the dollar store. Tie dye shirts are fun too, but a little pricy if you have to buy everyone a white shirt. ...I've got lots of ideas need more? Let me know

Does Anyone Have Any Sleepover Ideas ? 1

1. What type of makeup should I wear for a doll look?

a foundation one or two shades lighter than your skin, a pink blush, a thin line of black (maybe with glitter?) liquid eyeliner on your top eyelid, a bright, but sophisticated lipstick colour, such as red/wine/dark red, and black or brown eyeliner about 1/5 of the way along your bottom eyelid. Also, darkening your eyebrows slightly would look doll-like

2. Does anyone know where i can purchase Beifa brand pens?

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Does Anyone Have Any Sleepover Ideas ? 2

3. What color glitter would you want to be covered in?

lavender silvery :] gemini forever!!

4. How do I remove glitter nail polish?

Get New Nail Polish Remover

5. I have a bad habbit of biting my nails, and i really want to stop...can anyone please help?

Gum helps. And if you paint your nails with some type of glitter, it makes your nails harder to bite as well as it tastes really bad. I used to have the same problem and this worked well for me.

6. where can i buy glitter eyeliner?


7. What dress will look good at a 10 year high school reunion in a few weeks?

4 because i dont like floral and i love glitter

8. How should I get my dads attention?

wear mini shorts, strap lace, no sleeve white tank top, and a lot of blue blush around the eyes with glitter, while also rocking bright pink lipstick on, and swing your hips when you walk. he will deffinitely notice you.

9. Christmas

Christmas themed candy and cookies, Christmas themed chapstick, red and green and silver glitter, candy canes, little reindeer stuffed animals, Christmas themed fake tattoos, Christmas themed pencils or socks, some tiny Christmas toys

10. I accidentally inhaled cosmetic glitter. Help! Need advice!?

It is typically never good to inhale particles of any substance that does not break down. Your nose has defense mechanisms such as mucus and hairs, but things may still get into your nasal cavity. It could be no big deal, but it sounds like you really got a lot of the stuff. Obviously the safest bet is to ask a doctor, but you said you would rather not do that. If I were you, I would ask the photographer or other models or whoever was in the shoot and ask them about it. I am sure they use the stuff all the time and it is probably a common problem. Good luck.

11. what's the point of glitter eyeliner?

its worn on your upper eyelid (dont use it on your waterline, ever! its not meant for that!). glitter helps reflect light and makes your eyes look brighter and is funky and edgy too

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